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Website updated to 80%


My Website update is almost finished!

Several new pages were added and old pages updated.

Homepage: http://users.skynet.be/copweb/jfk/

Short descriptions of the topics.

The Camera Obscura Experiment: The use of an old fundamental photographic principle, called "Camera Obscura", in order to know accurately where Mary Moorman was when she took her famous Polaroid #5.


Orlando Bosch Avila in Dealey Plaza: Unidentified to date, "The Cuban" aka "Umbrella Man Friend" aka "Dark Complected Man" could be Orlando Bosch Avila. This study is based on the analysis of a photo taken by Clint Grant.


A Tribute To Mister Jack White: A great Researcher, an honest man and above all an exceptional human being who deserves respect.


Cecil Stoughton and Arthur Rickerby photos: Comparison and demonstration in order to avoid any confusion between these two photos that are different even if seem identical.


Mary Moorman was holding her camera horizontally: In purpose to debunk what could be regarded as an operation of disinformation conducted by History Channel into the documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy".


Ghost Images - The film within the film: An highlighted animation of the strange activity I discovered into the lower sprocket hole area of the Zapruder film (from Z-466 to Z-476.)


Topics that will be added soon…

Zapruder Camera Bell & Howell 414PD: The user's manual (all pages) and an overview of the movie camera used by Zapruder on 22nd November, 1963.

Tina Towner Camera: The camera used by Tina Towner was a Tower camera, almost a perfect clone of the B&H 414. In fact, it would seem that it is a camera manufactured under Bell & Howell license.

Mary Moorman Camera: The user's manual (all pages) and an overview of the Polaroid Land Camera model 80 used by Mary Moorman on 22nd November, 1963.

Imperial Reflex 620 Duo Lens Camera: An overview of the reflex camera allegedly used by Marina Oswald to take the backyard photos.

Caution: it is possible that the foreign proxy servers were not updated.

Therefore, if you still see the old version of the homepage... Click the "reload" button on you Internet browser in order to update the proxy server.

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Marcel penned:


My Website update is almost finished!

Several new pages were added and old pages updated.


Congratulations Marcel -- keep up the good work!

David G. Healy

Edited by David G. Healy
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Hi to All,

Following a mail that Gary Mack sent me, I have slightly modified the page related to Moorman Camera Orientation.

Interesting informations sent by Gary were added at the bottom of the page.

Best regards... :rolleyes:

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Coming soon...

Cameras reviews!

- Tina Towner Double 8mm Movie Camera (Tower Varizoom).

- Marina Oswald Imperial 620 Duo Lens Camera (Backyard Photos) CE-750.

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