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Blogging and Webpublishing in EFL/ESL


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I would like to invite all interested in blogging and international webpublishing projects to visit Dekita.org and join us at the Blogstreams Salon Group

Dekita.org highlights the Web-publishing work of EFL (English as a Foreign Language)/ESL (English as a Second Language) students, showcases the classroom Web-publishing projects in EFL /ESL and introduces links relevant to personal Web-publishing in language learning contexts. Dekita.org also serves as a means for learners, educators, and other interested people to locate student Web-publications and participate in the conversation.

The Blogstreams Salon Group meets synchronously at Tappedin every Sunday at 21:00 UTC to chat informally, sort out teachers' doubts, examine and discuss innovative work and international webpublishing projects. Once a month we invite guests, experts in their fields, to make a presentation in the ASO (After School Online Room).

Hope to see you there! Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

Warm regards from Brazil,


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