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John Simkin

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I have been doing some research into L. Patrick Gray. The amount of distorted reporting of this man is amazing. The FBI website on Gray does not mention Watergate once. The obituaries are also terribly biased. All the American newspaper accounts argue that it was only alleged that he destroyed FBI files for Nixon. They also point out that he was never charged with any Watergate offences (why not?). Nor do they point out Gray was indicted in 1978 for conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of Americans by authorising illegal break-ins and wire taps. These charges were also dropped although Mark Felt was convicted of the same offence. The only accurate obituary was in the Guardian, a British newspaper:


One interesting fact is that Gray's son claimed that his father never forgave Nixon for setting him up. He refused to talk to Nixon and wrote a book about his experiences. Now he has died, the book will now be published. Might be interesting.

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