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Bronson and Hughes Films?

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Does anyone know where I can see these two films, filmed by Robert Hughes and Charles Bronson, both supposedly showing movement on the sixth floor moments before Kennedy was shot?

Robert Groden put out a budget DVD a few years back which includes virtually every film taken in Dealey Plaza. It costs about 10 bucks on Amazon. While it lacks the new digitally restored version of the Zapruder film, which includes the action between the sprocket holes, it does have the Secret Service copy with the frames missing from the Life copy. A valuable research tool. You may want to turn off his overly dramatic narration after viewing it for the first time, however.

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Thanks Pat I'll have to check that out.


There are many assassination films for download on this site.

Tom Alyea

Mark Bell

Charles Bronson

Malcolm Couch

Jack Daniel

Dallas Cinema Associates

Elsie Dorman

Robert Hughes

John Martin, Jr.

Ernest Mentesana

Marie Muchmore

Orville Nix

Patsy Paschall

Dave Powers

A. B. Smith

Tina Towner

Dave Wiegman, Jr.


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