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The Fish is Red

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If there is anybody with a copy of Turner Hinckles book 'The Fish is Red' published in 1981. Would they be so kind as to look up references to Saul Sague/Mario Tauler and Reinaldo Pico.

Any help would be great.


I have the revised version "Deadly Secrets" and loaned it out to someone. I can track it down if it would have the references you need.

Let me know and I will do some looking as to who I loaned it out to.


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I do not have acopy of the book you mention. However, see the excellent Namebase website for details of the man you are looking for:


According to Daniel Brandt (who runs the website and is a fellow member of the Forum) details of the man you are looking for can be found here:

Escalante, F. The Secret War. 1995 (162)

Parakal, P. Secret Wars of CIA. 1984 (54)

Syrokomsky, V. International Terrorism and the CIA. 1983 (73-4)

See also:


Interestingly, according to Google, the top ranked page on Saul Sague is your posting on this very Forum:


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John, the book was re-released in an updated version called "Deadly Secrets."  It is a good book you should either acquire or read (in my opinion).

I do have a copy of the book Deadly Secrets. It is indeed very good. However, according to the index, it does not have any information on Saul Sague/Mario Tauler and Reinaldo Pico. That is why I did not mention it.

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Hello all,

I got the reference on namebase, I must have misread the page.

Just yesterday I was compiling all the information I could on Saul Sague, as I suspect that he may have had something to do with the MLK assassination. A lot of the information came from searching previous posts on this forum, mainly from James Richards, Gerry Hemming and Ron Ecker.

Here is another namebase reference to Saul Sage who is mario tauler sague

Newman,J. Oswald and the CIA. 1995 (234)

The information that I got from this was that Sague was a former member of the Cuban revolutionary airforce, a member of hemmings organisation and had been frequenting the hangouts of Cuban revolutionists in Miami. Newman's source is named as MM T-1, does anybody know who he is referring to?

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Does anyone have, or know how to acquire, the list of assassins Fidel Castro gave to Sen. George McGovern?

I think it would better to start a new thread on this. This should be reserved for comments on Saul Sague/Mario Tauler and Reinaldo Pico.


The person called "Saul" in "Appointment In Dallas" is listed by Glen Sample and Mark Collom, in "Men on the Sixth Floor" as "Ralph Geb" who was allegedly Mac Wallace's best friend. (This is also the person who was id as" LHO" at the Cuban and Soviet Embassies in Mexico).

Interesting bedfellows.


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