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Introducing ICT to early learners


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I have been recommended, from Australia, an Internet resource to use with my Nursery and Primary children, apparently it is very highly thought of there. I like many aspects of it but would like to hear other teachers opinions. The site is at Kindersite.org

The site will use accumulated user data as the basis of studies by qualified academic researchers on the introduction of technology to young children. They wish to answer the questions that surround this area properly and study the outcomes of usage.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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I like Kindersite!

Have a look at the NACELL (National Centre for Early Language Learning): http://www.nacell.org.uk

The Language Ivestigator site is useful for primary school children:


See also Winged Sandals:


Greek Myths for young children

Here's a nice primary school website in Wales:


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