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Operation Family Secrets

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On April 25, 2005 a dozen plus hoodlums were indicted under RICO in the Northern District of Illinois. Some of them may know some of the secrets of the assassination.

See the article below.


In another thread, James Richards posted a photo of one of the defendants in this case, a man named Frank ("the German") Schweiss. Anyone interested should also review those posts.

I called the US Attorney's Office in Chicago today and Schweihs has not yet been apprehended.

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I should add, as the DOJ press release says, that all of the men named in the indictment are presumed in fact to be innocent until convicted in a court of law.

I am fearless of being "whacked" by a mafioso but the thought of being sued for libel by a hoodlum scares the heck out of me!

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It is no wonder Schweihs got away.

"Operation Family Secrets" was apparently as big surpise as the BOP.

Look at the article in Post 1.  It was dated March 3, 2005.  Schweihs had 28 days to pack!

28 days? He had well over a year to prepare. Everybody knew what was coming after the main government witness was flipped in, I believe, '03. Mr. Lombardo did run a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune some years ago denying any association with OC and stating that anyone alleging he was associated with OC should contact Mr. Lombardo's lawyer.

So you may in fact hear from this attorney in the future. Good luck.

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  • 5 months later...

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, Saturday, December 17, 2005:

"Accused Mobster arrested in Kentucky

A reputed Chicago mob enforcer who had eluded capture since April was arrested yesterday in Central Kentucky, the FBI said.

Frank "the German" Schweihs, 75, was arrested without incident at an apartment in Berea [KY] on federal charges in connection with his alleged involvement with organized crime, FBI spokesman David Beyer said.

Authorities have been looking for schweihs and Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, 76, since they and 12 others were indicted April 25 in Chicago in connection with at least 18 unsolved murders.

Lombardo remains at large, the FBI said."

Just to update the case...

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