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Biography: Robert Newell

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I live in Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.A. I spend my working hours as a food service manager in a nursing home.

I have been very interested in the JFK assassination since the early 1970's. I devoured book after book in those pre internet days and became convinced that the evidence when seen as it really existed led to the fact that LHO did not fire a shot on Nov 22. In the seventies I drove from my central Massachusetts home to the A.I.B. in Cambridge and for twenty dollars purchased a super 8 millimetre copy of the Zapruder film, (10,000th generation-I think!!). After putting up a white bed sheet in my living room I put on demonstrations to all those who would listen and became somewhat of the local assassination guru.

Throughout the years I've learned that not all of the 'facts' that helped turn me into a CT'er are any more legit than the lone nut line, but the journey of learning has been one that brings me through your learned group. I believe that the overwhelming evidence proves Oswald did not kill the President. I look forward to being an active member, as I've been a visitor for quite a few months now! I am also a member of JFK Lancer and am excited at the prospect of interacting with the members here and picking up more knowledge, which the folks here have in abundance.

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