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New Book by Gerald Posner

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Gary, that's a very good point. NSA intercepts pretty much define sources and methods - and of course would essentially give away further intel of that sort. The NSA has given more push back than any other agency even on JFK era intercepts.

Can anyone else cite actual released NSA intercepts - especially in the last decade and relating to currently active aras like Saudi oil?

If Posner is really writing from NSA intercepts - it brings up a major question on whose agenda is at work here. His footnotes ought to be most educational!

-- Larry


"based on National Security Agency electronic intercepts"

My that Posner sure has good intelligence connections!

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Guest Stephen Turner
If its ever free , I will make sure I pick up a copy and leave it in the bathroom for emergency toilet paper....


I'm sure it will soft, and throughly absorbant. What a waste of trees....


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