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L. Patrick Gray on JFK

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Ex-FBI Chief: Watergate Docs Outed JFK

Speaking out for the first time since the Watergate scandal ended his career, former acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray revealed Sunday that documents the White House ordered to him to hide implicated President John F. Kennedy in political and sexual misconduct.

Appearing on ABC's "This Week," the 88-year-old Gray described a June 28, 1972 White House meeting with Nixon counsel John Dean, where Dean handed him a mysterious envelope.

"Dean told me that this envelope contained papers that were removed from [Watergate co-conspirator] E. Howard Hunt's safe, [saying], 'They have nothing to do with the Watergate investigation - but they must not see the light of day.'"

"The first set of papers in there were false top secret cables that indicating that the Kennedy administration had much to do with the assassination of the Vietnamese president," Gray explained, indicating they were counterfeit.

But a second set of files pulled from Hunt's safe, he suggested, were authentic.

"The second set of papers in there were letters purportedly written by Sen. Kennedy [before he became president] involving some of his peccadilloes."

"I looked at those papers [for the first time five months later] as I burned them," he told "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos.

Gray said he believes that the Nixon White House wanted him to get rid of the documents as part of elaborate plan to make it look like he destroyed key evidence related to Watergate - thereby turning him into a fall guy.

After Gray admitted to destroying Hunt's files during confirmation hearings in 1973, Nixon withdrew his nomination to be FBI Director.


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Gray's explanation why he was ordered to burn the papers seems strange.

What if the real purpose of the destruction was concern how the papers were obtained (i.e. illegally?).

Is there any evidence on the White House Watergate tapes that Nixon discussed this matter with Dean?

Pat probably knows!

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