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Biography: Jeff Dahlstrom

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On November 22, 1963, I was class president in my high school in Sacramento. My college degree was earned from Stanford '68 in Political Science and History. To avoid being drafted in the Army for the Vietnam war, I enlisted in the US Air Force and earned my wings as a pilot in Del Rio, TX. Subsequently in later years, as a rated pilot in C-141's, I flew missions to Southeast Asia and Europe.

After my military service, I attended one year of law school and began a career in the development and leasing of shopping centers. In 1985 I was assigned to lease a project in Fort Worth and took the time to tour Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

My interest in the assassination was simply as a patriotic citizen that remembered the debate about the Warren Commmission and the conspiracy theories during the 1960's with Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Jack Anderson, and what was reported in the news. I never believed the Warren Commission and the single bullet theory ascribed to Lee Harvey Oswald and expected that at some time in my life, the truth of Kennedy's murder would be revealed.

A recently recorded late night rerun of Oliver Stone's movie, JFK, piqued my interest and it occured to me that the unsolved murder mystery might have been solved by now (2005). A google search lead me first to Wim's web site, JFK Murder Solved, JFK Lancer, and then your web site and forum. Books I have read recently include Jim Marr's, Crossfire, Mark Lane's, Rush to Judgement, James Fetzer's, Assasination Science, and L.E. Seymours, Triangle of Death.. In addition, I have Robert Groden's video, JFK: The Case for Conspiracy.

Based upon your book recommendation in your forum discussion group, I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Larry Hancock's book, Someone Would Have Talked including the 2004 Update.

My simple interest in participating in your JFK Assassination Forum is that I want to know what really happened in Dallas in 1963, who ordered and directed the assassination, and why was it done. My life (now 59) was profoundly affected by JFK's coup d'etat. I'm upset by the actions and illegal fraud proferred by my government including the falsified autopsy of President Kennedy's body in the archives.

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