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The Assassination of Martin Luther King

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Very pleased to make your acquaintance and its good to see the flip side of the coin on the forum.

I just wanted to get your views on a few aspects of the MLK case. I assume that you have read william peppers 'an act of state' in which he details the plot and investigations and rebuts gerald posner and the report of the attorney general. After looking at the JFK and RFK assassination s I feel that this one is the most clear cut, evidence has come from military intelligence officials, not just Lloyd Jowers and others. People have lost their jobs and livelihoods after testifying, which shows that there was no profit motive.

Dr. Pepper had a sincere connection with Dr.King and with his family.

Also the fact that several people including Lloyd Jowers picked Raoul out of a photo line-up would surely suggest that he is not a fictional character, also the case of the lady who says that she was raped by Raoul (i can not remember her name at the moment) and also had a six minute phone conversation with him close to the time of the trial.

I would be most interested to hear your views on this assassination.

RFK the jury is still out but in the case of JFK and MLK I have seen more than enough proof but sadly more than enough crap in the way of bogus conspiracy information.

I will have a look at your website now and see if any of my questions are already answered.

thanks for your input.

yours sincerely

john geraghty

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