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Col. PASH was sent into Europe to stop the NAZI A-Bomb program in WWII. On the internet I found that PASH, post war, maintained an office at Oak Ridge. (HARVEY & LEE fans know that a LHO (Lee) signed a visitators register there(when Harvey was elsewhere)). From 1944 to 1952 Medford Byran Evans was the head trainer in Security at Oak Ridge. It is small assumption that PASH knew Evans. (Evan's son BTW knows the CIA Buckley family) PASH did so called WET ops against the scientists in Europe. Im sure there were imported NASI & European scientists who knew what PASH did and worked at Oak Ridge. ++ Hunt was left out in the cold. IMHO McCord let everyone be caught in the Break-in on purpose. Hunts statement about JJA and PASH (that JJA used PASH in assassinations) was a way of getting back/sending message to CIA (lay off me or I'll blow whole DALLAS THING !!). IMHO Evans was a deep penetration agent of the CIA into the far-right south. If so, JJA could have used him (Evans) as an asset. THANKS STEVE GAAL material below reproduced for research purposes only.Jerry P. Shinley Archive:

General Edwin Walker's New Orleans Links

What we have here in the Shinley posting is essentially the entire hierarchy of the JFK Assn Cabal.... from Soup to Nuts. (via Right-Wing Nut Country)

Please note the the links to be described right back into over half of Condon's Dirty Dozen and most of the Mississippi Murderers as well. Medford Byran Evans not only lived in Jackson, Mississippi but he worked for Elmore Greaves, the Publisher, at The Citizens Council in Jackson, Mississippi as the Managing Editor of The Councillor. Medford Stanton Evans is listed in a book called Mississippi Authors as the author of a book which cites Col. Boris Pash extensively so of course they had to know each other quite well:

The Secret War for the A-Bomb

Medford Stanton Evans

Bookseller: Books From California

(Simi Valley, CA, U.S.A.)

Quantity Available: 1

Book Description: Henry Regnery Company, 1953. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Includes dust jacket. Signed. Inscripted "John Randolph Calhoun Gentleman patriot Medford Evans September 1970" Dust jacket has little shelfwear clean text binding tight. Bookseller Inventory # mon0000211765

Bookseller & Payment Information | More Books from this Seller | Ask Bookseller a Question

Dirty Dozen #1 was Wickliffe Draper from The Pioneer Fund. William Regnery was a cotton millionaire and a Draper crony who started Henry Regnery Press and The America First Committee during World War II where Dirty Dozen #2 Rev. Gerald L K Smith was a member as well. Smith later

ran the Presidential Campaign of Dirty Dozen #3 member Gen. Douglas MacArthur as part of The America First Party in 1952

General Walker's New Orleans Links

Author: jpshinley

Email: jpshinley@my-dejanews.com

Date: 1998/07/28

Jerry Rose, in an article entitled "Nut Country II", (The Third Decade; May, 1990; Volume 6, Number 4; pp 1-5) transcribes a document from the National Archives concerning the activities of Major General Edwin A. Walker in New Orleans on Nov 20, 1963. The Document is a report from the Louisiana State Police. Walker met privately with Perez at his office in the National American Bank Building and also meet with about 35 conservative leaders at the Jung Hotel. On the 21st, Walker held another meeting with 90 people.

Harry Augustus Jung the owner of The Jung Hotel was yet another Draper crony who started The American Vigilant Intelligence Federation in

about the mid 1920's a forerunner of the American Security Council.

Dirty Dozen #4 is General Edwin A. Walker who was referenced by Condon using his home address of Turtle Creek Drive in Dallas.

It is possible that Walker's meeting was ostensibly connected with the Free Elector movement, which developed into a George Wallace for president campaign. It is certainly conceivable that Banister was one of the "conservative leaders" present at this meeting.

Perhaps this would be the logical point to introduce a mutual cquaintance of Banister and Walker: Medford Bryan Evans. The first item concerning Evans is his entry from "Contemporary Authors" (Volumes 25-28 (revised); Gale Research Co.; 1971-78). Evans was born in 1907 in Lufkin, Texas. He graduated from the University of Chattanooga in 1927 and took a Ph. D. from Yale in 1933. He taught at various colleges. From 1944 to 1952, Evans worked for the Atomic Energy Commission in Oak Ridge and Washington, D. C. His last position was as chief of security training. He worked for the H. L. Hunt-created Facts Forum Foundation in Dallas from 1954 to 1955. He lived in Natchitoches, Louisiana from 1955 to 1962, teaching at Northwestern State College from 1955 to 1959, and working as a "consultant" from 1959 to 1962. In 1962, he went to work as managing editor of "The Citizen", official publication of the Citizens' Councils of America in Jackson, Mississippi. Evans was also a member of the John Birch Society and a contributor to its publication, "American Opinion". (see also: McMillen, Neil R. "The Citizens' Council". Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1971) My understanding is that Evans died in the late Eighties. M. (Medford) Stanton Evans, a member of William F. Buckley's circle, is Evans' son.

Dirty Dozen #5 and #6 are Charles Willoughby and Robert Morris of The Dallas John Birch Society joining Walker in that distinction.

Dirty Dozen #7 of course is Bill Buckley cited as "...that fascinating young man who wrote about God and Man at Yale." Billy Buck himself.

See H. Smith Richardson Foundation, the sponsor of MKULTRA research that included Gerald O'Reilly the brother in law of Billy Buck.

In 1962, Evans appeared alongside General Walker at the Senate "Military Muzzling" Hearings organized by Strom Thurmond. (Military Cold War Education and Speech Review Policies; Hearings before the Special Preparedness Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, U. S. Senate, 87th Congress, 2nd Session, p 1389)

A review, by Evans, of three books related to the JFK assassination appeared in "American Opinion" for September, 1977. (pp 67-70). In the course of the review, Evans described Banister as "a friend of mine as it happens." (p69, 1st column, 1st paragraph)

Dirty Dozen #8 is Senator Thomas Jordan ...err I mean Senator J. Strom Thurmond who was in Man Cand by Condon.

