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On the afternoon of JFK's assassination, there were many arrests made. Some, for no apparent reason other than merely looking suspicious, to someone, who made a phone call to the police.

The most well known, of course, were the three men or the so-called tramps, taken from a boxcar near Dealey Plaza. They were led across Dealey Plaza to the police station, and no arrest records had apparently been made.

Although there has been much speculation through the years, no one actually knows who these three men were. There are dozens of unconfirmed arrests, where there seems to be no arrest reports found. Once Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the crime the paper trail around the other so-called suspects clearly didn't have a great deal of priority.

One piece of relatively new information, is that an "unidentified suspect" was taken into custody.a couple of hours after the assn. in Fort Worth, 30 miles west of Dallas, This person was claimed to be David Atlee Phillips, a former CIA operative who was based in Mexico City, while Lee Harvey Oswald was purportedly visiting Soviet and Cuban embassies in that city, and/or the "Maurice Bishop" character said to be Cubans refugees' CIA contact for the Bay of Pigs operation.

This information comes from Robert Morrow in his book, "First Hand Knowledge". Morrow, claims to be a former CIA contract agent who supposedly delivered four Mannlicher- Carcano 7.65mm rifles to David Ferrie for what he later determined to be the JFK assassination, one of which he says he kept. He discusses the purchase and delivery of these rifles to Ferrie, who of course, cannot confirm or deny Morrow's allegation since he is dead. Nor can Morrow's CIA connection be affirmed or refuted; we have no choice but to either take the man at his word or not, since it was seemingly, impossible to prove one way or the other. As evidence of Phillips' apparent complicity in the murder, Morrow includes a photo of Phillips beside the House Assassinations Committee's sketch of "Bishop," which many researchers agree look strikingly similar. The photo is included with the Phillips and "Bishop" pictures.

Even while the angles of the men's faces are different, making a direct comparison difficult if not impossible, there does indeed appear to be a resemblance between them.

What was Phillips/Bishop doing in Fort Worth? Morrow cites Gary Shaw and Larry Ray Harris' "Cover-Up" to state that no record of this man's arrest exists and, in fact, the negatives of the pictures taken of the arrest have disappeared from the files of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. We might wonder, who but the government could manage such an obvious cover-up,

However, as we will discover, it is quite clear that David Atlee Phillips, was NOT the man in the photo Morrow uses to implicate him. This is perhaps an abject lesson for us not to take everything we reads at face value, no matter what the credentials of an author may seem to be....

Although Shaw and Harris claimed no arrest record exists for the this person, in 1993, Fort Worth researcher, M. Duke Lane walked into his local police station and found the man's arrest record in their archives in about fifteen minutes. This man is Kenneth Glenn Wilson. In addition, another man arrested in this story, named Donald Wayne House, looks a somewhat like, Lee Harvey Oswald.

For M. Duke Lanes' complete report and interviews see....          

 "The Cowtown Connection."

           by M. Duke Lane


______________________________________ On Overview

Donald Wayne House

On the morning of November 22, Donald Wayne House left his home in Ranger, TX bound for Mesquite (a Dallas suburb) to visit an old Army buddy, He had parked his car in a lot on Commerce Street at about 10:30 and called his buddy, who was apparently not home. Hearing that JFK was due to ride through downtown, he decided to get a glimpse of Kennedy, whom he had long admired. After the motorcade had passed, he headed toward Fort Worth on the DFW Turnpike to visit a cousin.

Along the way, House says he stopped for gas at a station in Grand Prairie, where two women who had heard about the assassination asked him if he knew anything more about it. House told them that he'd heard the alleged assassin's description, which he then related to the women. The description he gave them of Oswald actually describes House as well, except that House is much shorter then Oswald. It is also possible that the women had heard the description themselves and felt that House matched it closely enough to arouse their suspicions. After House drove away, the women called the PD, who n turn notified the Sheriffs Deprt and a general broadcast, including the description and car license number, at 1: 35 pm. A short time later, the car had been apprehended and the driver was taken into custody.

House was pulled over in the 3400 block of East Belknap Street near Sylvania Park. A shotgun was aimed at him and he was ordered out of his car. He was frisked an d hancuffed and put in the patrol car, and shortly before 1:57 pm, he was taken to city hall, which housed the police dept at that time and where he was photographed by newsmen. House was then put in the "shakedown" room and searched, where the only belongings that were recorded having been taken from him was a wallet containing $23 in cash and a knife.

One oddity, was that when House's car was searched, it was absolutely spotless, there wasn't even a slip of paper in the glove box. Although there was an empty dynamite box in the trunk, which House claimed to have been using as a tool chest. Surprisingly, it was later learned that House supposedly junked the car a short while later, even though it was immaculate.

