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Phyllis McGuire

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Just reread Dunne's column in "Vanity Fair" re McGuire. When he went to visit her, he was greeted by a guard armed with a submachine gun. He reports her home outside Las Vegas is equipped with huge steel shutters that can cover all the windows at the touch of a button.

Wonder the reason for all the security?

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Obviously, Tim, you didn't hear the President's speech the other night...if we don't defeat 'em "over there," we'll be fighting them "over here"...so we may as well be ready...


Seriously, though...either Phyllis McGuire knows something that she believes may place her life in danger, or else she's paranoid and has the financial means to address her fears...or maybe she has a stalker that hasn't been reported to the press.

Now...wasn't that simple to deduce?

As far as the nature of any knowledge that she believes might place her life in danger, if that is indeed the case...that's some information that may or may not be revealed within our lifetimes, but probably not within hers.

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