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Billy James Hargis

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I thought it might be worth starting a thread on Billy James Hargis. He is an interesting character and shares several characteristics with Tim Gratz. He was a born again Christian and held extreme right-wing opinions.

In 1947 Hargis organized Christian Crusade, as "a Christian weapon against Communism and its godless allies". Hargis also ran an Annual Anti-Communist Leadership School. His daily broadcasts were carried by around 250 television and 500 radio stations across the United States.

A close friend of General Edwin Walker he became a member of the John Birch Society. Hargis used his national media network to promote right-wing politicians. This included writing speeches for Joseph McCarthy. In 1953 he travelled to West Germany where he launched 100,000 balloons, with Bible verses attached, over the iron curtain.

Hargis believed that JFK was a communist. However, when he was assassinated he claimed he had been killed by communists. In 1964 he published a book entitled The Far Left. He argued that the KGB and the American Communist Party had tried to place the blame on right-wing organizations.

In 1966 Hargis set up American Christian College in Tulsa. In his radio broadcasts he attacked the Beatles, long hair, the Anti-Defamation League, women's liberation and sex education and X-rated movies. He also promoted his college choir, the "All-American Kids".

In 1974 two of his students claimed that they had had sex with him - one was female, one was male (they had discovered they had both had sex with Hargis on their wedding night) - other students corroborated the story. This story was revealed by Time Magazine in 1976. As a result of the scandal Hargis was forced to close his American Christian College.

Hargis continued to promote his right-wing Christian fundamentalism and published Why I Fight for a Christian America (1974), Federal Reserve Scandal (1984), My Great Mistake (1985) and Communist America (1986).

Billy James Hargis died on 27th November, 2004.


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He is an interesting character and shares several characteristics with Tim Gratz. . .

In 1974 two of his students claimed that they had had sex with him - one was female, one was male (they had discovered they had both had sex with Hargis on their wedding night) - other students corroborated the story.


I hope you're not suggesting that Tim Gratz has sex with newlyweds on their wedding nights. If so, you can expect to be sued. (Unless, of course, you have photos.)


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I hope you're not suggesting that Tim Gratz has sex with newlyweds on their wedding nights. If so, you can expect to be sued. (Unless, of course, you have photos.)

Maybe James Richards can help me out with some photos. Only joking Tim, I have yet to find any information about your sexual past. I am only interested in your political activities.

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The Namebase entry for Billy James Hargis can be found here:


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I find your statement that I shared characteristics with Hargis quite offensive, John. The only possible characteristic is that Hargis claimed to be a born-again Christian. I never shared Hargis' far-right views and certainly ALWAYS felt that the JBS and its followers were kooks. If you have read my posts, you should know that I became a Republican at about the age of eight because I greatly admired President Dwight David Eisenhower, a man Robert Welch claimed was a a "conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy"?

And not only have I never had sex with a man (or wanted to) I also never:

a) started a political organization;

B) had daily radio broadcasts;

c) was a friend of General Walker;

d) traveled to Germany

e) launched 100,000 balloons over the Iron Curtain;

f) claimed that JFK was a Communist;

g) attacked the Beatles;

h) publisheed any books;

i) started any colleges;

nor I am deceased.

I guess I must admit that I, like Hargis, am over-weight. No excuses but there is some evidence linking that to those who like me work graveyard shifts and get too little sleep.

Oh, there is one other thing: I agree with Hargis that from early on the Communists attempted to further a theory that the far-right or the MIC killed Kennedy. That is pretty well established fact.

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I hope you're not suggesting that Tim Gratz has sex with newlyweds on their wedding nights. If so, you can expect to be sued. (Unless, of course, you have photos.)

Maybe James Richards can help me out with some photos. Only joking Tim, I have yet to find any information about your sexual past. I am only interested in your political activities.

They even look a little bit alike, no? Kinsmen under the skin perhaps or twins separated at birth? Although that would mnean that Tim was held in utero a few extra years then finally re born a la Neo in Matrix mebbie? Remember that scene? Down the old chute and out the hatch and making a real splash! One of the greatest cinematic feats in years. Wonder if Tim remembers any of this? What say ye, Timmy? Was Ron there to catch him or to send him back perhaps?

That would also imply that Tim, as a born again Neo, would be considered to be The One? God help us all there.

Neo=One as an anagram.

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Henry Salvatori (March 28, 1901 – July 7, 1997) was an American geophysicist, businessman, philanthropist, and political activist.

One of Hargis' main financial supporters was Henry Salvatori from California cation. I can see more similarities between Hargis and Salvatori than I ever realized before this. Both Willard Rockwell and Henry Salvatori were on the Board of Univ of Southern California together according to Dan Brandt at Namebase. Salvatori joins Patrick J. Frawley as 2 of the biggest right wing philanthropists from California to ever hit the ground running. Bill Turner in Power on the Right did a whole chapter on Frawley and the John Birch Society.


Salvatori, Henry

  • Salvatori, a USC trustee since 1960, has a long record of supporting rightwing causes. He raised almost $1 million for Goldwater in 1964. With Holmes Tuttle, Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. and the late A.C. Rubel of Union Oil, Salvatori put Reagan in Sacramento in 1966. He also managed the successful 1969 smear campaign against Tom Bradley for Sam Yorty's re-election bid. Salvatori made his money in oil; his oil exploration firm, Western Geophysical, merged with Charles B. Thornton's Litton Industries, of which Salvatori became a director.
    Salvatori has supported Fred Schwarz's Christian Anti-Communist Crusade , the Anti-Communist Voters League, Americans for Constitutional Action, and the American Security Council (he sits on their National Strategy Committee). He gave at least $850,000 to establish the Research Institute on Communist Strategy and Propaganda at USC in the mid-1960s. In 1970 Salvatori contributed to Reagan's re-election campaign and to the campaigns of James Buckley and George Murphy. He gave $95,000 to the Nixon campaign in 1968 and $100,000 in 1972. His other interests include an attempt to place loyalty oaths on the books in California and the fight against obscenity. Salvatori also received information from Jerry Ducote. Ducote was a black-bag man hired by Western Research Foundation (now Research West) to break into the offices of progressive groups and steal political information. Western Research was funded by major corporations.

Salvatori was born in Rome, Italy, and immigrated with his family to the United States in 1906. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1923 and a master's degree in physics from Columbia University in 1926. In 1930, he joined Geophysical Service Incorporated, but he left in 1933 to found Western Geophysical.

Western Geophysical prospered, allowing him to begin a long involvement in philanthropy and conservative political causes. In the 1950s, he was a founding stockholder of National Review magazine. In 1960, he sold Western Geophysical to Litton Industries, allowing him to devote more time to politics. He chaired Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign in California in 1964. Salvatori convinced Goldwater to allow Ronald Reagan to give a televised fundraising speech entitled "A Time for Choosing", the speech that launched Reagan's political career. Later, Salvatori was one of Reagan's initial supporters for governor of California, serving as state finance chairman for his 1966 campaign and as part of Reagan's "kitchen cabinet". He was a long-time financial supporter of the Heritage Foundation (a conservative think tank) and the Claremont Institute.

Salvatori and his wife Grace Ford Salvatori also made significant contributions to civic and educational institutions, including the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Claremont McKenna College, the University of Southern California, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Pepperdine University, and Boston University.

[edit] References

Doti, James L. Henry Salvatori - A Man of Integrity. Retrieved on December 8, 2005.

Henry Salvatori. Retrieved on December 8, 2005. Biography at SEG Virtual Museum.

Henry Salvatori. Retrieved on December 8, 2005. Biography at Salvatori Center, Claremont-McKenna College.

Who's Who in the West (A.N. Marquis Co., 1963), page 601

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Salvatori"

Rockwell, Willard F., Jr. or "Al"

  • Rockwell is the chairman of North American Rockwell and Rockwell International, and a director of the El Paso Gas Company. William C. Mullendore was a North American Rockwell director from 1948-69. Rockwell and Charles B. Thornton were two of 25 business executives who met three times a year as the Industry Advisory Council. The IAC was started by Robert McNamara in 1962. The meetings were held at the Pentagon, chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and regularly attended by the Secretary of Defense himself. Pentagon cost analyst A. Ernest Fitzgerald has called IAC "the board of directors of the military-industrial complex." The IAC disbanded in 1974 after new Congressional legislation would have required their meetings to be opened to the public. Rockwell International had the B-1 bomber contract, and they operate the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver, which has been the object of protest lately. Rockwell's Autonetics Group based in Anaheim had a $200 million contract to coordinate the research and development of Ibex, a secret electronic intelligence and spy system commissioned by the Shah of Iran and partially planned by Richard Helms. Three Rockwell employees working on Ibex were assassinated by guerrillas in Iran on August 28, 1976. The Ibex contract called for the recruitment by Rockwell of former employees of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service in Fort Meade, Maryland, and the Air Force Security Service at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Some members of the Iranian Air Force were being trained secretly at Rockwell's Anaheim plant in 1975. Rockwell International has investments in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Portugal, and other countries. They are involved in a strategic way in South Africa. A recent congressional report on multinational corporations and bribery stated that the CIA has been advising Rockwell Corporation in Indonesia.

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Hargis, The Far Left: The Irresponsible and Un-American Left Wing At the Time of the Death of Mr. Kennedy

Harvard Professor H. Stuart Hughes in the “far left” publication Nation, December 14, 1963, expressed his disappointment that the assassin of Mr. Kennedy was not a “southern racist” by saying, “Indeed, if we look deeply into our souls, I think many of us will recognize that we were disappointed to learn that such was not the case.

A great American, M. Stanton Evans, editor of the Indianapolis News, said in the National Review bulletin December 10, 1963: “Professor Henry Steele Commager of Amherst concluded the ultimate blame for the President’s murder rested with those who had, inter alia, stirred up antagonism toward Russia.” His reason is—if a Communist murders our President, the fault belongs with those who tell us we should worry about Communism. Stubbornly, many of the liberals still refuse to consider the fact that Communism internally took the life of the President of the United States.

Max Lerner in the ultra-liberal New York Post said, in trying to blame the anti-Communists and conservatives fort the death of the President: “When right-wing racist fanatics are told over and over again that the President is a traitor, a Red, a n-lover, that he had traduced the Constitution, is handing America over to a mongrelized world state, there are bound to be some fanatics, dull-witted enough to follow the logic of the indictment all the way and rid America of the man who is betraying it.” It is amazing that Mr. Lerner, in his responsible position in one of America’s best-known newspapers, refuses to recognize the threat of internal Communism which took the life of his President, John F. Kennedy.

A leading clergyman who tried to fix the blame on the anti-Communist community of the United States, was Bishop James A. Pike of the Episcopal Church, leading “light” of the National Council of Churches. Bishop Pike said: “In fixing the blame, we must include all those who, by their race hate and extreme radical right-wing propaganda, have constantly supplied the fuel which would fire up such a assassin.”

It is apparent now that the liberals were disappointed that the assassin did not turn out to be a member of the John Birch Society, Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, Daughters of the American Revolution, American Legion, or Christian Crusade. Within one hour after the death of Mr. Kennedy on the streets of Dallas, Friday, November 22, the television networks were blaming the anti-Communist community for the tragic event. Continually, they referred to the appearance of Adlai Stevenson in the same city a few weeks before, at which time he was picketed and allegedly spit on and hit on the head by a picket sign. There are some interesting “postscripts” to the treatment of Adlai Stevenson in Dallas when he appeared during the latter part of October, 1963 to address a Pro-United Nations rally. In the first place, Dallas has over 400 Cuban exile families with a total population of 1200 Cubans. There are pro-Castro and anti-Castro groups among these Cubans. The assassin, Lee Oswald, himself was an organizer of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and he lived and worked in the Dallas area. According to reports from people who observed the picket line in Dallas on the night that Stevenson spoke, the line was predominantly Latin Americans, and probably Cubans, not “right-wing” Americans.

