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Nelson Bunker Hunt

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Thanks for posting that, John.

I was interested to read where Hunt set up a paramilitary force called 'American Volunteer Group' to be used in death squad type tactics against political opponents.

This is curious because William Pawley founded a force also called 'American Volunteer Group' ultimately becoming known as the Flying Tigers.

One of the main players here was Claire Lee Chennault who was behind the Civil Air Transport (CAT). Also interesting to note is that Paul Helliwell set up the 'Sea Supply Corporation' in 1949 in Miami with a main office in Bangkok. Sea Supply was an alleged cover for Chennault's (CAT) which was allegedly moving the opium around and out of South East Asia.

It should be noted that Helliwell was CIA paymaster for the Bay of Pigs as well as other off the books operations. Helliwell also headed the Republican Party in Florida which brought him into contact with Bebe Rebozo. Mmm.

So, why would Hunt set up a group called "American Volunteer Group'? Coincidence I guess. There was also a rumor that Nelson Bunker Hunt actually met Lee Harvey Oswald. If true, that must be a coincidence as well.

I am wondering if the Eddie Bayo, William Pawley run mission (Operation Tilt - signed off by David Morales) fits in here anywhere?

The image below shows some of the Flying Tigers' pilots.



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