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Howard Hunt in Dealey Plaza?

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hi all,

I was looking through the killing of a president by robert groden today and I was looking at some photos from before the murder and I found a guy that bears a stricking resemblance to howard hunt.

The photo is on pages 12/13 and is immediately to the right of the spine cover. It is the saem photo that shows morales,robertson, conein. He looke to be wearing a wig or has longer gair, we know hunt used disguises before, it does bear a resemblance to him.

Perhaps someone could post the picture, i know i have it somewhere but i just cant find it.

It would make sense for him to be located near morales, conein, robertson.

This woul suggest that his planning role was over by the actual day of the event and he was just there for the spectacle.

all the best


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The man is Jim Featherstone, a reporter with the Dallas Times-Herald.


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