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What was the Russians' answer?

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According to the Lopez Report (History Matters Archive - http://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/hsc...ezRpt_0091a.htm p. 91)

On Tuesday, October 1, 1963 at 10:45 AM, a man identifying himself as Lee Oswald phoned the Soviet Consulate in Mexico City. He said that he had visited the Soviet Consulate the previous Saturday and had spoken with the Consul. "Oswald added that the Consul had stated that they would send a telegram to Washington and he wanted to know if they had received an answer."

The Russians put "Oswald" on hold and checked.

"When Obyedkov resumed the conversation, he stated that the Soviet Consul had not yet received an answer, but the request had been sent."

On the previous Saturday, this American had been to the Soviet Consulate and was told that the process of getting a visa normally took four to five months because the Washington Consulate had to get permission from the USSR.

If "Oswald" had been told three days earlier that the process took four to five months, why was he anxiously awaiting an telegram on Tuesday. What was being telegrammed and does anyone know what the Russian answer ultimately was?

Steve Thomas

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