According to House, he was interrogated by federal officers for three hours and remained alone in his cell for another hour before being cleared and released, although the jail report indicates the time was slightly shorter. Another apparent "oddity" came up when the arresting officwer (Roberts) recalled that, when he arrived at city hall later in the day, he had gone to the chief's secretary to dictate his report. About midway into his report, he says, the chief came in and told him "not to bother" completing his report, that the man had already been cleared by the Feds. There is apparwently nothing sinister about this. The official record of federal agents interviewing him exists, and was published by the Warren Commission. There is also a written police report on file, that was not signed.

Kenneth Glenn Wilson

While there is a relative wealth of information about Donald Wayne House available. nothing was known about the second man who is pictured in Morrows, FHK. As noted, in Cover-Up, Shaw and Harris relate that a second Fort Worth arrest was made at the same time House was taken into custody, but other than photographs from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there is no record of the arrest.

Morrow added his opinion that the man looked like someone associated with the CIA and/or the Bay of Pigs operation. It all sounds very mysterious, almost sinister.

None of the newspaper articles around that period provide any indication of who this man was, and no account of this second arrest appeared in any of the local papers.

Kenneth Glenn Wilson, then of 6121 Broadway in Haltom City to the east of Fort Worth. Interestingly, he had also been arrested at the 3400 block of East Belknap Street, 23 minutes after House had been. Who was this man, and what had he been arrested for? For 30 years he has remained an identified person, until M Duke Lane made the discoveries.

Wilson, an auto parts salesman, was charged as an "investigation witness." If he was the same man in the photos, this helped to explain why he is shown unmanacled in the photos taken at city hall: the man wasn't a suspect, but a witness! A witness of what? The details of the arrest provided that information:

"The above subject was arrested and charged as above [inv. Witness] after he came to the scene of where House was arrested. When he arrived at the scene, he stated that he recognized the car which House was driving and stated that he thought that it belonged to his wife's cousin. On the way to the hall, the subject stated that House was recently been discharged from the service. He stated that he had not seen House lately and that his home is in Ranger Texas".

.It doesn't appear there is any cause to claim a cleanup of "incriminating" photos, and certainly not with regard to this particular arrest, since, as we shall soon see, the man had nothing to do with either the assassination or the government.. It is also worth noting that, in head-on photos of the man in custody, the similarity between him and "Maurice Bishop" and/or David Atlee Phillips is no longer evident.

The Unidentified Man

As noted earlier, the interview House had with the Fort Worth Press said that he was traveling to Fort Worth to visit his cousin, in addition to mentioning his intent to visit his Army buddy in Dallas.This man Wilson--or rather, his wife--must be who House was going to see.

The question is though, how Wilson knew House had been arrested in the first place,

How did Wilson come to be at that place and time where his cousin-in-law had been arrested only moments before?

At some point after the shooting, while House had been enroute to Fort Worth, Dallas police had contacted his mother_with whom he was living at the time_to determine his whereabouts.

After two or three such calls, Mrs House became concerned, and called her niece, Mrs Wilson. Mrs House called the Wilsons' because, whenever Don came to Fort Worth, he would spend the night with the Wilsons and she expected he would do so this night too.

Shortly after the call from her aunt, Mrs Wilson heard a radio broadcast of a suspect, identified as "22-year-old Donald House of Ranger, Texas" having been arrested at 3408 East Belknap in Fort Worth. At first, she said, she didn't recognize the name since "nobody called him Donald," but realized after a moment that it had been her cousin who'd been taken into custody in connection with the slaying.

She noted that the address was only a couple of blocks from where her husband worked selling auto parts, and called to ask him to check on

Don since it appeared he was in some sort of trouble. He excused himself from work and walked the short distance to where House had been arrested. There, he told officers that he thought the car belonged to his wife's cousin, and was taken into custody at 2:20 pm He was looking out for Don, and they ended up taking him to jail!

He was not charged with a crime, and as the record of his arrest shows, he was brought in solely as a witness. He was questioned about his relationship with Don House and released 90 minutes later, at 3:50. He returned home with his wife, where House joined them a couple of hours later.when House was released at 5:15 pm.


Bernice said she will post a couple of photos for me...Thanks Bernice!



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  • 15 years later...



Some footage of the Oswald Lookalike detained the same hour Oswald was detained ... there was a big show in Forth Worth too that evening on Nov. 22.1963.  (Not only in Dallas.) 


Was Donald Wayne House acting as one of several Oswald doubles? Was he (unknowingly) a "track two" scapegot in case should anything "unscheduled" happend to Oswald? Donald Wayne House took the answer to his grave.








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Oswald at the age 79? No, it is Donald Wayne House. As far as I know he was never interviewed by any JFK ass. researcher ...

Donald-House-e-scaled (1).jpg

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14 years ago researcher Gil Jesus wrote on this forum. "

Gil Jesus

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After the Tippit murder, the Dallas Police put out an all-points

bulletin for a '57 Ford. The vehicle was stopped by Fort Worth Police

and its occcupant was taken into custody.


This man was Donald Wayne House ...

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