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Thomas H. Purvis

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Former Captain, United States Army

Combat Veteran of Vietnam

Tours of duty with:

a. 82nd Airborne Division

b. 173rd Airborne Brigade

c. 3rd Special Forces Group

d. 5th Special Forces Group

e. 6th Special Forces Group

f. Commanding Officer, Special Forces Schools Underwater Operations Committee.

g. Commanding Officer, Special Forces Schools Advanced Airborne Committee.

h. HALO Instructor, Halo Committee, Special Forces Schools.

Awards, qualifications etc:

a. Meritorouse Service Medal

b. Bronze Star Medal (2nd)

c. Armed Forces Expeditionary Force Medal

d. Master Parachutist rating

e. Military Free Fall Parachutist rating

f. Military Diver's badge & rating

g. Special Forces Officer qualification

h. Nuclear Weapons Employment Officer qualification

i. Special Forces Instructor Rating


a. Special Forces Narrator, Strike Command Demonstration BRASS STRIKE V and


b. Co-participant in film for President's Council on Physical Fitness with Apollo XIII

Astronaut James Lovell.

c. USPA Class "C" Sport Parachutists & Jumpmaster ratings.

d. Professional Association of Diving Instructors, Instructor Rating.

e. Original applicant for Son Tay Prison Raid Team (deleted due to orders to return to VN)

f. Original participant in group which set HALO/FF altitude record at Ft. Bragg, NC by exiting at 29,700 feet height.

Lastly, I am just an ole southern Mississippi "Country Boy" who has lived in over 35 of the 50 states, to include Canada.

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Welcome Home, Tom Purvis -- and welcome to the FORUM

David Healy

MAAG-Vietnam '63 - '64

Hello David;

Well, I was safe at home in the Mississippi National Guard in 63 through 65.

Then after college volunteered active duty.

Having almost become a resident of Dallas many years ago when offered employment with your resident version of Howard Hughes, I have several good friends who reside there as they did accept the employment offers.

No doubt, we will be talking again on some aspect of the JFK subject.


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