Even until the day this book is being written, the press is still hashing over the Stevenson affair in Dallas, but I have yet to read a report concerning the later appearance of Governor George Wallace of Alabama on the campus of Harvard University in Boston. In the December 17, 1963, issue of the National Review publication, a Michael J. Cronin of Revere Beach, Massachusetts, reports: “Last evening Governor George Wallace of Alabama spoke at Harvard concerning his views on segregation and states’ rights. Upon his arrival at Sanders Hall, he was met by a student demonstration of approximately 150 participants who spat at him, cursed him with hysterical fervor, and attempted to assault him. After his speech, he was prevented from returning to his automobile by a howling group of 300. His car’s tires were slashed by members of the “non-violent” group and his auto was damaged. We are all familiar with the way our news media waxed indignant over the disgrace of the Stevenson incident. I am writing this letter twelve hours after Governor Wallace’s speech, so I have no seen any comment in the news. But I am willing to bet my vote for Goldwater that there will be very little said about the Harvard demonstrators.” Indeed, Mr. Cronin was right. In fact, the author has never seen any report in any newspaper in the United States on this disgraceful treatment which a governor of a sovereign state received on Harvard’s campus. To our knowledge, it was not carried by either the Associated Press or the United Press International, although certainly it was “news.” Only those stories which will put the “anti-Communist” community in bad light will be featured by the wire services. Those stories that would expose the “Far Left” and the liberal community will be ignored and, in most instances, killed by the manipulators of the wire services.

Arthur Krock of the New York Times pointed out in his column that our U.S. tax-supported overseas broadcasting facilities, Voice of America, began immediately to blame the “extreme right-wing” for the assassination of the President within a few minutes of the death of Mr. Kennedy at 1:59 p.m., Friday, November 22. Other left-wingers and far-leftists blaming the anti-Communists for the death of the President included Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution, James Restin, Jimmy Breslin, Walter Lippman, Marquis Childs, Bob Considine, William B. Shannon, Harriet Van Horn, and Inez Robb. (Inez Robb said: “But the radical right…the superpatriots…prepared the climate for assassination.”

One of the Senators from the State of Oklahoma, Senator Howard Edmondson, devoted one-half of his monthly “Reports to the People” in December, 1963, to an article written by the leftist columnist, Walter Lippman entitled “Murder Most Foul” which had previously appeared in the left-wing newspaper, the Washington Post. As you might expect, Walter Lippman refused to consider the Communist threat internally and, in fact, suggested that the future of the American Republic is “at stake when extremists go unrestrained.” He, of course, is not referring to extremists on the left; he is referring to what he believes to be extremists on the right. In fact, in his one reference to “the left,” Mr. Lippman makes an interesting comment: “In his alienation, Oswald turned to the left, but that was incidental.” Mr. Lippman feels that the Communist affiliation of Lee Harvey Oswald was unimportant. The important thing was that he lived in a city which was predominantly right-wing or anti-Communist and this is the thing that caused him to take the life of the President.

This author write to Senator Edmondson and reminded him, “It is strange to me that neither you nor Mr. Lippman have had anything to say about Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union, in both of which Lee Harvey Oswald, the President’s assassin, had an interest. In fact, in our Tulsa Daily World, Thursday, December 12, there was an Associated Press article saying that the Communist who assassinated Mr. Kennedy, Oswald, had attended a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union on the campus of the Southern Methodist University less than one month before the assassination. At that time, he was shown a real hate film called “Suspect,” put out by the ACLU. The film is designed to turn the liberals against the anti-Communists and conservatives of the United States.

“So if Lee Oswald assassinated the President because of a hate climate, may I assure you that, based on fact, Mr. Oswald’s motivation was a hate film put out by an organization called the American Civil Liberties Union. He was not influenced by, let’s say, ‘Operation Abolition’ put out by the House Committee on Un-American Activities or ‘Communist Encirclement’ put out by Harding College, but anti-Communist films. It was not an anti-Communist film that angered Mr. Oswald. If indeed he plotted the assassination of the President because of a ‘hate climate’ in Dallas, it was one which had been created by the liberal leaders of that community.

“It would be extremely difficult for either you, Senator Edmondson, or Mr. Lippman to blame the assassination of the President of the United States on the anti-Communist community. Surely you know, as a lawyer, that the law of the land simply states that to falsely accuse innocent persons of being accessories to the crime of murder is criminal libel. Furthermore, it is a fact today that those who allege that all of us must share the blame for the murder of the President are either dupes who do so ignorantly or they are agents of the Kremlin who do so to detract attention from the Communist assassin.”

When you take a look at Walter Lippman’s background, it is not surprising that he would completely overlook the internal threat of Communism and would, in fact, blame the anti-Communist elements in America for this tragic event. In September, 1958, when the Communists and their sympathizers were propagandizing for surrender of Quemoy and Matsu to the Red Chinese, Lippman proposed that Formosa, the island where Chiang Kai-shek and the anti-Communist Chinese are exiled, be “neutralized and de-militarized.” He even advocated that the anti-Communist Chinese who had fled to Formosa for refuge should be “repatriated to the mainland of Communist China.”

Lippman is famous for his defeatist and “surrender to the Communist line” philosophy. It is little wonder then that the Communist Worker gives such enthusiastic support to the editorials written by Walter Lippman. However, the best look at Walter Lippman can be gained by reading his philosophies expressed in his column of September 16, 1963, in the Newsweek magazine, at which time he said: “No civilized society has long tolerated the despotic theory of private property. This conception of property is alien to the central truths of Christendom which have always held that properly is not absolute but is a system of rights and duties that are determined by society.” Here Mr. Lippman show his complete contempt for the American free-enterprise system and his loyalty to Socialism.

In my letter to Senator Edmondson, I also pointed out that the “current talk of hatred by these left-wing columnists and politicians is a concoction of the minds of people who would coldly seek to use recent tragic events for political purposes.”

Raymond Molley pointed out in his editorial in the New York Herald-Tribune, December 8, 1963, that “Such collective indictments are in themselves a form of mob violence. They do not destroy hate. They are the very seeds of hate.”

A man who has probably done more to discourage patriotism and evangelistic Christianity in the South than any other individual is Ralph Emerson McGill, publisher of the Atlanta Constitution. In column after column in his Atlanta Constitution which is, in turn, syndicated to other newspapers in the left-wing camp, McGill attacks the conservatives, anti-Communists, and orthodox clergymen.

In his much-publicized new book, The South and the Southerner, McGill equated sincere ministers of the gospel and [with] the Ku Klux Klan’s speakers and lumped them together as the enemies of democracy and justice in the South. His contempt for “old-time religion” is expressed in one column in the New York Herald-Tribune on June 24, 1962: “The celebrated old-time religion was pretty bad. It was composed mostly of sulphuric hellfire and damnation. It was a religion of fear, coercion, and two-hour sermons.”

In a column in 1963, he accused General Edwin A. Walker of becoming “warped in perspective and emotion by his obsession with unidentified things which even he can only describe, and not always coherently, as hidden.” This, of course, is in keeping with the nonsense of the “mental health enthusiasts” of the “far left,” that everyone who disagrees with them is a neurotic and in need of psychiatric help. This obsession that political opponents are mentally sick is shown in Ralph McGill’s column on March 8, 1962 in which he says: “Perhaps the most pathetic and psychologically naked young men in America are the so-called conservative ‘Young Americans for Freedom’ in New York.” Anyone with any degree of fairness knows of the excellent work that has been done by the YAF, Mr. McGill, to the contrary.

In the same column he minimized the threat of Communism internally, saying: “The Communist enemy constitutes a definite threat, but it is an external threat, not a domestic threat.”

In one column on Thursday, February 8, 1962, he called upon the American government to “denounce the extremists” suggesting that immediate action should be taken against the anti-Communists of America.

In an editorial in the Saturday Evening Post, December 14, 1963, shortly after Mr. Kennedy’s assassination, Ralph McGill again attempted to blame the anti-Communists and conservatives for the death of the President, calling those conservatives “Peddlers of hate, Anti-Negro, Anti-Semitic, Extreme Right.” He lumps them all together in one big pot, marked in big, bold letters—“Un-American.” Again, as with the rest of his “far-left” cohorts, Mr. McGill refuses to consider the threat of Communism internally and does not reveal any information concerning Fair Play for Cuba, of which Lee Oswald was an officer. One of the reasons that Mr. McGill will probably say nothing about Fair Play for Cuba or other pro-Castro groups is that he himself was one of the most enthusiastic backers that Fidel Castro had, even after the overthrow of the Cuban government. In his Atlanta Constitution on Thursday, January 8, 1959, Ralph McGill told his readers that we should “aid the revolution of Castro.” Then, refusing to accept the obvious—that Castro was a Communist—he said: “It should be obvious that Fidel has no intention of going Communist…It is apparent that if this revolution does not succeed, the next one will go far to the left…First, we should recall Ambassador Earl E. T. Smith. He several times referred to the revolutionists as ‘bandits.’ This stamps him as a most unobservant man, and an Ambassador who failed to give his country sound information.”

Because Ambassador Smith tried to warn the American Government of the Communist inclinations of Fidel Castro, McGill branded him as a “most unobservant man.” Now in light of later events, I wonder what decent men would say of Ralph McGill and his enthusiastic support of Castro?

That Ralph McGill has powerful friends in Washington, there is no doubt. On the night of the Mississippi crisis when James Meredith was being enrolled at Oxford, Mississippi, the Attorney General of the United States, Robert Kennedy, personally introduced Ralph McGill to a nationwide television audience to give his comments on the affair in Mississippi.

According to the Atlanta Journal on Wednesday, January 10, 1962, Ralph McGill was “named to a committee to advise the Pentagon on the best ways to teach servicemen about Communism.” His appointment was made by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara.

In the Atlanta Constitution on Friday, March 2, 1962, there was a notice that Ralph McGill, publisher of the Atlanta Constitution, “has been named by President John F. Kennedy to the new fifteen-man general advisory committee of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.” Patriotic Americans can only shudder when they think of the influence that this extremely unjust and biased far-left liberal has on men in high places of government.

Probably the most outspoken pro-Communist daily newspaper in the United States is the Gazette and Daily published in York, Pennsylvania by one J.W. Gitt. An article during 1957 by Howard Norton, of the Moscow Bureau of the Baltimore Sun newspaper, provided an interesting comment on Moscow’s opinion of the York, Pennsylvania Gazette and Daily published by Gitt. In regard to the Gazette, Mr. Norton wrote: “Among the better American newspapers in the opinion of the Soviet press is the York Gazette of York, Pennsylvania. The Daily was the only bona fide daily newspaper in the United States which came out for Henry Wallace for President in 1948.”

In the Wednesday, December 4, 1963 issue of the Gazette and Daily, York, Pennsylvania, Publisher Gitt and Editor Higgins, in an editorial entitled “No Absolute Security,” completely overlooked the Communist affiliations of the President’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Of Oswald, they say: “He was a disturbed man who may have had no motive whatsoever than that of retorting in this way to the ills, real and imagined, he had suffered at the hands of society.” It doesn’t take a scholar now to figure out who is responsible for the “suffering” of Lee Harvey Oswald which drove him to the assassination of Mr. Kennedy. Of course, the right wing is to blame, according to Moscow-favored paper Gazette and Daily of York , Pennsylvania.

