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New IB History Curriculum Review Document

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Anybody have any views on this? I can't say I was very impressed by some of the changes proposed. It looks to me that it will now demand a lot more hours to teach the program and I can't see where they're going to come from...

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The new curriculum review report for IB history was published yesterday. I continue to have very grave reservations about it. The report is available at http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/documents/dp/gr3/h...rr_0605_1_e.pdf on the IB Online Curriculum Center. I would strongly advise all IB history teachers to read it and respond to the survey when it is released next week.

There are several points which concern me:

(1) An entirely new section has been created to accommodate "Islamic History" within the History curriculum. A glance at the proposed curriculum would seem to suggest that it would be more appropriately studied within a Religious Education class.

(2) The Middle East has been lumped together with Europe to the benefit of neither region. The resulting mish-mash will be very difficult to teach.

(3) Appropriate materials for some of the proposed new topics will be very hard indeed to obtain.

(4) The structure of the proposed Paper 3 leaves a great deal to be desired. The topics described are very wide indeed. Teachers are told to teach three of the topics. There will be two questions on each topic and the students are supposed to pick three questions. This means, effectively, that students will have a choice of only 3/6 questions...

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