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to labour the name thingy a bit more...I've just taken time to review a dvd I got the other day of footage from the time with various researchers, fbi agents, police officers, and others, ....ALL of them SAY Santos, but that doesn't mean it's not spelled(spelt?) Santo. Perhaps its a cultural thing, maybe an Italian born speaker could comment?

When visiting st louis a couple of years ago I was surprised to be repeatedly corrected to say st louIS rather than st louie as I'd be inclined to do, while I always spell it st louis

It brings me to another thing I've been wondering : giving ones name as Lee H. Oswald could be thought as ok,,, er Lee : surname, hmmm Oswald must be first name then and H. middle so O.H. Lee....maybe land lady was european? has this point been resolved before? its like saying 5th floor in some countries means 6th in others with ground being 1st etc...capiche???

in other words one of his alledged alibis might never have been one, ever???? he did after all say, i believe, that she didn't understand him.

"My landlady didn't understand my name correctly, so it was her idea to call me O. H. Lee. ."

i suppose if one was inclined to disbelieve him because of such things, it's possible that to some extent people bandying that particular bit of info around would be shown to be a bit incompetent and oswald a bit more credible???

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presumably this point could be helpful in bolstering Oswalds tarnished credibility.

Another thing I sometimes wonder is to what extent ego and meyers law (it's not a conspiracy, its incompetence) may have contributed to actions people took. What I'm getting at could some of the people, organisations being looked at be innocent of JFK's murder and just guilty of human failings like ego and incompetence. So they became unwilling accomplices to a coverup of a murder which may partly be a cover up of stupidity? any ideas

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While it's true that a bureaucracy may tend to incompetence, it's also true that certain U.S. government agencies are unusually incompetent when they need to be. They may even practice open corruption when it's expedient, and get away with it. (The FBI's destruction of Oswald's note, for example, was not incompetence, it was open criminality, destruction of evidence. So what? The destruction by an FAA official of an audio tape of air traffic controllers on 9/11, open and flagrant, cutting it up and distributing the pieces in various trash cans around the agency, was not incompetence. What can one call it?) The official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is intertwined with the incompetence theory, i.e. it was a conspiracy of some brilliant party-loving Arab "fanatics" coupled with U.S. government incompetence across the board.

You mention meyer's law on incompetence. I'm not familiar with that, though it is obviously a favorite of the U.S. government. Who was Meyer?


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Ron, I don't know who meyer was/is ( just as I don't know who Murphy was/is) the law goes like this

When the same set of facts can be explained equally well by

A massive conspiracy coordinated without a single leak between hundreds or even thousands of people -OR -

Sustained stupidity and/or incompetence

Assume stupidity.

The idea that it might be a deliberate ploy is not a bad one. Some CIA pamphlets masquerading as SDS information are ridculous but I think they are not interested in influencing those who 'know', but to drive a wedge between them and Joe average Citizen, the more rubbish floating around the more dull peoples minds become, the less likely to believe the truth when its in front of them.

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