On the same page in an editorial entitled “Food for Thought,” Mr. Gitt specifically blames the conservatives of Texas for the death of the President and further suggests that this spirit of conservatism “did not original in Dallas, Texas, but it had a lot of support there and in other parts of Texas, and so did Billy Hargis and his outfit of character assassins, and so did a lot of other paranoiacs and gold diggers who plucked a lot of the precious metal or its equivalent from ignoramuses who had found liquid gold, oil. and lacked the mental balance to use it for good purposes.” Wrapped up in one sentence is the entire philosophy of J.W. Gitt. Anyone who fights Communism is a “character assassin” Anyone who supports an anti-Communist cause is a “paranoiac.” And in the first place, Texas didn’t deserve all the wealth that they have because they are a bunch of “ignoramuses.”

In the Thursday, December 5, 1963, issue of the Gazette and Daily, the Gitts again tried to blame the anti-Communists for the assassination of the President: “The point is that characters such as McIntire, Billy James Hargis, Fred Schwarz, and many more, no matter what their professed intentions, have been busy stirring up the emotions of upset Americans and focusing suspicion on political persons of one level or another with whom they disagree. They have been producing a climate of hate—of that there is no doubt whatsoever. They have been creating an explosive atmosphere.” Then with a veiled threat, this York, Pennsylvania Gazette and Daily says: “We shall see, too, if many of us are going to continue in our indifference to the poison they…(McIntire, Hargis, Schwarz)…have been spreading, telling ourselves ‘Well, after all, what real harm does it do?’ Isn’t the answer to that clear enough now?”

That a paper like the York, Pennsylvania Gazette would blame the anti-Communist movements and leaders as equally responsible for the assassination of the President should come as no surprise, especially in view of a report which had been put out by the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate, April 25 through May 16, 1961, entitled “Fair Play for Cuba Committee.” Here in this Government report there is a copy of an ad which appeared in a Communist publication on March 6, 1961, advertising a Fair Play for Cuba Committee Rally (Page 159). The speaker is announced as “James Higgins, Editor, York, Pennsylvania Gazette and Daily.” It is no wonder that Mr. Gitt would like to shift the blame from the Fair Play for Cuba and the Communist Party to the anti-Communist movements, considering the fact that the editor of his newspaper has been a spokesman for the organization of which Lee Harvey Oswald was a member.

Newspaper editorial writers and television commentators were not the only ones who were clearly disappointed that a right winger could not be blamed for the death of the President. Before the apprehension of the Communist assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was made known, famed Americans such as Chief Justice Earl Warren were blaming the right wing. Even after the identity of Oswald became public information, Judge Warren, in his funeral oration at the bier of President Kennedy, said: “What moves some misguided wretch to do this horrible deed may never be known to us, but we do know that such acts are commonly stimulated by forces of hatred and malevolence, such as today are eating their way into the bloodstream of American life. What a price we pay for this fanaticism.” Senator Mike Mansfield joined Judge Warren by blaming the “apostles of hate.” As M. Stanton Evans pointed out: “Warren’s stentorian utterance was particularly ironic. It is the Warren court which has turned the American Communists loose by the carload lots, struck down significant anti-Communist legislation and held that the Communist advocacy of violence is a mere abstraction not actionable under the U.S. Constitution. For Warren, under the circumstances, to speak as he did was an act of daring which leaves the mind limp with incredulity.”

Senator Barry Goldwater, Republican of Arizona, tried to set the record straight in his syndicated column, Friday, December 6, 1963: “In the nation’s initial shock at the assassination of President Kennedy, there was little time or opportunity for objective assessment of motivation. Immediately following the shooting, there were some misleading statements to the effect that the assassination had been engineered by the so-called ‘radical right.’ Even the U.S. Information Agency, in its broadcast to Russia, said the assassination had taken place in Dallas and described that city as a center of right-wing extremism. This broadcast was at the root of the Soviet contention that rightists were responsible for the killing and that the subsequent slaying of Oswald was part of a plot to cover up the conspiracy. Efforts to tie every group to the right of center, whether extreme or not, into the slaying have continued since, despite the long Communistic background of Lee Oswald himself. One columnist even suggested that ‘extremists’ are bent upon such acts of violence and therefore we should do away with free speech. His reasoning was that our constitutional right of free expression leads to violent dissension and intemperate acts.”

Former Major General Thomas A. Lane wrote an interesting editorial entitled “’Right’ is Blamed Wrongly” a few days after the assassination of Mr. Kennedy:

“The tragic death of President Kennedy should cause all Americans to pause and examine carefully the direction of our political institutions. Dangerous errors have invaded our thinking.

“Within a few hours of the President’s death, Moscow radio was attributing the assassination to right extremists in the United States. When an American broadcasting representative was asked to explain the basis for this Soviet conclusion, he replied that he had heard this same attribution on the Voice of America program.

“Why did our Voice of America initiate so obvious a theme of Soviet propaganda when there was no evidence to support such an inference?

“In addressing the Senate soon after the news of the assassination was received, Senator Mansfield related this tragedy to sharp divisions within our society. Similarly, Chief Justice Warren said Mr. Kennedy was assassinated ‘as a result of the hatred and bitterness that has been injected into the life of our nation by bigots.’

“These leaders expressed what was in the minds of most Americans. The consensus of our fears reveals how completely our minds have been conditioned by press, radio and television to believe that our radical right would be capable of so monstrous a crime.

“At the same time, we have been conditioned to believe that Communism is not a force in this country. As the Communist connections of the apparent assassin became known, our new agencies and our leaders became stunned and silent. They tried to ascribe the crime to personal motivation of the assassin. They continued to deplore the political divisions which were not related to the crime but avoided mention of the Communist motivation which was the direct cause.

“The truth is that U.S. political forces holding power have created massive propaganda misrepresenting the purposes and methods of native political forces challenging the status quo. The distrust directed at bona fide American political movements provides cover for Communist underground political action. A list of the unsolved crimes and misdemeanors which have been attributed by U.S. public opinion to the radical right would be formidable.

“It is clear how greatly the Communist cause would have been served if the assassin had escaped. The crime would have been charged to those groups of the political right which have strongly opposed the Kennedy policies. Excoriation of the innocent would have been unrestrained. The fabric of our political institutions would have been seriously strained. Our public information agencies were poised for such an operation.

“Why is there no storm of righteous indignation against the Communist perpetrators of this dastardly crime? Why, against all we know abut the Communist operating methods, do we pretend that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

“The closest parallel in recent history to the assassination of President Kennedy was the murder of Leon Trotsky in Mexico City in 1940. The behavior of Oswald so closely paralleled that of the Trotsky assassin as to suggest that both had the same training.

“The murder of Oswald looks like the underground retribution for an agent who had failed to destroy himself.

“It is now time for Americans to realize that we have no native political groups of the left which condone the use of crime as an instrument of politics. In the Western world, only Communism maintains a criminal underground for this purpose. We have obscured these realities with the verbiage of domestic politics and sacrificed our capacity for objective judgment.”

In concluding this subject, let me add that the Communist influence in the United States is apparently so strong that every effort possible has been made to blame the anti-Communists for the death of the President, in spite of the fact that the assassin himself was a Communist. This is the only logical explanation.

William F. Buckley, Jr., in his column of November 27, 1963, stated: “The opinion makers of the country…were getting ready to turn the President’s tragedy into an excuse for a program against the American Right. Within a matter of minutes nationally known radio and television commentators had started in, suggesting that the assassination had been the work of a right-wing extremist…Goodness knows what would have happened if Lee Harvey Oswald had not been apprehended, or even if he had been apprehended a day or two later. Even as it was, the disappointment was more than some could bear, and the genocidal fury here and there broke its traces.”

These opinions of Mr. Buckley of a possible bloodbath in the United States, had an anti-Communist been responsible for the assassination of Mr. Kennedy, are verified by a report written by the French correspondent, Hilaire du-Berrier, who was visiting in Dallas on the day of the assassination. His report is frightening but it deserves consideration:

“Out of the Dallas crucible came facts which realistic America must face: for meanness, viciousness, dishonesty, and absence of all sense of honor, the groups referred to as the American Right are no match for the organized, entrenched, and internationally-supported Left lined up against them. Radio, TV, the press, government agencies, and militant politicians took a position against America’s interests and for the Left. Your correspondent was in Dallas when it happened. The first announcement of the killing was still coming over the air when the first threatening telephone call reached the home of General Edwin A. Walker who also lives in Dallas. A woman’s voice said, ‘We’ll get you, you bastards.’ For three days and nights the telephone threats and insults continued. Other known conservatives were likewise menaced. General Walker was out of Texas at the time of the death of the President. Had he been in Dallas, he would have been assassinated by the Left that is shouting ‘Hate Mongers! Bigots!’ today. A man ran up on the Walker lawn and threw the American flag to the ground. Day and night automobiles prowled the neighborhood ‘casing’ the Walker residence. Though out in force, Dallas police never stopped or questioned a driver circling the home of the General, who had been shot at on April 10, 1963, by the same Communist assassin who would later take the life of the President of the United States. These threats continued despite the fact that Oswald, the pro-Communist, had already been charged with the crime.

“No apology came over the phone lines of those marked for the harassment by the Left. Intimidation is the Left’s weapon. Truth being no obstacle, Moscow immediately laid the crime on the Right. The Voice of America did likewise for like reasons. The Left was striking while the iron was hot. Only protagonists of the extreme left, hoping that a right winger had killed the President, would have made such statements without basis of fact. It was no accident. Chief Justice Earl Warren and Senator Maurine Neuberger (Democrat-Oregon) said the political right wing was responsible and abroad their statement supported Moscow. All the time in America cries against hate mongering and bigotry against a right that had never contemplated more than hand bills, signs, and paid announcements in the press, yet America said nothing.

“Within a matter of hours after the slaying, Boston’s extreme left winger, Gordon Hall, was given the use of nationwide TV networks to ‘pooh-pooh’ Oswald’s communist connections and direct American fury against the Right.

“What points emerge from this marshalling of the facts? First the American in the street showed himself to be unstable, incapable of thinking or acting in the crisis to save himself. Agencies and officials that should have shown themselves responsible, spontaneously became the tools of a revolutionary Left. What if an insane Rightist had committed the crime? There would have been no hog-wash about ‘extremism on both sides’—only the Reuther program against the right.

“Suppose Oswald had made his getaway to Mexico that afternoon. The witch hunt (a favorite Leftist term) would have been in full swing against conservatives. Conditions were ideal for it: The Attorney General, with all the police and justice machinery of America within his grasp, was the slain man’s brother. Vengefulness, veneered by a generation of wealth, would have been unleashed. Every man, group, and organization forming a counter-balance to the Left would have been destroyed. Patriotism, branded subversion. Opposition, dismantled. Only organized labor would have been allowed to exist as a force. Her citizens disarmed, America would be ripe for the takeover. The machine was in place. There was only one hitch: Oswald was caught and his Communist background revealed.”

In an article published in many newspapers around the nation on December 14, 1963, Drew Pearson stated that the Earl Warren investigating commission was actually “investigating the FBI.” This vicious left-wing propagandist went on to say: “What the public doesn’t realize is that for the first time since the days of Warren Harding, the FBI itself is under investigation.” Pearson further wrote as follows: “President Johnson knew the FBI would be in for investigation and also knew the sacrosanct position of the FBI when he went to great pains to pick a Presidential Commission of unimpeachable integrity to probe the Dallas tragedy.”

What Pearson did not tell his readers, among other things, was that the U.S. Communist conspirators called for “an Extraordinary Commission” to be “headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court” and “composed of citizens and experts who enjoy the confidence of the nation” at least three days prior to the announcement of the establishment of the Warren Commission. The Communist call for such a commission came in a feature front page editorial in The Worker of November 26 which undoubtedly went to press prior to that date. Since selection of the commission under Justice Warren, the Reds seems well satisfied with in, except for expressing doubts about two or three members of the commission.

