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Biography: Peter L. Sotos

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I am 40 years old and I live in Southern California. I am an avid, but definitely amateur enthusiast of the Middle Ages. I conduct extensive research on this period, and use that research to conduct at least weekly scenarios where we re-enact those periods in history with intense simulations (Ok we are a bunch of 30-40 year old geeks who are avid fantasy role players).

I run a gritty "realistic" campaign where the players act as minor lords and must run their manors efficiently, engage in diplomacy with their surrounding lords, and try to increase their lands and titles. This sometimes requires them to go to battle with their neighbors. At this point we use miniature rules and conduct small scale miniature battles.

I have been trying to build a realistic game for manor management. I have been collecting data on medieval farm productivity to make this game as close as possible to a 12th-15th century medieval farm. I ran across your farm game on the internet and was interested in asking questions about it since it has some data that might be extremely relevant to my endeavor.

I would like to post my questions on your site as I believe that I would not only gain good information from the scholars there, but also contribute to the forum by providing more insight into understanding the medieval farm.

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