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Rob Jones

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I'm a DRB director in Hull with 100 trainees over all the subjects. I know that if you're the only GTP in a school you can feel a little isolated, so feel free to post your queries here. Take a look at our DRB website (URL below) that has lots of downloadable resources for GTP and SCITT candidates.

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I don't work in the UK at all, but I do both teacher training and in-service training for qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Sweden. The government here introduced a new teacher training system, including school-based training, about 18 months ago. If anyone wants to hear about our experience in our system, make a posting and I'll reply to it.

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ICT Training Materials for Language Teachers

The ICT4LT site was initially created as an ICT training resource for language teachers with the aid of funding under the Socrates Programme of the Directorate for Education and Culture at the European Commission. The site currently consists of a total of 15 modules at three different levels, plus an additional category for new modules, the most recent (No. 4.1) being a module on Computer Aided Assessment and Language Learning. The ICT4LT website has proved extremely popular both with practising language teachers and with teachers undergoing initial teacher training in university departments of education. The site receives an average of 600-plus hits per day and has been used widely as a support for the delivery of face-to-face and online training courses in ICT for language teachers. The site has been accessed not only from the UK but also from over 70 other countries throughout the world. The ICT4LT project has been presented at numerous conferences, including EUROCALL 2000 in Scotland and IALLT 2001 in Houston, Texas. The ICT4LT website is updated on a weekly basis and continues to grow. New modules are under consideration, e.g. Early Language Learning and ICT: http://www.ict4lt.org

I have assembled a large collection of ICT/MFL related links on my "Favourite Websites" page at:


See also:

Davies G.D. (2003) I"CT and modern foreign languages: learning opportunities and training needs", Scottish Languages Review 8, June 2003, Scottish CILT: http://www.scilt.stir.ac.uk/SLR/index.htm


Professor Graham Davies

Partner, Camsoft: http://www.camsoftpartners.co.uk/cvgd.htm

Member, EUROCALL Executive Committee: http://www.eurocall-languages.org

Chair, WorldCALL 2003 Steering Committee: http://www.worldcall.org

Academic Coordinator, ICT4LT Project: http://www.ict4lt.org

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Hi Rob, thanks for your posting. I am a new GT in a school with (currently) no other GTs. You are quite right in thinking it is easy to feel a little isolated. Weekly contact with other GT's at Professional Studies sessions is useful but not the same as having onsite knowledge about the programme. I shall certainly be checking out this forum.


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