Newspaper columnist Holmes Alexander and Senator John Tower of Texas brought up some much more fruitful prospects for an investigation than the investigation of the FBI which Pearson claims will take place. In an interview with Mr. Alexander, Senator Tower said:

“We have reports from Texas that the rightist figures were closely watched during the President’s visit on November 22. It appears that the leftist figures were not watched..” In this interview Senator Tower also said: “The radical right is the symptom of the disease we call extremism. The radical left is the disease itself.”

Let all thinking Americans ponder this analysis carefully. The radical left is the disease. Any excesses on the right are the result of this cancerous disease of the extreme left which is leading our nation into totalitarian tyranny. Americans might fight the roots of the disease itself and not the symptoms. Once the symptoms are destroyed, the disease itself is hidden and will not be discovered until it is too late.

In his syndicated column regarding the Tower interview, Holmes Alexander brought up some pertinent and extremely important questions. He wrote:

“Was there a failure in high places to take the Marxist menace as seriously as the Birchite menace? Did that failure contribute to the President’s coming within gunfire of a leftist crackpot? It is a hideous thought to contemplate but it cannot be discarded for that reason. Why wasn’t Oswald under surveillance? Was it because the Federal Government, and to some extent the general public, have really come to believe that foolish, ill-mannered hecklers who spit on Adlai Stevenson represent a graver danger than the Communist system whose members and fellow travelers are the terrorists in Venezuela, the guerillas in Viet Nam and the conquerors of Cuba?…”

In spite of the absolute, indisputable evidence that Lee Oswald’s mind was molded by Communist conspiracy propaganda, that his hatred was of the American free enterprise system and all it embraces, and that no one with even the remotest connection with what is considered to be the extreme right has any remote connection with the entire hideous affair, the propaganda voices of the left continue to try to blame right wing conservatives for creating the atmosphere of “hate” which caused Oswald to commit the assassination of President Kennedy. Do they really think the American people are that stupid?

Seventy-four hours after the assassination of Mr. Kennedy, on Monday Afternoon, November 25, at 3:00 p.m., this author wrote an article entitled “Reflections on the Death of the President” which was printed in our Weekly Crusader on December 6, 1963, which said at that time:

“It may be difficult for my readers to understand my fear upon hearing the right-wing accused of participation in President Kennedy’s death. May I assure you, as one who has gone through a hate campaign directed at me by the liberals and left-wing element, and having seen the degree to which they will go to destroy anyone who stands in their way, my heart told me that their hatred knew no limitations and their vengeance knows no bounds.

“I know—and you know—that no true conservative in the United States would stoop to taking the law into his own hands. I know—and you know—that any man who would assassinate the President of the United States, in these days when we still have ‘due process of law,’ would not be a conservative or a patriot, but an anarchist. I hold them in the same contempt that I hold the Communists or any man who would go beyond the law to achieve an end. In my thinking, the end never justifies the means.

“Conservatives stand for law. We preach obedience to the law. For that reason, we opposed the racial demonstrators who took the law into their own hands and carried on racial agitations, defying state and local laws, without regard to ‘due process of law.’ My main criticism of the racial agitators is the fact that they have no regard for the law—that they go beyond the law in an emotional period of American history to accomplish their end. No American—no minority group—no majority group—can ever justify breaking the law to accomplish their self-justified goals.

“You would have to lead an Anti-Communist Movement to know what the liberals are capable of—the hatred, incriminations, intimidations and coercion they constantly throw at the leaders of the anti-Communist cause. I cannot describe adequately the heartache and persecution heaped upon any leader of an anti-Communist movement by the liberal left-wing. With unlimited finances, and being in control of the national media—television, radio and publications—they can destroy a man without any shrug of conscience or regard for ‘due process of law.’ It is this lawless spirit that is preached by the Communists, and practiced by far too many liberals that we oppose.”

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I believe in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, the Saviour of all believers, whether they are Jew or Gentile, and in His divinely authorized Church, the body of believers. I believe in America, her freedoms, her ideals and in her traditions. To me, America is one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given man, outside of the gift of His only begotten Son and His divinely-inspired Bible. The spiritual traditions and ideals of freedom of Americanism are, I believe, the greatest of any nation in history.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and in the Constitutions of the fifty Republics that make up these United States. I believe that Communism violates all of our freedoms that we have enjoyed as Americans. I believe that Communism is opposed to our American ideals, transgresses our traditions, is weakening our nation’s unity, and is wrecking our American way of life. To me, it is an inevitable fact that if Communism triumphs, Americanism will die.

My sole objective in writing this book on the “Far Left” is to help save America from a godless, despotic dictatorship which is based on bloodshed, barbarism, suppression, and slavery, all of which are un-Christian, un-American and unpalatable to freedom-loving men. I am convinced that every real American, if he but knew the truth, would strive to defend his nation from Communists who, utilizing their weapons of intrigue and infamy, are imposing upon our country their profane pattern of serfdom.

Jesus Christ said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free.” It is my firm faith that the first step in defense of American safety and the preservation of Constitutional Government is to break the conspiracy of silence enveloping and endangering her. What I will state in this book about Communism internally and its left-wing allies is not known to me alone, nor is it news to many in high places and in lesser positions. But most of those who know these facts speak them in fearful whispers, dreading the intimidation of a powerful left-wing press. This “fear hysteria” will not cure the creeping paralysis of inertia attacking America, nor will it arouse Americans to the actual menace of Communism.

Up until the assassination of John F. Kennedy on the streets of Dallas, Friday, November 22, most Americans said of the threat of Communism, “It cannot happen here.” Now, all Americans, with any loyalty and patriotism, know that it can happen here and, indeed, it did happen here. Communism internally has been responsible for the assassination of the President of the United States.

The power of Communism and/or fear of Communism was so rampant in the land that, rather than a groundswell against left-wing and pro-Communist men and movements in the United States, demanding justice from the godless cause that took the life of the President of the United States, there has instead been a vain attempt by men, motivated either by love of Communism or by fear of Communism, to equate Communism with other so-called “extremists” such as conservatives, outspoken anti-Communists, etc.

Furthermore, those who did not attempt to equate Communism with anti-Communism sought to blame all Americans for the death of the President. As former Congressman Hamilton Fish of New York City, who was the Chairman of the first Congressional Committee ever to investigate Communism in the United States, wrote after the assassination of President Kennedy, “Why should patriotic Americans absorb the blame and the stigma for the criminal act of a Communist? The American people, including the citizens of Dallas, are no more responsible than the Mexican people were for the murder of Trotsky by another Marxist Communist. Lenin once said, “Destroying all opposition by invective, slander, smear and blackmail is one of the techniques of Communism.” The top Commissars in the Kremlin must be laughing up their sleeves watching professional “liberals” and political opportunists smearing patriotic Americans for exposing and combating the Communist menace to freedom everywhere, particularly in Latin America. Let us stop playing Russian Roulette, or flirting with world Communism that seeks to destroy and bury us. Let us unite in preventing Communist smear propaganda from dividing the American people and undermining our prestige throughout the world.”

Robert Morris, former chief investigator for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee investigating Communism and, more recently, President of the University of Dallas, said in an editorial following the assassination of President Kennedy: “Moscow, American Communists, and their allies are waging a sustained campaign against the verdict that a Communist shot the President. Communist pamphleteers are passing out leaflets in New York City in a campaign that has no precedent, and taking the responsibility for the assassination of the President to J. Edgar Hoover and other anti-Communists. We have too often seen these campaigns succeed in the past. This is the framework for the struggle ahead. A powerful Communist-originated campaign will be leveled now, with emotional cover, to equate all criticism and dissent with ‘hatred that generates assassination’. The Communists and their allies will now be working day and night to associate resistance to their aggression with ‘hateful right-wing activity’. Let us hope that the new religious spirit that prevails now across the land will help the American people see through this sophistry.”

This, then, is the purpose of this book. Not only will we attempt to expose Communists, the Communist fronts, and the Communist conspiracy internally, but we will also focus a spotlight of truth upon those organizations and men who have aided and abetted the cause of Communism by word or deed, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The entire left-wing movement is of the devil. As Christians, the first way in which we can recognize the devil and his presence is that he is a xxxx. He speaks lies, he uses lies, his conspiracy is built on lies. Hear the words of Jesus and His controversy with the Jews: “Why do you not understand my speech? Even because you cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a xxxx and the father of it, and because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.” What are the lies that are confronting the American people today as a result of this internal Communist conspiracy, and in connection with this murder of the President of the United States?

The first lie is that there is no conspiracy, that the Communist conspiracy does not exist, and there are not thousands upon thousands of trained Communist agents in this country today, some of them trained, as Lee Harvey Oswald obviously was, to be expert killers. The murder of the President of the United States was one of the most skillful acts of killing imaginable and could have been accomplished only by great training, and now the facts show that Oswald received such training inside the Soviet Union, while he lived there as a citizen.

It is a lie hatched in hell that the so-called “right-wing extremists” are guilty of the murder of the President of the United States. That lie was put out as official Communist Party propaganda in the first flash of Tass News Agency in Moscow as reported in this country within minutes after the President was killed. Tass, the Russian Communist News Agency, said it was believed that “right-wing extremists” were responsible for the murder of the President, and specifically branded General Edwin A. Walker as being one of those guilty. (Tass was strangely quiet in later days when the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that evidence indicated that Lee Harvey Oswald also had tried to take the life of General Edwin A. Walker in his Dallas home on the previous April 10.)

When you hear these lies of the Communists, you know they are lies. You know, therefore, that the devil is at work in the person who speaks them and you know that the Communist conspiracy is operating in that person. You have no need to look any further. You have no need to look for a connection with the Communist Party, for a Communist Party card, or for an organization which has been branded as a “Communist front” with which the person might be affiliated, because the conspiracy is a spiritual frame of mind, a satanically spiritual thing, and its presence is betrayed by its nature.

Not only does the devil, in his followers, lie, but the devil is an accuser. In Revelations 12:10–11 we read of the vision of John exiled on Patmos: “I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

The devil is an accuser and he will appear, accusing you and accusing me. He will accuse good Americans of feeling hate if they oppose Communism. And when we hear over and over again that everybody who opposes Communism or evil is a monger of hatred, we begin to get frightened, but we shouldn’t. As Christians, we know the reality and the power of the satanic accuser.

We must live in love and it is because of love that we take a stand for liberty and freedom throughout the Scriptures, we are taught that love is the keeping of the law. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the summary of the second table of God’s law. If you love God, then you will keep His Commandments. And to keep God’s law does not simply mean you obey it, it means you enforce it. You are the keeper, you and I. To us, God has entrusted the whole of His law and if we break it in one point, we break it in all.

How do we show our love of God? By a silly, sentimental affection for murders and thieves and killers and conspirators? Heaven forbid. We show it by an enforcement of God’s law and a punishment of those who willfully and maliciously break God’s law and teach the breaking of God’s law. That is love and no man can exercise it without a heroic effort. One must love God to punish a criminal just as a man must love his child in order to punish him.

Yes, it has happened here. Even the death of the President of the United States at the hands of a Communist assassin has not stirred the masses of the American people or the leadership of America sufficiently to resist Communism internally and to enforce our laws against the Communist conspiracy within.

