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Chris Lightbown: Biography

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Chris was a sports writer for The Sunday Times for 26 years. He left the paper seven years ago to write books. His latest book is Football Dreams.


He was 12 when President Kennedy was shot and like everybody that age, he remembers where he was. Even if you are just 12, you don't forget where you were.

He attended what he called “a second-rate Secondary Modem school - the dumping ground for the thick before Comprehensive Schools were invented” and recalls that even the nastiest kids in the playground were still stunned on the Monday, two days after the Friday evening when the news broke.

The only outlets Chris had in the so-called `Swinging Sixties' were reading and football, so reading the West Ham programme every other Saturday afternoon was the highlight of his life. Like many of the social sheep, Chris became a skinhead - and learnt more about his country by travelling to away matches than he had from school or from books.

Chris is more interested in the politics of the Kennedy era than solely in the assassination.

He has been a member of Dealey Plaza UK for about 18 months, visiting Dallas in November 2003. He gave an outstanding presentation at the 2004 DPLJK seminar on the subject of dealing with the media.

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