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Coincedence--or CONSPIRACY?

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John, good joke, but only works if JFK was both a grave-robber and into necrophilia!  Monroe had been dead and buried for over a year before the assassination.

JFK was indeed a lover of women but I think he prefered live ones!

Heh, it's well known amongst serious researchers that necrophilia is dead boring. :hotorwot

QUOTE(Pat Speer @ Jul 16 2005, 05:24 AM)

Caster worked at the TSBD in one of the offices, but was out of the office on the 22nd. One of the rifles he brought to work on the 20th was indeed a Mauser. People saw him leave with the rifle cases, and his family acknowledged he came home with the rifles he'd bought on his lunch hour, but this doesn't mean the rifles he took home were the same rifles he showed Truly, Shelley, and Oswald.

My suspicious nature reads Caster's behavior as an amazingly clever way of smuggling rifles into the building without anyone knowing.

Pat, and having established a rationale for carrying riflecases in and out, a clever way to remove a rifle as well once the dust settled. Was his office ever searched? JohnD

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I'll give you two quick C or Cs--simplified because Tim can presumably spell this correctly. Ha.

1. Two days before the assassination Warren Caster brought two rifles into the TSBD and showed them to his co-workers. This is the only time anyone remembred anyone bringing a rifle in to work. He then took them to his office. Whether he left with the rifles or with empty boxes later on is open to conjecture. One of the men who looked at his rifles was Lee Harvey Oswald. If Oswald had already decided to kill JFK then these rifles being in the building is quite a coincidence. If seeing these rifles in the building inspired Oswald to bring his own in then that points away from a conspiracy and towards Oswald being the sole shooter, which is not supported by the physical evidence. The remaining possibility is that Caster was involved, which seems unlikely due to his long-time employment at the TSBD, and lack of known criminal activity. One possible explanation could be that the JBS was involved, and Caster was a Bircher.

2. ............

I tend to believe in the innocence of both men and that these were just coincidences.

But who knows? If anyone can ever come up with credible evidence that both Truly and Caster were JBS or Klan, we might have ourselves a good case for conspiracy.


Pat, another possibility occurs to me. The initial confusion as to the make of the rifle could have been a ruse intended to make it possible for the conspiracy to swing either way with regards to the patsy. The mauser or the MC, Oswald or Caster. This way both could be innocent, but until the bullet, weapon, patsy was 'concretized' it could have gone either way? I don't know anything about Castor, in fact until you pointed it out I thought the person with the other rifle was a Negro and I didn't know the name. It'll be interesting to see what he had to say himself. Presumably Caster was white? JohnD

That's an interesting thought that that had never occurred to me, John!

Caster was white, I just did some research on him and found his photo when he was teaching at a NM high school - where he worked till '52 when told the WC he began working at the TSBD for SW Publishing. Here's a photo of him. If you or someone else is a paid member of e-yearbooks.com you could get a clearer photo (i'm not a member) but at least one can get a good idea of what he looks like:


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