In America, the seeds of confusion and disunion are spawning and spreading, and Communism is growing. In their efforts to wean Americans from Americanism, Communists devilishly revile and defile everyone whose opinions and convictions differ in any way from their own. Their subtle, sinister schemings sway and mislead many Americans who in ignorance or weakness yield or submit to Communism their previous loyalty to God, to country, and to their fellow men. We have no right to give up our country to the Communist conspiracy without a battle. We are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices of countless American soldiers who, throughout our life as a Republic, have fought for our God-given rights, our religious, industrial, educational, and social freedoms, freedom of speech and of the press; and we, their heirs, must never surrender them.

Hatred has no place in the heart of any Christian, but love of country should be in every Christian’s heart to inspire him to defend America against any system of government that would wrench our rights from us and destroy our freedom.

J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, tried to warn the American people in a speech entitled “Communism Is A Menace” at the close of World War II, saying that Communists were liars and that Communism was a system based on lies and deception, and that no American citizen could believe in the promises, goals, or objectives of this deceptive, satanic international conspiracy. Hoover was concerned over the inroads that Communism was making in the United States immediately following World War II, and said in his speech:

“During the past five years, American Communists have made their deepest inroads upon our national life. In our vaunted tolerance for all peoples, the Communists have found our Achilles’ heel. The godless, truthless way of life that American Communists would force upon America can mean only tyranny and oppression if they succeed. When they raise their false cry of unity, remember there can be no unity with the enemies of our way of life who are attempting to undermine our democratic institutions. The Fascist-minded tyrant whom we conquered on the battlefields is no different from the American communistic corruptionist who now uses the tricks of the confidence man until his forces are sufficiently strong to rise with arms in revolt. When they preach unity, let us not forget that when we were struggling to prepare for defense of the United States, the Communists preached pacifism and fought American efforts to aid our allies and to build our common defenses. For true Americans, there can be no unity with the enemy within and no compromise with those who would destroy all that we fight for. When it comes to governmental systems, we prefer our own American way, and we do not want the Communists in this country attempting to undermine our democracy or any of our institutions.

“Americanism is on trial. Its real test lies in the ability of red-blooded Americans to meet and defeat the fifth column of destruction. A knowledge of the lurking menace is necessary. We are rapidly reaching the time when loyal Americans must be willing to stand up and be counted. If we would protect America, we must determine that no group of espionage agents or subverters, and no coalition of paid anti-American propagandists shall sway us from our American way of life. To allow America to become infected with the malignant growth of Communism is a breach of our trust to those who gave their lives for American principles.”

The Communists themselves boast that for every party member, there are ten others ready to do the party’s work. These include their satellites, their fellow travelers, and their so-called progressive and phony liberal allies.

In recent years, we have seen the growth of a far-reaching patriotic movement of average Americans called “conservatism.” These conservatives represent all classes of American life, especially those of the middle class Americans who are motivated by love of God and country and freedom, and are willing to risk persecution in their local communities, misunderstanding, and, in some instances, prosecution, because of their fearless stand for traditional American concepts and Christian principles. As a result of the patriotic actions of these people and their willingness to sacrifice for the cause that they believe in, more and more Congressmen, Senators, and other elected officials reflect the conservative philosophy.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Communist assassin, Lee Oswald, intended to kill the President of the United States and disappear in the confused crowd, thus letting the conservative, anti-Communist element of Dallas take the blame. But it didn’t work. God is on the throne. He saw to it that Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended by a courageous Dallas policeman, Officer Tippit, who, in turn, gave his life for the cause of freedom in attempting to arrest the Communist assassin of the President.

To understand Communism and its so-called “sophisticated intellectual allies” in the United States, comprised of left-wing or pro-Communist elements, we must understand that, by nature, these groups are godless. Communism and most adherents of “liberal intellectualism” have a common motivation, a defiance of God’s dominion over mankind. However, the defiance of God and His supernatural word by the liberals and Communists, is not new to mankind.

Long ago at the very dawn of the human race, the divine rights of Heaven were called into question. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve violated God’s command. It was the first revolt of the human race against Divine authority. It was the first attempt of frail humanity to “grapple with the Lord God” and to “vanquish Him in His Heaven”. This first revolt was a dismal failure as will be all similar revolts in history, including the one inspired by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev. From the very moment of the first revolt of the human race against Divine authority, man needed God to right the wrong brought by the sin of Adam and Eve; for God it was who was offended and God alone it was who could forgive the offense. Man had been destined for eternal life, but sin robbed him of that Divine inheritance. Thus, in order to regain what he had lost, man felt his need of God and realized that he was absolutely dependent upon God. Deep in the heart of all of God’s creation was an eternal yearning to bow and worship before One whom he looked upon as a Deity, One who would satisfy the eternal cry of the creature for the Creator. When man turned away from the true God, we find him creating for himself a false god to worship. One generation created the golden calf, others bowed to false images of various descriptions; but their worship of these lifeless, energyless creatures was hollow and vain.

Time and again, down through the centuries, man has sought to put God out of his life, but whenever and wherever he has done so, his very being has demanded that he worship some false deity. Man’s very religious nature demands that he do so. Today the Communists worship at the altar of atheism. Today the liberals worship at the altar of blind internationalism and ever-failing socialism. The great need of this hour is to forsake the false gods created by vain men in their attempt to make a better world without the Prince of Peace. Man need not dwell alone. God is at hand with all His help. Christ, His Son, is our leader and companion-in-arms. Let the conflict be fierce. Man is not alone. The promised Redeemer is at hand to save the human race and to wage war against the powers of darkness. In the person of His Divine Son, the Eternal Father has descended into the arena to take part in that struggle which began in the Garden of Eden. The God-man has come to cross swords with the enemy of the human race.

In every generation, the adversary of Christ and His church has relentlessly fought God’s dominion over the earth. The father of liars, Satan’s occupation is warfare, and faithful to that pursuit, he battles ceaselessly against the Church of Jesus Christ. The strategy of the Evil One appears to change with the succeeding centuries, but its objective is always the same—the destruction of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Peter, looking down through the centuries, prophesied, “Your adversary, the devil, is a roaring lion going about seeking whom he may devour.” Today we find Satan incarnate in international Communism, and in its offshoots in the United States, the “Far Left”. These American adherents of socialism in one form or another, blind to the fearful realities of godless, despotic communism, consider the “orthodox” Church of Jesus Christ to be the only international force that is capable of blocking the growth of world Communism and socialism. With all the diabolical hatred that characterized earlier persecutions against the body of Christ, communistic propaganda is at present leaving nothing undone to uproot from the minds and hearts of the human race a belief in the teachings and doctrines of Christ. Diabolical hatred is the motivation and force behind communistic activities. Satan, clothed in Communist garb, is waging bitter war against the Kingdom of Christ.

Let there be no doubt that this satanic hatred which we see today aimed at the anti-Communist conservative ranks is directed in reality against the Church of Jesus Christ. She is the only organization strong enough to withstand the organized plans of Communism. Communists themselves realize this fact.

History has a way of repeating itself, and the 20th Century persecution of Christians behind the Iron Curtain is a challenge to every loyal Bible-believing child of God to rally to the banner of Christ; Leaders are needed who are imbued with courage and motivated by zeal for Christ’s Kingdom, as were the apostles and the martyrs of centuries ago.

On November 16, 1963, just one week before the assassination of the late President Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, identified these satanic Communist forces at work in America as “hate mongers.” He said:

“These lethal influences are at work, constantly undermining the sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline so essential to our nation’s welfare. Who are these enemies of our Republic? They are the crime syndicates, the narcotics peddlers, the labor racketeers, the unscrupulous businessmen, the corrupt politicians, and all others who blatantly defy the laws of the land. They are the hate mongers and the false liberals who would subvert our Constitution and undermine our democratic processes in furtherance of their selfish aims. They are the Communists and other subversive elements who wave false banners of legitimacy and patriotism while relentlessly, plotting to destroy our heritage of freedom. Communism—and all its forms and all its variations—is the avowed enemy of liberty and of justice and of God. The Communists fear free and independent thought. They fear truth. They fear God, even though they deny Him. They fear the inherent courage and dignity of man created in His image.”

We are not so much concerned in this volume with Communism internationally as we are Communism in the United States. We leave to other authors a detailed analysis of Communism internationally and” confine our major observations to Communist activities in the United States and the support they are receiving from the “Far Left.”

Communist objectives widely publicized in their own literature were briefly summarized by a Congressional Committee in 1931, which, I feel, is still the best short definition of Communism: “Hatred of God and all forms of religion. Destruction of private property and inheritance. Promotion of class hatred. Revolutionary propaganda through the Communist International. Stirring up Communist activities in foreign countries in order to cause strikes, riots, sabotage, bloodshed, and civil war. Destruction of all forms of representative or democratic governments including civil liberties, such as freedom, of speech, of the press, of assembly, and trial by jury. The ultimate and final objective is by means of world revolution to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat into one world Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with the capital at Moscow.” (This is from report 2290, U. S. House of Representatives, by Fish Committee, 1931.)

The unfortunate thing is, as this volume will prove, millions of Americans who would greatly resent being charged with pronounced communistic leanings are actually promoting its apostolate through membership in various organizations and other associations.

When you talk of Communism internally, one of the first challenges from the liberals invariably is, “But the Communists represent so few Americans. There are probably less than 25,000 of them.” We must understand in dealing with Communism internally that the size of the Communist Party itself is not important. It will never be large. Even in Soviet Russia slightly more than one per cent of the people belong to it. Outside of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party wants trained men who will seek to get into every sort of organization, interest themselves in it and work themselves toward the top so that they may steer it into the direction of Communist sympathy. There are many such agents in the United States.

The present Communist strength in the United States is not to be gauged by the small number of people that the party leadership admits belongs to the Party. While our uninformed liberals insist that Communism is not a threat internally, we must remind our readers that the present Communist strength in the United States is not to be gauged, either, by the small vote it polls during an election. If there are so few Communists, how is it that in San Francisco, California, in the 1959 City-County elections, Archie Brown, number two Communist in California and one of the ringleaders of the infamous riots at the 1960 San Francisco hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, while seeking a seat in the Board of Supervisors, received 33,500 votes from the people in that county? The Communists had every reason to be encouraged by this result.

In a headline article in the San Francisco Examiner on Monday, September 25, 1961, entitled “U. S. Reds Come Out In Open,” there was a news story saying that there were “Communists from nineteen states in the largest open-party gathering since the Rosenberg execution protests of almost ten years ago.” In a rally at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York City, over 3,000 people heard the former professor of Union Theological Seminary, retired Methodist clergyman, the Rev. Dr. Harry F. Ward, pledge his support of Communist objectives.

If the present strength of the American Communist Party is limited to less than 10,000, as the liberals insist, how can they garner such a tremendous vote in San Francisco County and do so well in their New York City rally?

Far from being on the decrease, American Communism is on the increase. In the “Annual Report for the Year of 1961 of the House Committee on Un-American Activities,” page five, the Committee reported there are indications that, at the present time, the distribution and readership of Communist literature is increasing rather than decreasing. Circulation of the official Communist Party newspaper, The Worker, has risen steadily since 1957.

It is not difficult to believe these charges by the House Committee on Un-American Activities when you read the May 6, 1962, issue of the Sunday Worker, in which the Communist boasted that “7,000 men, women, and youths attended the Communist May Day Rally in New York City.” In The Worker of May 7, 1963, the Communists boasted, “5,000 people braved forty-four degree weather and a brisk wind on Union Square to hear Gus Hall, Scott Nearing, William L. Patterson, Joseph North, and other speakers sound the May Day keynotes of ‘peace, civil rights, and job security.’”

In the annual report of the House Committee on Un-American Activities for 1957, the Committee revealed that the Kremlin “has succeeded in enlisting more than a million Americans into a nation-wide campaign of political subversion. Their participation has ranged from membership in the far-flung network of Communist-front organizations to the signing of Communist-sponsored petitions and has included substantial financial contributions.”

