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Mysterious deaths prior to HSCA hearings?

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Aldo Vera Serafin

Thom Hartmann interviw with Chauncey Holt.

Q: And we talked about Montoya. Let’s, we just want to get as much as you know about this guy named Serafin. What do you know about him? Like when did you meet him? What he knew about?

A: Uh, well we met him, oh we probably met him 59 or 60. Maybe. Uh, and knew him up through oh, up until he got killed. Which was in the 70's. And, we were in Puerto Rico three or four days before, that he …..

Q: You mean in 59?

A: No, no in, before he got killed.

Q: Oh I see, OK.

A: We had met him, he was from, he was from Puerto Rico. And, so he was down there and he had been making apparently they, he had been making, he had been making some statements about us. We went down to ask him if that was actually true. And uh, then, a few days later, you now, just, you know he was killed.

Q: What was he doing? You said you met him around 59, what kind of things was he doing in 60, 61, 62, 63?

A: Well he was a part of the, one of those violent Cuban groups, you know, he was connected with Alfa 66, and he was connected with Mano Blanco with the White Hand, two or three other ……..

Q: Where did he mainly operate out of? Do you know?

A: What area?

Q: Yeah.

A: Miami.

Q: So he was one of the Miami guys?

A: Yeah. He was in the Miami group. He was into terrorism, no matter what.

Q: Terrorism in terms of hitting people, blowing stuff up?

A: Anybody. Blowing up airplanes, anything else. He was just as violent as Orlando Bosch.

Q: Do you know if he ever made any trips into Cuba or anything like that?

A: Yeah, he was in Cuba all the time.

Q: Where he was ever one of the people who tried to assassinate Castro? Is that anything he ever talked about?

A: I don't remember specifically talking about it, but it probably could be.

Q: What do you think happened to him after that day in Dallas?

A: Oh, I think he went back, probably went back to Miami.

Q: Did you ……..

A: And, uh, I got a lot of stuff on him

Q: On Seraphin?

A: I, we

Q: Did we get to finish this thing?

Q: This is amazing.

Q: What actually happened?

A: I mean I always felt that hey wait a minute,

Q: Description in 1963, how would you describe it to somebody?

A: About an average height. About 5'8 or 9. You know typically Latin look.

Q: But what did he look like?

A: Oh, yeah he looked Latin.

Q: Black hair? Dark hair?

A: Very dark hair, dark, very dark eyes, uh,

Q: Complexion?

A: Had the dark Latin complexion, wore a beard a lot of the time. Variations of

Q: Like mine?

A: Sometimes he would have a little beard. Sometimes he would have a Van Dyke, sometimes he had a mustache, lot of times he was clean shaven.

Q: Sort of like Loren Hall?

A: He was very, he, actually he was very, very unassuming guy. I mean actually, no more than Bosch. You know Bosch, you look at Bosch and know he looks like a professional man. Which he is. You know, and he looked like it and you would never, ever think that he was what he was. It was the same way with, the same way with Seraphin. Very few of those guys, we had some of them up there that really looked, they really looked what they are. What they were. But, he was very, very, very unassuming. Low key. Very quiet.

Q: Did he have a heavy accent?

A: No, not really a heavy accent. I mean, he didn't have any trouble, he didn't have any trouble articulating. You know, and his accent, his accent wasn't like the traditional ones that you see, you know, that is Spanish from Puerto Rico. Because he, it was, he was more like a high class you know, more cultured.

Q: Castillian?

A: Yeah, more cultured type of tone. But,

Q: When was probably the next time you ran into him after November 63? Was it a long time?

A: Oh no, I didn't see him, I didn't see him until we went down to see him in, in uh, went down to see him in 75.

Q: So it was, so it was that long before.

A: No, I didn't, I had no contact, I had no contact with him. I forget what he was telling, he was going around and, somebody said that, oh, this information, this information came from, this information came from Serafin. So we went down to …..

Q: Check it out?

A: To talk to him and ask him if, hey, you know, you, you know, if you got any of a loose mouth, you know. What we want to find out about it, see, then, of course, a few days later he got killed. And, we, they never

Q: They tried to blame you all?

A: Yeah. But, well, they found out we was there but that was about all. There wasn't really any way to really connect us up with it you know, we just happened to be there. We just were down there ostensibly on vacation at the Caribel.

Q: Another guy kind of like him is this Bayard guy. What can you tell us about him?

A: You mean Robert Bayard?

Q: Yeah.

A: Well, Bayard was a, he was a gun runner like you know, sold all kinds of weapons.

See also this:


In 1977, Ambassador George Landau entered the case as a principal and revealed the circumstance of the Paraguayan Passports. The false names and photographs of the two men had been lost by the CIA. Now, after Landau remembered them, they reappeared. "Juan William Rose" and "Sergio Castillo" would later be identified by Chileans as Michael Vernon Townley (Rose), and James E. Sutton (Castillo).

1976, only days after Letelier was murdered, the FBI was pressing Aldo Vera for Information and Vera was co-operating. Vera had been expelled from Accion Cubana in June 1976, according to FBI documents, because of his informant activity. On October 25, 1976, he was murdered in San Juan. He and Townley had started out together in the SAO and PyL. Then Vera had helped to set up Cruz in Franace. Now he was dead, and Townley and his wife feared for their lives.

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Do not leave out Thomas Karamessines who had worked in the office of Richard Helms and was monitoring the movements of Oswald in the months before the assassination. Died at his vacation retreat in Canada just before he was scheduled to testify (heart attack I believe).

Jim Root


Another CIA guy who died between the Church Committee and the HSCA was Sheffield Edwards, whose idea it was to use the mob in the Castro hits.

While many of the men on John's list were in bad health, and supposedly died of natural causes, most of them were not very old. I wouldn't be surprised if the average guy was only 60.

If someone could do the research of age at death and purported cause it would probably prove most interesting. The number of gunshot deaths, self-inflicted or otherwise, certainly defies the odds.

"If someone could do the research of age at death and purported cause it would probably prove most interesting. The number of gunshot deaths, self-inflicted or otherwise, certainly defies the odds."

More numbers and odds than you can shake a gun at:


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Roger Craig.....took a rifle shot to the chest on May 15, 1975. It was ruled Suicide.

Roger Craig was a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff  who's actions closely followed those of Officer Seymour Weitzman through Dealy Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.

Weitzman, after hearing the shots, went from Main-at-Houston, over the knoll, into the parking lot, back to elm, witnessed the finding (or found) of a skull fragment, went to the TSBD, and identified the rifle found as a Mauser. It is also said that he identified a man on the knoll as Watergate burgler Bernard Barker.

Days after the Watergate break-in, Weitzman had a nervous breakdown.

Days after Weitzman was interviewed in 1975, Roger Craig was suicided.

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I was watching cable news this morning, something I gave up about a decade ago because of the inanity, but find myself recently drifting back toward (for some odd reason). Anyway, as it relates to Kremlingate, heard many Deep State "experts" on TV and Twitter citing the "trail of Russian bodies" connected to this case as proof positive that something nefarious was/is afoot. Interesting.

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