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some background facts

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These are just random bits of info which may be of benefit to some here studying this area:

Norman V Peale was named as one of LHO's three favourite authors on his Albert Schweitzer College application. Peale was in Swizerland plotting against JFK's election bid at the time LHO was due in that country.

The Albert Schweitzer College was founded by the International Association of Religious Freedom (IARF) - itself formed by the Free-Thinkers Movement -primarily made up of Unitarians.

The Russian Orthodox Church is/was a member of the IARF, as was/is various hybrids of the Old Catholic Church.

Ike's Director of the Bureau of the Budget was Percival Flack Brundage. Brundage, during the 1950s, was President of both the IARF and the Friends of Albert Schweitzer College.

Brundage, along with JF Dulles and JD Rockefeller, had been heavily involved in Project Vanguard. Vanguard was primarily related to satelite technology which would make U2s obsolete.

In the 1960s, Brundage helped create a number of CIA proprietaries used in Cuban operation.

It is commonly believed that Oswald read a Communist newspaper whilst stationed at Santa Ana prior to his trip. However, fellow Marine and friend at Santa Ana, Nelson Delgado, testified that Oswald told him the periodical was a White Russian one. The description of the seal Delgado gave supports this as the Eagle is a Russian Imperialist symbol - not a Communist one.

Student exchange programs used Marine-type transport ships (C-4 Troop carriers) and ships provided by the Holland-America line to move students around the world. The ship LHO returned on was from the Holland-American Line.

Edward L Keenan, an exchange student, was a witness to LHO's attempted defection in Snyder's office. Keenan was studying in Leningrad. Reports from other students in the USSR however, during this period indicate they were not supposed to travel.

Keenan was eventually accused by Pravda of being a spy.

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