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Desi Arnaz

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On 12/29/2016 at 11:33 AM, Thomas Graves said:

I've just now found out from a trustworthy, level-headed, 68-year-old friend that back in the day there used to be Alpha 66 meetings in my hometown of La Jolla, California.  He said that he was invited to attend one around 1963, and did, but that he didn't know what they were talking about because only Spanish was spoken.  

I don't know if this ties in somehow with with a car from La Jolla's being spotted at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City on 11/23/63.  According to the CIA, the car was registered in the name of an "Andres V. Cortesof La Jolla.

And let's not forget that Clint Murchison Jr's Hotel Del Charro was in La Jolla.  (It was razed a few years ago.)

Anyone ever heard of an anti-Castro Cuban in southern California by the name of Pablo Rodriguez?

--  Tommy :sun

FWIW, my Dad (R.I.P.) was an eye doctor in La Jolla, and one of his patients was Desi Arnaz. 

I hope it's ok to bump this now.  You know, to try to attract the attention of some serious researchers?

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In the mid-2000's I was a concierge at a hotel here in California.

I noticed in my room and guest printout one day the name "Capone."

This turned out to be a group of women from Florida ( Miami area I assume. )  having a California vacation get-together.

In my concierge dealings with the woman who seemed to be in charge of this group, I happened to joke whether they were related to Capone himself.

She casually affirmed that they were. Nothing more said.

This Capone woman was in her late thirties to early forties I would say. Very attractive and nice. Dark hair and dark toned skin.

Regards the Mafia and their place in our 20th century history; They had much, much more influence, wealth and power than the average American can even imagine.

One of America's greatest legacies in this century was the high level of organized crime corruption thru every level of business, government and our elected officials all the way to the presidency and the head of our FBI.  And they were married to the CIA since WWII as well.

This is a historical reality that we haven't even come close to responsibly acknowledging in our MSM history text and discourse.

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