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Graham Davies

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Ok, let's get away from all this boring (and controversial) political stuff :P and have a look at some REAL history...

An Australian colleague has drawn my attention to the following website.

Winged Sandals: Many teachers may find this site interesting, especially in view of the forthcoming Olympics. It's a delightful multimedia website on Greek Mythology created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in association with The University of Melbourne's Centre for Classics and Archaeology. The website is designed for children 6-12 but will certainly have a much wider appeal: http://www.wingedsandals.com

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Could Atlantis have been a part of today's Santorini?

Santorini Eruption and The Legend of Atlantis

"In the modern era, geologic and archeological investigations hint at an intriguing possibility -- that the demise of Atlantis may be related to a catastrophic Bronze Age eruption in the Aegean Sea, which generated a flooded caldera and destroyed an advanced Minoan civilization living on the island group of Santorini..."




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Could be!!!

I clicked on the link provided in Post#1, and it said it was unavailable. So searching to see if Herodotus ( I am very fond of him, and figured he did) had anything to say about Atlantis,(because most is attributed to Plato), I came upon this:


Thanks, Kath, great info!!!

I've always been interested in the Atlantis and Mu myths.

Have you read any of his writings on the Delphian Oracle?

No, I haven't...

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Yes, I have time but I'm not good at putting my thoughts down on a paper.

But I'll gladly read what you will have to write.

Email me a copy when you finish it.

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