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John Simkin

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Focus on... Geography: ICT Advice in Secondary Magazine is available to view online. All links are written out in full at the end of this message.

In the spring/summer term issue:

Geography department intranets: A well designed and managed intranet can be the framework teachers use to structure their teaching and pupils use to structure their learning.

The place for essential geography resources: GIS made simple, through to telly for teachers, via a trip to the archives!

Geography diary update: ICT-related professional units, and a conference on making connections.

Focus on... Geography is only available to view online, but you can download or print a copy by clicking on the Print Friendly button at the bottom of the web page.

ICT Advice in Secondary: Focus on... Geography: http://www.ictadvice.org.uk/index.php?sect...subsectionid=71

Becta ICT Advice copyright statement: http://www.ictadvice.org.uk/index.php?sect...tcode=copyright

Email ICT Advice e-publications: ictadvice-epublications@becta.org.uk

ICT Advice subscriptions: http://www.ictadvice.org.uk/subscribe

Becta's privacy and data protection statement: http://www.becta.org.uk/corporate/corporat...ction=1&id=1201

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