For someone to say that Communism internally represents no threat in the United States today, especially in the view of recent events when a Communist assassin took the life of the President of the United States, is to show gross ignorance and unconcern for truth and for America.

However, in all fairness, the thing that should concern Americans most is not the number of Americans who vote for Communist candidates in an election or who support the Communist Party or join Communist fronts, but is the countless number of Americans who are being influenced by the seed of Soviet philosophy which is sown by columnists of the daily papers, by clever writers in magazine articles, by thousands of school teachers in the classroom, by many a college and university professor, by ultra-left clergymen, by the movies, by the television networks, by the radio networks, and, more particularly, through organizations with high-sounding, deceptive, and even appealing names. If it were not for the manner in which the left-wing press has misled people, Communism would have no possible appeal except perhaps to the destitute, to the indolent, to those who can be so easily emotionally aroused against the rich. Having nothing to lose and being promised much under the new order, such people readily listen to the Communist promoter. But the cleverness of Comintern propaganda has made Communism look good even to many men of wealth and to men of culture. As Senate Document No. 14 stated, “The Bolshevik movement in the United States would have sapped its own energies and disintegrated or have degenerated into pure anarchy if it had not been for the support and assistance it has constantly received from the so-called parlor Bolsheviks and pink revolutionists in America. They have served the function of keeping it alive and on an active footing, when otherwise the efforts of Lenin and the Communist international would have failed.”

The great American author, Howard E. Kershner, in an address delivered at Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, on April 7, 1961, gave a fitting illustration:

“At the close…(of my visit)…in Moscow at the end of September, 1960, a top official of the Communist Government said to me: ‘We’ll be over to finish the take-over of America sooner than you think.’ Upon my return with these startling words still ringing in my ears, I began to search to see if he was telling the truth. It took me some time to comprehend the extent to which Communists and their sympathizers and dupes have influenced the economic, fiscal, military, and foreign policy of our government during the past twenty-five years. The official that I was referring to presides over a whole floor of a large government building in Moscow. Three hundred scholars work under his direction, studying all the important newspapers, journals, and books published throughout the civilized world. They work on projects he assigns to them and their reports become the basis of the policies of the U.S.S.R. I saw there all the leading papers and periodicals published in America and other advanced countries. At one point this man said to me: ‘You know as well as I that a mixed economy is not permanent and you have already mixed so much socialism with your formerly free economy that you cannot now avoid complete socialization. We do not have to urge you or fight you. We only have to sit here and wait until you voluntarily walk into our camp.’ I have said as much on many occasions myself, but I was surprised to see this Communist leader accept the rapid socialization of America as indicating beyond doubt that we are headed toward Communism. He smiled at me self-assuredly as though he was perfectly confident that we were already in the trap. When I argued strongly for free enterprise and limited government, he would turn to a bookcase behind his chair, take down a book written by some left-wing American author, such as J. Kenneth Galbraith, Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr., or Alvin Harvey Hansen, and from the mouths of many of my compatriots would prove his socialist theories correct. It was shocking to me to learn that the closest advisors of the President of the United States are also among the. ‘authorities’ that are diligently consulted and cited by the leaders of the U.S.S.R.”

One of the greatest patriots it has ever been my privilege to meet was Matt Cvetic, former counterspy for the FBI. Mr. Cvetic died on January 26, 1962. However, before his death he wrote an editorial for our Christian Crusade magazine entitled “One Communist.” Mr. Cvetic’s article should be a challenge to every American today to get into this fight against Communism internally:

“Why worry about the Communists? Why worry about a few Red crackpots? What possible harm can one Communist do? There are only 25,000 Communists in the United States; they wouldn’t have a chance against us…or would they?

“These and many similar questions have been asked me many times since I left my post as a Communist for the FBI in 1950 to testify in Washington.

“Many clergymen, educators, business men, bankers, political leaders, diplomats and others try to delude themselves into believing that ‘Killer’ Khrushchev really doesn’t mean it when he repeats over and over again his threat to communize America and bury us. Frankly, for nine years, while posing as a Communist, I sat in hundreds of secret Communist meetings where the overthrow of our country was plotted; meetings in which the mass murder or enslavement of many of the above mentioned Americans was discussed.

“Contrary to what many think, the numerical strength of the Communist Party is relatively unimportant in their plot to conquer the world. What is important to the Reds is getting their agents, sympathizers and dupes into strategic posts in all sections of American society as well as in our government.

“The numerical strength of the Communist conspiracy in the country is not actually known. It can only be approximated from available intelligence sources and Congressional reports. These sources place the number of Soviet Agents operating in the United States at some 15,000 at any given time. They operate with immunity, thanks to our gullibility in extending diplomatic recognition to Soviet Russia in 1933, and later to her satellite co-conspirators. While posing as a Communist for the FBI, every Soviet agent I met operated from the Red embassies and consulates; the Red-organized United Nations; through cultural exchanges; in the trade, travel and agriculture missions; and in Scientific and Educational expeditions from the Soviet Union and the satellite countries. In addition, literally hundreds of other Soviet agents find haven in Communist front organizations, many of which have had the support of such American personalities as Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Nobel Prize Winner, Chemist Linus Pauling.

“As for the number of Red quislings in the American Communist Party, they number some 25,000 hard-core and dedicated conspirators. On top of this, the Communists have been able to count some quarter of a million fronters, sympathizers, defenders, and dupes in our churches, educational institutions, political bodies, unions, social, civic and welfare groups to aid and abet them in their plot against our country.

“Let me illustrate by my experience as a Communist for the FBI how dangerous one Communist can be.

“In 1941 the FBI requested me to infiltrate the Communist Party for the purpose of securing intelligence information for our government. At that time I was employed by the United States Employment Service in Pittsburgh. My job was placing men and women in government employment and basic industries. As soon as I led the Reds to believe I was sympathetic to their cause, they began sending their Communist agents to me to put to work in government and industry. Remember, at this stage of my ‘Red masquerade,’ I was supposedly only a sympathizer, not a full-fledged Communist. True, I reported every move of the Reds to the FBI, but assume the harm I could have done, were I really a Red sympathizer being used by the Communists.

“After being recruited into the Communist Party, my first Party assignment was in the Professional Branch. My co-conspirators in this branch numbered some 200 Reds in various professions. Their Party assignment was to infiltrate our government, our educational system, the motion picture industry, communications, chemical laboratories, the legal profession, engineering, and any other place into which they could weasel their way. Once on the inside, needless to say, the Communist was to use his position to further the Communist conspiracy.

“From the Professional Branch I was assigned to the Clergical commission of the Communist Party. The objective of this Red unit was, and still is, the infiltration of church organizations for the purpose of promoting the Communist line in our Churches.

“My next post in the Communist Party was on their Finance Committee. My job on this committee was to raise finances from dupes, fronters, sympathizers and Party members to keep the Red machinery moving in high gear.

“From this ‘exalted office’ I was placed on the Reds’ Educational Commission. As a member of this conspiratorial group, my job was to plot the infiltration of American universities, colleges and high schools. Ironically one of the more than 400 Reds I named in my sworn testimony, when I unmasked as an FBI undercover agent in 1950, was an English professor in an Eastern university where one of my sons, Matt, Junior, was studying for his Master’s degree. This Red professor’s last act, before the university fired him as a result of my sworn testimony, was to flunk my son in English as retaliation for my exposure of his Communist connections.

“Another of my Communist posts was on the Political Commission of the Party. This is the outfit which set up the ill-fated Progressive Party in the late 40’s. Currently it is actively infiltrating both major political parties.

“Along with all these assignments, I was appointed to the Yugoslav Bureau of the Communist Party, where I worked with Tito’s Red Agents in America. Later as a member of the Communist’s Trade Union Commission, I helped direct the infiltration of many unions in steel, coal and electrical industries, and sat in on strategy meetings of Reds which directed the infiltration of the unions in the Rocky Mountain States and the Farm Organization in the Midwest and on the West Coast.

“As one ‘Communist’, even tho’ a pseudo one, I had many other Party assignments in those nine years. I have listed some of the most outstanding to prove to the reader by my own experiences how dangerous one sympathizer, fronter or Communist in the wrong spot can be.

“Bear one thing in mind. THERE ARE NO HARMLESS COMMUNISTS, FRONTERS OR SYMPATHIZERS. It takes only one ‘harmless’ Red to blow up a dam, waterworks or a plant. It takes only one Communist, fronter, sympathizer or Red dupe in our universities, colleges or high schools to poison the minds of many of our children. It takes only one dedicated Communist in a strategic position in our church organization to mislead many into supporting Communist causes and objectives. Yes, ONE COMMUNIST IS DANGEROUS!

“Remember…hateful Karl Marx was only one Red, and he founded the devilish Communist scheme for World Slavery.

“Ostensibly, I too was one Red, but thank heaven my allegiance was to God and my country which I was trying in my small way to serve.”

Mr. Cvetic’s words were a prophecy. Had they been heeded and had the Justice Department enforced the laws that are on the books against Communism internally, John F. Kennedy would probably be alive today.

No longer can we say, “Can it happen here?” It is happening here. Only an aroused, alert citizenry, motivated by love of God, can save this country now.

Dr. Charles Malik, the great Lebanese leader and former President General of the United Nations General Assembly, has said, “The civilization which has been blessed and transformed by Christ needs only a mighty hand to shake it out of its slumber, and once shaken, once really awakened to its world responsibilities which it and it alone can shoulder, there is nothing it cannot bear and do.”

Surely the assassination of the President of the United States by Communists would be enough to shake America “out of its slumber.” As my good friend, Ezra Taft Benson, said, “God and our children will judge us for what we do with our land and our liberties. With God’s help, the light of high-resolve in the eyes of the American people must never be dimmed. Our freedom must—and will be preserved. May God give us the wisdom to recognize the threat to our freedom and the strength to meet this danger courageously. We should all remember that we have the best government under the best Constitution in the world, therefore let us preserve them in their present form by combating every un-American influence in our midst, especially that which, based on pure materialism, is calculated to rob our nation of its attachment to religion and eternal spiritual values, of its faith in God and its trust in man.”

In this struggle, we are not alone; for the battle is but a renewal of ancient hostilities between the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Satan. In the 20th Century, as in the first century, Christ is still our Leader and Captain, even as He said, “I am with you always, even to the consummation of the world.” He prophesied that persecution would pursue the church; but He also promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against Her. And so today, loyal followers of Jesus Christ who make up the Church of Christ have every reason to believe that they are not alone as atheistic Communism launches its bitter attack against the Church, Christ, and God Himself.

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Hargis, The Far Left: The Enemy Within—Far-Left Press

“We have to influence non-Communists if we want to make them Communists or if we want to fool them, so we have to try to infiltrate the big press, to influence millions of people and not merely hundreds of thousands.” These words were directed at the Communists of the world by Molotov in a memorandum in 1931. From that year on, Communist leaders, U.S.A., applied their satanic skills to this extremely important task of infiltrating and subverting the American press. There are 600 daily newspapers in the United States, with a circulation of over 59 million. In addition to these dailies, there are 8,000 weekly newspapers with additional millions in circulation.

The exposure of the Molotov memorandum was made by Igor Bogolepov, former Counselor of the Soviet Foreign Office, who defected from Communist at the end of World War II. In testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee on April 7, 1952, Bogolepov said that in the same memorandum Molotov admitted: “Only a few people who are already Communists read the Communist papers. We don’t need to propagandize them.” So they fixed their eyes on the “enemy press.” Infiltration of the “enemy press” is always necessary before the Communists take over a country.

