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E-HELP and Salon Magazine

John Simkin

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I had an interesting phone-call from California on Friday night. It was from a senior editor from Simon & Schuster. It was made on behalf of one of their authors, David Talbot, who is writing a book about John F. Kennedy. Apparently he has been making use of the research being carried out by the participants in our JFK Forum. The editor told me that Talbot was fascinated by the way we were using the forum in history teaching and wanted to arrange a convenient time when I could be interviewed about this. Talbot is the founder and editor-in-chief of Salon Magazine. Hopefully I will be able to persuade him to give E-HELP some publicity.


I have heard from several different sources that investigative journalists are making a great deal of use of our forum.

I have recently started a section of Watergate. This thread in particular should be of interest to journalists. It is the first time that this story has been revealed. It could be a key factor in understanding the Watergate Scandal and the attempted assassination of George Wallace.


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