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For all the Aussie forum members, today (Monday) at 5:10pm, the History Channel is running a program titled, 'False Witness' which looks at Clay Shaw and his trial.


Hi James-

Doesn't look like it's on over here (U.S.), but below is the front page on that segment:

On March 1st of 1967, Clay L. Shaw, a successful businessman and highly decorated WWII veteran, was arrested by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison on charges of conspiring to murder President John F. Kennedy. So began one of the oddest chapters in the seemingly never-ending inquiry into the JFK assassination.

FALSE WITNESS traces Shaw's ordeal from the moment of the arrest to the verdict and beyond, painting a portrait of a man whose life was turned upside down in the name of political ambition. Though the trial ended in a crushing defeat for Garrison, his version of the events was popularized by the director Oliver Stone in the controversial film, JFK. Drawing on the research of author Patricia Lambert (False Witness), this program tells the real story of what happened, and it is more fantastic than anything Stone could contrive.

For years, the facts have been obscured by people uninterested in the truth. Now, the complete tale is finally told.

If you catch it, perhaps you could let us know if it's worth a look. :)

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"False Witness" is the name of a book that "debunks" the Garrison investigation. I imagine the show is based largely on the book.

I have not had an opprtunity to read the book. I am not a big fan of big Jim Garrison but one can argue that his investigation resparked interest in the assassination. On the other hand, some have argued that his theories were so wild that they discredited assassination research.

Sometimes it is worth reading or watching books or shows with which one disagrees because you may still pick up a new perspective on things.

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If you catch it, perhaps you could let us know if it's worth a look. :) (Greg Wagner)

Hi Greg,

It was a tad disappointing to say the least. The program was angled to mainly discredit Jim Garrison and the witnesses. There was no real study of conspiracy evidence only that Shaw couldn't be connected to it, if in fact any existed.

As I thought, lots of conspiracy critics offered their opinion, even John McAdams has a moment. Oliver Stone's 'JFK' copped some serious criticism as being a dangerous tool in which young people are misguided in believing Clay Shaw was the bad guy in all of this.

One positive aspect was the terrific historical footage and interesting photographs of Clay Shaw as a young man.


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