Revealing information regarding the techniques used by the Reds in infiltrating the “enemy press” was given in a report published by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee during 1962, entitled “Communist Penetration and Exploitation of the Free Press.” One section of the report deals with the Communist infiltration of the Bulgarian press prior to the Communist revolution in that country. The strategy used in Bulgaria was described for the Senate Committee by Dr. G.M. Dimitrov, President of the Bulgarian National Committee for Liberation:

“…Carrying out will-prepared, long-range plans, Soviet agents began planting Bulgarian Communists in all non-Communist publications, principally as journalists or printers. These Communist plants were instructed to go slow in their activities until the press was thoroughly infiltrated. They were to become friendly with all the personnel of the publication, from the editorial staff down to the printshop workers. They were to study the attitudes of the key members of the staff and to gauge how they can best be used by the Communists.

“After a Communist plant was well established in a non-Communist publication, his first task was to create favorable attitudes toward the Soviet Union. … Following the infiltration of the Bulgarian press, the Soviet Embassy in Sofia began to court openly the favor of Bulgarian newspapermen. Journalists of all convictions, even extreme anti-Communists, were invited to lavish vodka-and-caviar parties. As these parties became more frequent, the guests included political leaders as well. …

“The next Soviet step was to invite prominent journalists, writers, and political leaders to visit the Soviet Union and write about their impressions. The visitors, of course, saw only what the Soviets wanted them to see on closely supervised guided tours. The Soviet officials did not expect glowing praises of the Communist system in Russia by the Bulgarian press at that time, but they sought to induce the Bulgarian visitors to write about the struggle of Russian workers and peasants to build up their backward economy after centuries of neglect under the Tsars. … Another familiar Soviet theme was their great desire for peace in the world. These tactics paid off and many Bulgarian newsmen and other prominent people, most of the anti-Communists by conviction, actually did write favorably of their impressions while visiting Russia.

“Partisan dinners for newsmen continued at the Soviet Embassy in Sofia. More and more editors and publishers softened their anti-Communist sentiments and were willing to accept leftists, and later even known Communists, on their staffs. At the same time, the infiltration by concealed Red agents of the Bulgarian press and publishing houses continued. …

“At the time of the Hitler-Stalin pact in 1939, the Fascist-oriented press of Bulgaria was thoroughly infiltrated by the Communists. The prominent anti-Nazi journalist, T. Kojoucharov, for example, wrote in the reactionary daily, Slovo, that ‘nothing could be more natural than the unity of Nazi socialism and Soviet Socialism’ and that this unity would last forever. At the same time, the Bulgarian Communist theoretician, T. Pavlov, wrote a whole pamphlet in which he presented similar views.

“In 1944, the Soviet Union declared war on Bulgaria without any provocation or reason and the Red Army occupied the country without firing a shot because the allies assured the Bulgarian people that the Soviets were coming as ‘liberators.’ One of the first acts of the Communists upon gaining control of the country was to suspend all non-Communist publications and to place all newsprint under strict control. Soon the country was flooded with printed Communist propaganda with no opposition press to answer. …

“Most non-Communist publishers and journalists were declared Fascist or Nazi and sentenced to long prison terms by ‘people’s courts.’ Some were even executed. Among them were publishers and editors who had harbored Communist journalists as insurance against just such an eventuality. …”

While their tactics may vary somewhat from country to country, the Communist conspiracy’s basic strategy in infiltrating the enemy press in any nation is the same. In the introduction to its report on “Communist Penetration and Exploitation of the Free Press,” the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee warned Americans: “A free press can be lost. Let us know and understand what happened in nations which suffered this loss. Let us understand how and why it happened. And let us resolve that it shall not happen here.”

Most newspapermen would protest vehemently if you accused their profession of being Communist infiltrated. Yet, in the years 1955 and 1956, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee looked into Communist infiltration of the American press and concluded that there was “substantial evidence” of such infiltration. During January 1956, the Subcommittee questioned seventeen newsmen in New York City, fourteen of whom had been on the staff of the New York Times. Of the seventeen witnesses, fourteen invoked the Fifth Amendment on questions regarding their association with Communism. In its 1956 annual report, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee summarized” “The subcommittee heard the testimony of more than a score of newspapermen during 1956. Except in a very few cases, it encountered a wall of resistance when it presented its evidence and information for them to reply. The resistance took the form of either a claim of privilege under the First or Fifth Amendments or outright defiance of the authority of the Sub-committee.”

A majority of the so-called liberal newspapers refuse to recognize the peril of internal Communism. A typical example of this blindness was the June 10, 1961, editorial in the Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock. This editorial claimed that the Communist Party in the United States as a domestic political force was a “negligible factor.” The Gazette claimed that the Communist influence on elections in our country was insignificant, its dogma abhorrent to the American people and repudiated by them.

The famed columnist, Art Buchwald, in his column of March 7, 1962, used the technique of ridicule to discredit anti-Communist activity in the United States when he said: “Unhappily, while there are more and more organizations being formed to fight Communists in the United States, there are fewer and fewer Communists around to fight, and the anti-Communist organizations are fighting among themselves over who has the right to fight Communists.”

Some of the far-left publications, such as Harpers magazine, actually utilize their columns to attack the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the House Committee on Un-American Activities for insisting that there is a Communist threat internally. In the October 1949 issue of Harpers, there was an article by the late Bernard DeVoto entitled “Due Notice to the FBI,” and here, in part, is what he said: “A single decade has come close to making us a nation of common informers. The Committee on Un-American Activities blasts several score reputations by releasing a new batch of gossip or we find out that the FBI has put at the disposal of this or that body a hash of gossip, rumors, slander, back-biting, malice, and drunken invention which, when it makes the headlines, shatters the reputation of innocent and harmless people and of people who our laws say are innocent until someone proves them guilty in court.” Of course, this is simply vicious smear and nothing else.

One of the newspapers that jumped all over then-Congressman Richard Nixon and the House Committee on Un-American Activities for exposing Alger Hiss, was the Washington Post. Even after Alger Hiss’ conviction, the Washington Post, in an editorial on January 23, 1950, gave the following strange explanation of Hiss’ deception: “Alger Hiss had the misfortune of being tempted to betray his country in an era of widespread illusions about Communism and is being tried for perjury in connection with his offense in a period of cold war when the pendulum of public sentiment had swung far in the other direction.”

In commenting on the editorial in the May 29, 1950 issue of the Chicago Tribune, an editorial stated: “The implication is that there was nothing shocking abut a disposition to betray one’s country, but that the traitor had to be careful about his timing.”

As we mentioned in another chapter, from time to time editors and publishers of far-left newspapers appear on the platform of Communist-sponsored rallies. For instance, on June 7, 1962, a Communist-organized united-front rally against the McCarran Act was held at Manhattan Center, New York City. Top Communist leaders, Gus Hall and Benjamin Davis, were among the featured speakers. Another featured speaker was Murray Kempton, New York Post columnist. The Communists were so joyful over Mr. Kempton’s speech that they printed lengthy excerpts from it in the June 19, 1962, issue of The Worker. Murray Kempton, in his speech, ridiculed the FBI and told the Communists at the rally that “This country has not been kind to you but this country has been fortunate in having you.” He also advised the Communists that “I salute you and I hope for times to be better.”

A very famous columnist, Walter Winchell, during the summer of 1962, resigned as columnist for the New York Mirror and King Features Syndicate. Winchell said that his editors on the New York Mirror had given him latitude but accused the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner of killing all items about Communism. King Features, he charged, killed five paragraphs about alleged Communists around the late President Kennedy, although according to Winchell his charges had been “cleared by the Mirror’s legal department.”

Probably the most prominent “far-left” American newspaper which constantly attacks anti-Communist investigations is the earlier-mentioned Washington Post. On May 22, 1950, the Washington Post published a lengthy editorial attacking anti-Communist investigations which stated as follows: “For weeks the Capital has been seized and convulsed by terror…akin to the evil atmosphere of the alien and sedition laws in John Adams’ administration.” In this one editorial, the editors of the Washington Post referred to Congressional investigations of the internal Communist conspiracy as “witch-hunting” twelve times. Undoubtedly this smear of sincere Congressional investigations into Communism misled a large number of unsuspecting Americans.

One of the most famous examples of Communists infiltrating the newspapers is that of Carl Braden. Braden was on the editorial staff of the Louisville Courier-Journal. His Communist activities first came to light when he bought a house in an all-white section of Louisville and transferred it to a Negro, Andrew Wade IV. When Wade’s family moved in, trouble broke out. There was shooting and bombing, and racial tension became explosive. Braden organized a “Wade Defense Committee” which, by press, radio, and mass meeting, defended Wade’s occupation of the house. The Commonwealth Attorney in Louisville, A. Scott Hamilton, investigated the whole affair and came to the conclusion that Communists had planned the whole thing, including the rioting and bombing, as a means of inciting racial hatred and trouble.

Carl Braden was indicted on a charge of advocating sedition. Braden denied that he had ever been a Communist. A great parade of witnesses testified in his defense, including his minister, the Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, writers, reporters, a professor at Indiana University, colleagues of Braden on the Courier-Journal staff, and local labor union leaders. But at the crucial moment in the Braden trial, the Louisville FBI released one of its undercover agents, Mrs. Alberta Ahern, who testified that Braden was an active secret Communist leader in Louisville. He had recruited her, in fact, into the Communist Party. He collected dues for the Red cell to which they both belonged. Braden was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Braden not only worked for the Louisville Courier-Journal before his exposure, but he had done free-lance work for the Toledo Blade, Newsweek magazine, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, New York News, and the Federated Press which serves the Communist Worker. He was an influential member of the American Newspaper Guild, Louisville’s Chapter, and had written articles, speeches, and radio scripts for the AFL-CIO. When Braden’s house was searched, they found almost a “truckload” of Communist educational and propaganda literature, some charging germ-warfare against the United States, some branding America as the aggressor in the Korean War.

On February 8, 1962, in the Chicago American, columnist Irving Dillard referred to Carl Braden as simply an “Episcopalian” and to the famous Communist, Frank Wilkinson, as a “Methodist.” Mr. Dillard contended: “All Americans who care what happens to liberties in our country should breathe a little easier now that these men, Braden and Wilkinson, are again free.” Who knows how many innocent Americans may have been deceived by the mis-information in this one column by Irving Dillard? This one column is typical of the many editorials appearing in far-left newspapers which deceive the American people concerning the threat of Communism internally.

While these left-wing newspapers and columnists befriend even known Communists, you will seldom, if ever, find left-wing writers and the press referring to anti-Communist conservatives in any type of complimentary language. The former pro-Castro enthusiast, Ralph McGill, of the Atlanta Constitution is a typical far-left editorial writer. When he refers to the conservatives or anti-Communists, he uses such terminology as “pathetic and psychologically naked young men” or “wild and wall-eyed radicals.”

The influence which the Communist publications themselves have on the far-left’s daily newspapers is sobering to any patriot. For illustration, on April 5, 1950, soon after Senator Joseph McCarthy (Republican-Wisconsin) had begun his efforts to expose the Communist conspiracy internally, the Communist Daily Worker wrote: “Communists are keenly aware of the damage the McCarthy crowd is doing.” On May 4, 1950, the term “McCarthyism” was printed for the first time in a Daily Worker article by Gus Hall, National Secretary of the Communist Party. He wrote, “I urge all Communist Party members and all anti-Fascists to yield second place to none in the fight to rid our country of the Fascist poison of McCarthyism.” On November 27, 1950, the Communist Party in Maryland and the District of Columbia mailed out an article entitled “Unity Can Defeat McCarthyism.” The author was Philip Frankfeld, Chairman of the Communist Party in Maryland, who was later convicted for his Communist activities. What kind of unity was Frankfeld speaking about? He was referring to unity of naïve, uninformed non-Communists with the Communist conspirators to accomplish a very important objective of the conspiracy—destroy Joe McCarthy!