Guy Banister of course was active on WACL with Elmore Greaves, Roger Pearson (both Pioneer Fund Draper cronies) and Ray S. Cline from the Pink

Palace in PingTung, Taiwan when Oswald was there with his Marine Corps pals getting his brain fried and molded.

An indication that Evans and Banister moved in the same circles in Louisiana is that in 1960 Evans was named as secretary of the Louisiana States Rights Party. Kent Courtney was the party's candidate for governor. David C. Treen, a New Orleans attorney was named chairman, replacing another N. O. lawyer, Felix Lapeyre. (NOTP; January 6, 1960; s1, p11) Kent Courtney was named by the HSCA as a Banister acquaintance. (HSCA; Vol X, 130)

General Walker should be asked about the purpose of his trip to N. O. just before the assassination. Was Banister present at the meetings? Did Walker have direct or indirect contact with Banister before this? Did he ever discuss Banister with Medford Evans? Was Banister interested in the Walker shooting? Did Walker discuss Banister with Evans after the assassination?

Dirty Dozen #9, a bit of a stretch is Brig Gen Bonner Fellers from Cairo, Egypt who sent Monty's troop movements through Jim Angleton in Rome

to Erwin Rommel in Northern Africa. Fellers launched For America and 10,000,000 Americans Mobilizing for Justice out of his 544 Camp St. HQ in

New Orleans which was incorporated by Maurice B. Gatlin. Fellers was in Cairo along with "Indiana Jones" and Draper crony plus Greaves' hero Carleton S. Coon and Amoss working for Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg.

Since David C. Treen's name came up, here's a bit more. In 1960, Leander Perez seized the machinery of the Louisiana States' Rights Party in order to field a slate of Presidential electors in opposition to the Democratic Kennedy-Johnson ticket. David C. Treen, Willie Rainach, Emile A. Wagner and Perez himself were on the slate. (NOTP; September 19, 1960; s1, p3) The next year, Treen attacked the National States' Rights Party, after a "secret" meeting of a purported local branch. He insisted that the Louisiana Party was in no way connected to the national group, which was "a disgrace to the term 'states rights.'" (NOTP; June 3, 1961; s2, p3). A year later, after Treen left, the Louisiana States Rights Party would file suit in Federal Court against the NSRP. The suit sought to enjoin the NSRP from using the words "States' Rights Party" in Louisiana. The complaint was made that the NSRP has falsely claimed an affiliation with the Louisiana group. The NSRP newspaper, "The Thunderbolt", was referred to as "a reprehensible, abhorrent and despicable publication." (NOTP; September 12, 1962; s2, p4) Treen would switch to the Republican party and become a congressman, then governor of Louisiana. In 1966, he was a director of INCA. (NOTP; December 13, 1966; s4, p7) I believe Treen is still alive. He spoke out in opposition to David Duke in the last election. I'm not sure if he would be too thrilled to talk about the good old days with the segregationists.

The INCA funders like Alton Ochsner, the Sterns from Radio Station OSDU, the Reily from The Riley Coffee Company and Patrick J. Frawley who hired Robert Morris to work for him at both Technicolor and Schick all were involved with building the Oswald Legend along with Guy Banister. Add David Treen to that list, too.

Another Walker-New Orleans link is through George Soule, president of Soule Business College. In 1962, George Soule was "community chairman" of the New Orleans Indignation Committee. (NOTP; February 8, 1962; s2, p4) In January, Walker had addressed this group, via closed-circuit TV, at a meeting held at Soule College. (NOTP; January 4, 1962; s1, p14)

In 1963, Soule was chairman of the 12th Annual National Congress of Freedom. (Who's Who in the South and Southwest 1963 - 1964) General Walker's lawyer, Clyde Watts, was a speaker at this event. (NOTP; April 7, 1963). J. A. Milteer was also in attendance. (Weisberg; Frame-Up; p481)

Also appearing at various Indignation Committee meetings across the country was Dirty Dozen #10 Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.

Walker's other lawyer was of course Robert J. Morris cited earlier here.

So we have Ten of Condon's Dirty Dozen in just one posting from Jerry Shinley and now Medford Evans is yet another Mississippi Murderer

very closely affiliated with Elmore Greaves at The Councillor and Wickliffe Draper at The Pioneer Fund. And Ernie Lazar has evidence that neither the CIA nor the FBI would allow employees to join The John Birch Society, so Evans was NOT in THE CIA either.

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Another dumb instinctive point... I know no one named Boris. Never met a soul with that name. Last time it came into my life, it was the cartoon Rocky & Bullwinkle... the Russian spy's, Boris and Natasha. Boris 'bad-enough" for goodness sakes. Just this guys name gives me the creeps.

Art often imitates life. Harold Grey used Wickliffe Draper as "Big Daddy Warbucks" and Anastase Vonsiatsky as "Little Orphan Annie" and "Indiana Jones" was based on Carleton S. Coon. And Richard Condon chose about a dozen members of the Radical Right in America for The Manchurian Candidate. Boris Pash was no secret by the time Rocky and Bullwinkle hit the tube. Your efforts on Gerry P. Hemming are much more convincing though.

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please folks forgive me if this was posted elsewhere.

Almost done with "Journey Into Madness".

One little tidbit I found very interesting was that William Buckley is said to have been the deputy to the station chief in Mexico in June or July 1963. so he would have been in the loop as to the whole Oswald frame-up.

The book's account of the Olson murder was lacking, but it was probably published before a lot of the foia evidence was made public.

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