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Roger Dodger

John Simkin

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One can understand why Dylan Kidd’s film, Roger Dodger, won the Best Feature Film award at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in May 2002 (the festival competition is limited to first-time filmmakers). The script is witty (written by Dylan Kidd) and the acting is superb. Who would have thought that any director could have got a subtle performance out of Elizabeth Berkley? The performances from Campbell Scott (Roger), Jesse Eisenberg (Nick), Isabella Rossellini (Joyce) and Jennifer Beals (Sophie) are also outstanding. Although it is only a small part, Rossellini has never been better. Nor has Jennifer Beals who created a tremendous sexual charge when she gives Nick his first ever kiss.

Given its subject matter, Roger Dodger is only a minor film. However, this is an impressive debut and hopefully Kidd will go on to tackle some more serious subjects. (I do not consider the plight of an aging and lonely Casanova as the subject matter of great films.)

There is a good interview with Dylan Kidd here:


See this website for other reviews of Rodger Dodger:


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