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The "Doublecross" Scenario

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Do any members believe the version of the assassination set forth in "Doublecross" by Chuck Giancana, Sam's brother (involving, for instance, Richard Cain, Charles Nicoletti, Roscoe White and J. D. Tippitt as conspirators)? It has White killing Tippitt when Tippitt failed to kill Oswald. It also posits CIA involvement in the assassination (of course).

If it is true, of course, it arguably "solves the case".

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While I believe that the Mafia played some part in the assassination (Jack Ruby shooting Oswald proves that), I wouldn't believe anything that Mafiosi or their relatives said about the assassination in order to sell a book.

Would "Double Cross" have named Roscoe White as a participant in the crime if this obscure Dallas cop had not already been made into a national news story? Somehow I doubt it. I suspect that the Giancanas would have never heard of Roscoe White.


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I also tend to disbelieve "Doublecross".

It contains several startling allegations that I do not believe are supported by most historians.

I would be interested if any members are aware of any information, for instance, which would support these allegations made in "Doublecross":

1) Frank Costello had a contract on Joe Kennedy's life. Joe Kennedy went to

Giancana to stop it. In ecxhange for Giancana's help, Joe Kennedy promised

Giancana that when JFK was elected president, Giancana would have anything

he wanted from the White House. (Words to the effect: "My son will know

his father owes his life to you.")

2) The conspiracy to kill JFK went "right up to the top of the CIA" and involved

"a half dozen fanatical right-wing Texans", Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Even if it did (as you know I do not believe it involved either LBJ or Nixon)

it is incredible to believe that cut-outs would not be employed to preserve

the identity of the "big fish" from the Mafioso.

3) When Joe Kennedy was meeting with Giancana to solicit the Mafia's help

for the 1960 election campaign, there were meetings that involved Giancana,

Joe Kennedy and Sam Giancana. I am aware of no support for the assertion

that JFK was personally involved in these meetings and I suspect his father

did not even tell JFK about this deal with the Mafia. There are things it is

better the candidate himself does not know.

4) Giancana met with JFK in the White House. I find this claim to be incredible

as well.

Any other comments on "Doublecross"?

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