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Biography: Marty Jones

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The night I signed up for membership I had watched the first half hour or so of Oliver Stone's "JFK". I've seen the film in the past; that night I was particularly struck by Kennedy's comment that the world did not need a Pax Americana, a peace that was enforced by America's military strength. In the light of the last few years, this comment seemed particularly profound. So, I did a Google search on "who killed JFK" and found my way to your website.

What I read there was profound, enlightening, and extremely disturbing. It also caused me to read as much of Michael Moore's F9/11 screenplay as I could tolerate. While I was one of the fools that voted for Bush in his first campaign- deciding that a Clinton-tainted Gore was the poorer choice; I did not vote for Bush in the most recent election. Stupidity occurs among people in large numbers; and I wish I had been more diligent 9 years ago.

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