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Biography: Milena Todorova

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My name is Milena Todorova. I am from Stara Zagora a city in Central Bulgaria. I have an MA in History. My present work consists of teaching History through the medium of English to high-school students in a foreign language school, which is considered to be a reputable educational institution. I teach mediaeval and global modern history in English that affords a perfect opportunity for studying in particular the history and culture of English-speaking countries, introducing wide range of primary sources in their original language.

On the other hand, I take part in variety of projects aiming at improvement of the quality of secondary education and language learning. I participate in a course designed for teacher-trainers developing materials for content and language integrated learning (CLIL), which is an initiative of the British council in Bulgaria and the Ministry of education.

I consider that a substantial part of my work as an educator is dedicated to implementation of project activities especially related to teaching of European citizenship. Consequently, I started working on SOCRATES/COMENIUS projects in 1999. Since then I have worked on three projects of this kind:

1999/2000 'Promoting And Disclosing Research Into The Secondary School' (partners from Spain, Finland, Italy);

2004/2001’ForumEduca: The European Citizens Of The New Millennium’ (partners from Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Romania);

2006/2003'ECCE: European Citizens Challenging Education' (partners from UK, Sweden, Italy).

Meanwhile, I took part in different training programmes and specialisations e.g. June/August 2004 – Fulbright Summer Institute of American History; Amherst College; Massachusetts; USA; May 2004 Vienna/Austria - Survival Kit for European Project Management P. Institut der Stadt, Wien; June/July2003; Tokyo/Japan Exchange program for educators organized by The Japan Foundation (non-profit organization for educational exchange etc.

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