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Dartford Technology College have just been award the Community Future Visions Award by the Specialist Schools Trust. This award is given to schools which meet the following criteria:

 The schools have been involved in transforming learning using ICT.

 They can demonstrate that using ICT for learning is contributing towards raising achievement.

 Value added results in relevant external examinations and tests have improved.

 The schools have excellent examples of using ICT to improve learning across the key stages and in several curriculum areas.

 Teaching and other staff have been involved in creating ICT learning resources in several areas of the curriculum.

 The schools been involved in sharing ICT expertise with each other.

 There is strong cross-phase liaison and collaboration.

 ICT has helped in strengthening links with local businesses and parents.

Naturally we are all rather chuffed :hotorwot

DTC is also a focus school on the specialist school ICT register offering the following services


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Marvellous news - sounds very good indeed.

Any documentation or guidance that you can share to allow others to reach your heights?

The Joesph Goebbels approach always works well ;)

On a more serious note this is actually the product of 8 years hard work.

I can e-mail you the sorts of things we put in the application if you like

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Congratulations. I expect your efforts were largely responsible for the award. Were they impressed with your use of Forums?

Thanks John

The forum, comenius and my websites certainly featured in the focus schools application.

However most of the credit for the latest award should however go to those who have established excellent community links with our primary feeders - our ICT consultant and network manager.

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More information about this award and the ICT Register has just been posted by the Specialist Schools Trust

The Futures Vision Bus Tour

TRAILBLAZING schools using ICT to raise educational standards and create an innovative teaching and learning environment are set to receive a new award from the Specialist Schools Trust. All but one are already on the ICT Register.

The Futures Vision Tours are sponsored by Microsoft, Toshiba and Syscap.

Eighteen schools across the country will receive an award for innovation in using ICT from the Specialist Schools Trust’s Futures Vision initiative. Inspired by an idea started in the USA by the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, leaders from the worlds of business, industry and educ ation will tour schools to view practical demonstrations of the technology they use, to meet pupils and teachers and to celebrate their achievement. You can see more details of the bus tour and read some case studies for the award winning schools  on the ICT Register website http://www.ict-register.net/cs.php.

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