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Oswald involved in fist fight?

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Anyway, I would very much appreciate it if you could set forth the details of what your mother related about your father having met Oswald--the when and where of it, when he recollected it; was it something that he immediately realized on 11/22/63 when Oswald's name was first in the news, etc.

After hearing about Oswald getting shot my mother says she does not remember my father having any expression to it what so ever, she also said that she gave it no thought if it were the same Oswald my father met in Miami, it was nearly a year later she said, and at that moment she was in awe that they just shot the man who shot Kennedy.

I am now having to fight with the FBI and the US Justice Department in releasing all of my father's information, I have recently received a letter by the CIA indicating that all of my father's records have been released, but a letter sent by the FBI and US Justice Department says that my father's information warrants are continued classified material.

Something does not add up.

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