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Biography: Adam Wilkinson

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I am a 17 year old student in Sydney, Australia, i am a member of mensa. I am currently doing my HSC, and i work part time at a nursery to get me some money. I have studied and researched the Kennedy Assassination since 2000, not long really, but good for my age. I wanted to join the forum to talk to others like me who are interested in the JFK Assassination.

Hi Adam, Good to hear from you. We are privileged to participate in this Forum. In a sense I am like you as I don't fully know what is happening here...sort of groping around, hoping to get some info on DPD and Jay Harrison. You are the first to respond ... although I haven't posted anything but the bio.

Let me know anything you come up with on Frank Sturgis, Bill Decker, or any pic that shows the "dirty laundry" truck as being parked in the curb lane. I can forward you the truck pics (Tina Towner) and Altgen if you don't have these. I'm following the current Frank Sturgis thread and collecting other pics of him.

Other key details I need help on are James Andrews car make model,etc. Edward Geary Lansdale. Patrol car #337 (parked at the gated entrance to the railroad parking area) (according to Ian Griggs this is apparently a false number) but currently more of the "gate" pics are being made available.

Here's trivia to impress your mensa friends ... would you have guessed that at one time there was a GAS STATION in Dealey Plaza ? True story, I have the Jerry Dealey pic that shows it !

Again, glad to hear from you. I could be an excellent contact for you. IF YOU want current Dealey Plaza pics I have a Houston friend who is going there on the up coming anniversary and is a real WORKER. On his last trip he took over 30 special shots and emailed them to me and lastly, I have limited contact with Tom Alyea ( a real LIVE witness) who took the pics of Day discovering the Carcano.

John Locke

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