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John Simkin

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Teachit.co.uk is an online library for English, Drama and Media teachers from Key Stage 2 to Post-16. It offers free photocopiable resources (currently over 4000 pages of these), online lessons, links, a staffroom and more for free, while members of our subscription service, Teachit.plus can access the editable files for customising and differentiating, or even running on screen. Our team of key contributors and editors are all active classroom teachers and many of these are signed up for our profit share programme.

It's an enormous project - little did I imagine when I started playing with Front Page in my spare time four years ago just how big it would become!

Siobhain Archer, Teachit Ed.

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The IST Humanities website is designed to support student learning in (largely) History and Geography at the International School of Toulouse.


With our students working in a hightech, laptop environment, part of our intention has been to document the outcomes of this continuing educational experiment. As a result, a significant proportion of the content (websites, PowerPoints, digital video etc.) is produced by the students themselves. Hopefully this might be of interest to anyone who wonders what might happen if we were to consign scribal skills to the dustbin of history. ;)

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Hi everyone.

My Site is Planetqhe.com. A bit of a mouthful I know! it stands for Probabilistic Learning Activities NETwork, Question, Hypothesis, Experiment.

It consists of over 30 probability puzzles, paradoxes and experiments mostly in the form of spreadsheets but there are also applets, fathom, cabri documents as well.

I originally uploaded it in Jan 2001. My plan for development is to add another couple of activities, but more importantly to finally get rid of the pesky frames, -even more important to make the instructions better and make it more useful as a cross-curricular resource.

It's mostly aimed at IB students, so integrating it with other diploma subjects and of course TOK would be great.

All the best


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Guest Andrew Moore

I'm one of the original ATW people - it might be churlish to mention this, now that we are getting some support from Becta, but our reason for working together was that we thought we could do more for teachers and each other than the Virtual Teacher Centre (which has now more or less given up the ghost).

My main teaching site has had several homes, but has (I hope) come to rest for a while at:


Some of the things that we hoped to do in the ATW can now happen here - but as a portal it should continue to be useful for learners.

Thanks to Garry and Siobhain for looking after it.

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These are great Liza. Is it possible to download the games like on Andrew's site and use them offline on a network or laptop?

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I am the owner/creator of an educational website for teachers in Australia. The site, AusTeachers, was established about 9 months ago to overcome an empty space on the internet for Australian teachers to discuss anything and everything relating to their teaching in the one discussion forum.

The site now has a lot more general information relevant to teachers but the discussion forum is a major part of the site at this early stage. The discussion forum address is http://forum.austeachers.net

The site is now divided into 6 sections:

The School - general school issues

The Classroom - issues and ideas relating directly to the classroom

The Planning Folder - focusing on lesson plans and activities for all ages

The Staffroom - the discussion forums

The Library - information on a wide range of teaching resources

The Newsletter - recent and relevant teaching information and general site information.

That's the very brief run down. The site is still being slowly developed. I'm only a beginning teacher so I'm working hard at beginning my career well and with a difficult class this year it leaves little time for the site, but it's slowly and surely growing.

I hope someone finds it interesting and relevant.

Although the focus is on Australian teachers - all teachers are welcome.

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My memory plays tricks with me, but I thought that we used to be members of the ATW when twin brother Geoff operated the fledgling site. No idea why we're not still supporting ATW.

We offer a range of (mainly) free and subscription based resources for economics, business studies, politics and ict. The usual stuff - such as revision notes, presentations, quizzes, forum boards, glossaries and so on. We;ve also branched out into flash-animated charts and presentations, and flash-based business simulations. In September 2004 we launch a free Virtual Learning Environment to enable schools to create and manage materials and classes online - which should be fun! We're also experimenting with real-time INSET training which we'd like to launch before Christmas.

We currently average just over 18,000 unique users per day (it got really busy in May!), serving up around 1.2 million pages of content per day - depending on what students and teaches are looking for. Roughly 65% of our web site guests are from the UK. Everyone one of them is welcome. Our web site guests are a source of huge satisfaction and fun.


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Guest Andrew Moore

Your memory is not playing tricks, Jim.

I not only remember your being among the original ATW sites, but that's how I came to add you to my directory of URLs at:


Go to www.universalteacher.org.uk/urls/urls.htm#business and there you are.

The ATW has gone into a kind of abeyance, as many of the members have achieved success and recognition - or have become active elsewhere (in here, for example). One finds there are more demands and requests than one can humanly satisfy - and some things (like the ATW) get squeezed.

Perhaps for many of us, the original attraction of building resources has given way in part to exploring the uses one can make of them (and other learning objects) for more direct teaching, instruction and mentoring - as you are now doing with the professional development.

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My site was established in the summer of 2005, quite by accident as I had intended to begin a blog for veterans issues.

All of a sudden, a window opened with an invitation to start a website.

As they say, I never looked back.

I spent some time coming to a decison on what title to use for my site. The more I thought, the angrier I got.

So, I ended up with, "Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans And Blueprints For Change".

I had checked the mainstream media and found "pissed off" to be common usage. I certainly didn't want to offend or drive anyone away who might be offended by the title.

Keeping that in mind, I wrote the introduction to my site with a progressive series of subjects that I thought would gather the interest of viewers.

I purposely did not place an add for donations. After all, this information was and is designed for veterans and those being recruited as instruments of our foreign policy that will not be found in the MSM. The articles that make up this site will not be accessible in the MSM to those being recruited for the sandboxes of Iraq/Afghanistan. Certainly, the recruiters are not going to make this information available.

Another target of this site are parents of those being recruited, schools, universities and student associations who can pass the word among their peers.

If I can save one person from the clutches of those who would use them for nefarious purposes, my time and effort will be well spent. Recruit's are expendable assets the very instant they sign the dotted line, unknowing that by doing so they have forfieted their Rights to the Constitution they have just sworn to protect and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That alone gave the title for "Recruiting Lies vs Military Reality."

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.


This site currently contains 808 pages, some of which are longer than a given 'page'. The main navigation section, available on the top of every page, provides the subject matter by general identification. Related articles are located in the left column for each subject.

Since my site is not a news letter, per se, a link for Latest Site Updates is located at the top of the left column of each page.

As of September 30, 2006, there have been 141,000+ hits. The busiest day was 1705 hits. My stat counter shows interests from most countries, all US States and various agencies of the US government, with repeat visits.

I found The Education Forum from a visitor's path on my stat counter.

I am glad I did.


John McCarthy

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I was busy loking for help with delivery of my ICT coursework units and hit a brick wall. I knew other teachers from board-led courses would be in the same boat and we managed by email.

But I knew if we were having problems, so would others. So I set up a forum to faciltate just that:


(sorry, no proper link, but I live in the dark ages of Win95/98 and the forum editor won't let me do any of the clever stuff)

I am to include anything teachers want to discuss - already going is KS3 online testing, the new applied GCEs (sections also for DiDA, GCSE, BTEC, Nationals and so on).

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Since it's been a while since I posted in this thread, there's a been a few changes in my sites I should flag up.

My main Science and Interactive Whiteboard resource site has moved from my personal site to


There are science Flash resources such as Quizzes, and also Smart Notebook and ActivStudio Flipchart files for free download.

the Big Brown Envelope continues to run, and I need to add some more resources to it soon: www.bigbrownenvelope.co.uk

Also I have set up a forum specifically aimed at Interactive Whiteboards, as a place for me to post any good websites I find for IWB's and to provide an independant site that users can get help and advice on using their IWB




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