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Witnesses to Window Shooters

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Tim Gratz, Others,

I don’t want you to think I am bashing or debunking this thread.  Your work and the work of some others is excellent research, with excellent ideas, and excellent writing.  I have enjoyed this thread more than most because I have done work on what witnesses near the TSBD saw and heard.

However, I going to offer this idea for your consideration.  First off, I would like to say I am not a Lone Gunner.  I am probably more radical in my thinking than most conspiracy theorists.

What standard of proof should be used in this situation.  I believe, since this was a murder, that the court standard of beyond a reasonable doubt should apply to what these witnesses are saying.  It’s not whether the witnesses are telling the truth or not.  It has to do with what standards applied to the evidence.

J. Edgar Hoover said to President Johnson the evidence against Oswald is “not very, very strong”.  Meaning, I would guess that the evidence was very, very weak.

Chief Jesse Curry of the Dallas City Police said he could never place Oswald on the 6th floor with a rifle in his hand.  There were others who said similar.

It is my contention that in a court of law you can not prove that Oswald was in the Sniper’s Nest or that a shot was fired from there.  This is contrary to what witnesses said.  Other witnesses have said other things.  It is enough to establish reasonable doubt.

There are 7 witnesses that were the closest to the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest who made statements that could establish reasonable doubt.  They were located on the 4th and 5th floors within 40 feet of the Sniper’s Nest.  That is a distance that is about the same as the width of the average American home.

5th floor:

Bonnie Ray Williams-  Williams first said he heard 2 shots fired when the presidential limousine was in the Main and Houston Street intersection.  At first, he didn’t mention where the shots came from.  This changed during the course of making 4 statements to the FBI.  When the FBI allowed him to stop, he said that 3 shots were fired as the limousine passed the TSBD.

Harold Norman-  Norman was always consistent in his testimony.  3 shots were fired after the limousine passed the TSBD.  They came directly from above his position.  In other words, shots came from the Sniper’s Nest.

James “Junior” Jarman-  At first, Jarman echoed Harold Norman’s testimony.  But, he later he changed that when he spoke to Gerald Ford at the Warren Commission hearing in Washington, D.C.  He said there that he heard shots fired from low and to the left.

4th floor-

Victoria Adams-  In a 11-24-63 statement to the FBI she said she heard 3 shots to the right of the building.  This would be from the direction of the Grassy Knoll and the Triple Underpass.

Sandra Styles-  Said that she heard 3 shots that sounded like firecrackers and did not know where they came from.  At a later date she said they came from the direction of the Grassy Knoll.

Elsie Dorman-  Said she heard 3 shots and they came from the Court Records building.

Dorothy Garner-  Said she heard 3 shots that occurred while the presidential limousine was under a tree and they sounded as if they came from the west.

With all the other weak evidence against Oswald this is enough to establish reasonable doubt.

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