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Important: Organization of JFK Material

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I originally started the JFK Forum to help people carrying out research into the case. I think it has been fairly successful at doing this. However, it has been a victim of its own success. We now get a large number of postings every day. The search-engine on the forum is not terribly good. For example, it does not let you search for more than one word at a time. Much of the excellent information available is rarely accessed. Also, new members often start new threads on subjects that have been discussed before. It would be far better if they added this information to existing threads.

I have therefore began a start in organizing this material. I have started an index of people and events related to the assassination. I hope to finish this venture over the next few days. I will pin the thread so it will always be available on the first page. I will also add the URL to the relevant page in my JFK encyclopaedia. This will enable readers to go from the page of information to the debate on the topic. I will also add the Namebase entry to the page. This will allow researchers to see the relevant page references to the topic being studied.

It would therefore help me if before you start a new thread you check to see if the subject is already being discussed. If it is, please add your comments to the original thread.

The JFK Index can be found here:


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I have now completed the indexing of the JFK Assassination Forum. It was a long job. Since starting the JFK Forum on 13th March, 2004 we have had 15,162 postings in 1,472 different topics. I have placed a great deal of the postings under the names of individuals. The rest I have placed into categories.


It would be of great help if members checked with the index before starting new threads. This will help to keep all relevant material together.

If you do start a new thread, please make sure the title makes it clear what the posting covers. While doing my indexing I found some good threads hidden away under inappropriate headings.

I will also be linking pages from my website with these threads. This will enable visitors to enter into a dialogue with me about what I have written. I also hope other members will join in these debates.

I also intend to place a link to Daniel Brandt’s excellent Namebase website. This will give researchers page references to individuals and topics.

If you have any good sources of information on these topics, please provide a link in the thread. This includes any good debates that are taking place on any other Forums. The main idea is to collect together as much information as possible in one place. This will be an important service for serious JFK researchers.

I have probably missed some important threads in my indexing process. Please let me know if that is the case and I will add it to the Index (you will need to provide me with the URL).

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