On June 18, 1953, an FBI undercover agent exposed the Communist plot to assassinate Senator Joseph McCarthy.

The December 1953 issue of the official Communist Party organ, Political Affairs, carried an article by the National Committee of the Communist Party entitled “Unity Can Rout McCarthyism.” Following are quotes from this article: “The name of this growing Fascist beast is McCarthyism…Now is a time to deal a smashing blow at this monster. The sharp stand of the recent CIO Convention against McCarthyism sounds the right note…The issue must be taken to the great masses of the people…prepare them for a vast political movement that will defeat every candidate in the 1954 elections who does not specifically repudiate McCarthyism and all his filthy works… This situation is ripe for organized labor and its allies, by a united smash, to rout the McCarthyism pro-Fascists…This opportunity must not be missed.”

The April 1954 issue of Political Affairs continued the draft program of the Communist Party written by the National Committee of the Party. This directive to the conspirators was divided into seven sections, and five of the seven attacked McCarthy or McCarthyism. Section IV was devoted entirely to Senator McCarthy and was entitled, “The Menace of McCarthyism—The Growing Danger of Fascism.” In this program the conspirators again rated McCarthyism as their number one enemy as they exhorted their members and dupes: “To defeat this menace is the first task of the hour.” In the same issue William Z. Foster urged the Communists to “give everything we have to the development of this great struggle.”

The Communist-inspired operation against a sincere American patriot ended n a disgraceful and unjustified censure. The Communist conspirators were in the thick of this phase of the battle against “the Fascist poison of McCarthyism.” The Daily Worker entitled an editorial of September 28, 1954, “Throw the Bum Out.” In it they called Senator McCarthy the “arch-conspirator against the American Constitution.” In this editorial and throughout the entire period of this time-wasting episode in our Senate, the Communist conspirators urged their members, fellow travelers and sympathizers to insist that the Senate vote for censure. It was a major issue in the Communist conspiracy publications. Why? The answer is obvious. The Communist conspirators and their sympathizers knew what they were fighting for, but millions of innocent American victims of the Communist Party line did not know what they were doing. Unfortunately, millions of these Americans still do not have the vaguest notion of what all the furor was about, even though they think they know. They think just as the Communists wish them to think.

In the May 1956 issue of Political Affairs the Communists said, “the democratic masses finally cracked down on McCarthy,” and that “The recent curbing of the McCarthy pro-Fascist menace by the American people augurs well for the future.” Whose future? The author, William Z. Foster, was certainly not speaking of the future of the American republic which was established by our Christian founding fathers. He is looking forward to a Soviet America and is confident of this end result in the great struggle going on today. Upon the death of this persecuted and hounded American patriot, the Soviet News Agency Tass said he was a “double reactionary” who “baited and persecuted by terroristic methods anyone who came out against the domination of a handful of billionaires.”

The word “McCarthyism,” a Communist-coined smear word, became something horrible beyond imagination in the minds of many Americans. Communists and their sympathizers kept up a steady fire of smear attacks against Senator McCarthy resulting in a united effort by the far-left to destroy “the enemy”—not Communism, but Joe McCarthy.

Among the popular magazines with large circulations, therefore exerting enormous influence upon public opinion in the United States, which joined in the smear attacks against Senator McCarthy, was Time magazine. In his newspaper column of November 20, 1951, Fulton Lewis Jr. summarized some of the choicest terminology used by Time magazine in reporting on Senator McCarthy’s fight against Communism: “Rash-talking Joseph R. McCarthy; pugnacious Senator Joe McCarthy; loud-mouthed; wretched burlesque; scare-head publicity; desperate gambler; a fool or a knave; weasel-worded statements; vituperative smear; half truths; wild charges.”

In his newspaper column of November 16, 1951, Fulton Lewis Jr. revealed a tremendous error Time magazine made in smearing Senator McCarthy in the Gustavo Duran case. Lewis wrote: “In an effort to smear McCarthy, Time magazine said: ‘Duran, never a Red, was definitely and clearly anti-Communist—he worked for the United States Government in Cuba during World War II tracking Axis and Communist agents.’

“What the editors of Time did not know when they tried to peddle this is that McCarthy had in his files a private memorandum from Time magazine’s Washington office that labeled Duran exactly what McCarthy called him. And then, just to impale themselves solidly on the hook, Time’s editors added: ‘Every word in Time’s story, incidentally, was thoroughly checked for accuracy of fact and interpretation. It is a policy the Senator would do well to follow.’” Mr. Lewis went on further in his column to quote from the Time magazine memorandum which coincided with Senator McCarthy’s charges.

In a letter to Henry Luce, publisher of the magazine, Senator McCarthy described the Time article on the Duran case as a “vicious and malicious lie being broadcast to millions of American people in [a] clearly deliberate, dishonest attempt to discredit my fight against Communism.” He went on to tell Mr. Luce, who owns the Time and Life magazines: “If freedom of the press is to be maintained, then the editors of a national magazine such as yours, regardless of how much they want to discredit my fight against Communists, do owe some honesty and decency to the public.”

Perhaps the leading newspaper to parrot the Communist Party line against Senator McCarthy was the Washington Post. In its May 22, 1950, editorial (which was run as a paid advertisement in other newspapers), the Post referred to “McCarthy-Goebbels-Vishinsky technique of the lie.” In the same editorial, readers were told: “The mad-dog quality of McCarthyism has become so apparent that its power for sowing confusion and suspicion has probably spent its force…” This was less than three weeks after the Communist publication coined the smear word, “McCarthyism.”

In 1954, a series of article smearing Senator McCarthy in the New York World-Telegram, a Scripps-Howard newspaper, was too much for one member of the Scripps family—Mrs. William Loeb Jr., grand-daughter of E.W. Scripps, founder of the chain. In a sizzling wire to her brother, Charles E. Scripps, Chairman of the chain, and Jack Howard, President of the newspapers, Mrs. Loeb said that the articles on McCarthy were “rotten, biased journalism which would make my grandfather, E.W. Scripps, who above all stood for integrity and fair play in the handling of news, turn in his grave in disgust and shame.”

In his book, McCarthyism—The Fight for America, Senator McCarthy referred to the policies of “managed news” practiced by the rewrite desks of the large wire services—Associated Press, United Press International, etc. The Senator wrote: “After several experiences, there was impressed upon me the painful truth that the stories written by the competent, honest Associated Press, United Press, or International News Service men assigned to cover the Senate or the House might not even be recognized by them when those stories went on the news ticker to the thousands of newspapers throughout the country. Before being sent out to America’s newspapers, the stories pass across what is known as a rewrite desk. There, certain facts can be played up, others eliminated. For example, so often we found in the stories about me a word like ‘evidence’ was changed to ‘unfounded charges.’ ‘McCarthy stated’ would become ‘McCarthy shouted.” ‘Digging up evidence’ became ‘Dredging up evidence.’ In one case, I recall the story as written on Capitol Hill was ‘McCarthy picked up his briefcase full of documents and left.’ When the story left the rewrite desk, it was ‘McCarthy grabbed his briefcase and stormed from the room.’”

One young reporter for the New York Herald-Tribune, Dave McConnell, reporting on the un-American treatment given to Senator McCarthy, wrote in his paper May 16, 1960, that the unfair treatment of Senator McCarthy “has come as a surprise to many newspaper veterans who cling to the old mandate that personal bias or personal opinions belong on the editorial page and not in the news columns…The uproar in the press section during Senator McCarthy’s testimony at one point made it difficult even to hear what the Wisconsin Republican was telling the subcommittee.”

Of course, not all the newspapers in the United States smeared McCarthy. From the very beginning, the New York Daily Mirror supported Senator McCarthy. In an editorial March 16, 1950, they referred to the investigations of Senator McCarthy as “one of the most important events of out time…McCarthy has courage. He has facts. He knows what he is talking about…That opposition-Senators and protectors of the State Department would like to smear McCarthy, throw up all manner of smoke-screens to divert attention, and achieve an eventual whitewash is not the issue—and the people will not permit it to be made the issue…They want the mess cleaned up in Washington. Go to it, Joe McCarthy.”

In an interview during 1950, J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, commended the anti-Communist activities of Senator McCarthy, which was ignored by most of the large left-wing daily newspapers. Mr. Hoover said: “He is earnest. He is honest. He is sincere. Whenever you attack subversives of any kind you are going to be the victim of the most extremely vicious criticism that can be made.”

American newspapers and publications have enormous power. They have the power to make or break men and organizations. Favorable or unfavorable images of certain movements and their leaders can be planted in the American minds without recourse to the subject.

William Randolph Hearst boasted that with one telephone call he made the name of Billy Graham a household word and in later years, Billy Graham admitted this. Upon hearing Billy Graham on the radio during a little-publicized revival in Los Angeles, Hearst called his Los Angeles newspaper and told them to “build him up.” Build him up the Hearst papers did indeed, making Billy Graham the number one evangelist, as far as fame is concerned, in the world today.

While it is possible for the press to build an unknown minister into an internationally-famous personality, it is also possible for them to picture a staunch and dedicated patriot as a dangerous, irresponsible “hate monger,” and ruin his influence.

In the McCarthy days, some of the far-left press actually stooped to printing outright lies about Senator McCarthy in their determination to destroy his effectiveness as an anti-Communist crusader. On October 19, 1951, the Post-Standard newspaper of Syracuse, New York, published an editorial in which Senator McCarthy was accused of paying money, through an intermediary, to a man named Charles E. Davis for forging the name of a Communist to a telegram sent to John Carter Vincent, then United States Ambassador to Switzerland. This editorial also accused Senator McCarthy of framing Senator Tydings of Maryland with a fake photograph showing Tydings in alleged conversation with Earl Browder, and made other accusations which were vile and contemptible against the Senator from Wisconsin.

Almost one and one-half years later, on March 5, 1953, the Syracuse Post-Standard published another editorial on “The McCarthy Record.” This editorial stated:

“An editorial published in this space, October 19, 1951, has been the subject of a suit for libel by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. Since publication of this editorial the statements therein have been subjected to careful study in the light of all the facts now available.

“The Post-Standard in the light of all the pertinent facts wishes in fairness to its readers to correct certain statements that were written in good faith and in a sincere belief in their truthfulness, but which have nevertheless proved to be untrue and unfair to Senator McCarthy.”

The editorial went on to inform readers that the newspaper’s investigation had shown that Senator McCarthy “had not committed any act deserving of criticism” in connection with the so-called Charles E. Davis forgery. It stated that the newspaper was satisfied that Senator McCarthy was not responsible for the photographic “framing” of Senator Tydings, and that “responsibility has been clearly fixed on another individual who had no connection with Senator McCarthy.”

Once while visiting in Senator McCarthy’s office, I said to my friend whom I loved dearly and who proved to be such a great inspiration to me as a young minister fighting Communism in the early days of Christian Crusade, “Why don’t you sue some of these people who tell these lies on you?” As I recall, we were alone in his office. It was at the close of the day. I was to accompany him to his home for dinner. He smiled and pointed to a quotation which he had framed and which hung over his desk. It was a quotation by Abraham Lincoln which simply stated: “If I were to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business.”

There should be no question in the mind of any patriotic American abut the enormous damage done to the cause of freedom and Americanism by those far-left newspapers and magazines which joined in the Communist-inspired attacks against Senator Joseph McCarthy. The only way this damage can ever be rectified is by those periodicals launching a courageous and vigorous campaign on behalf of the Constitutional concepts and historic Americanism. However, it is extremely unlikely that a far-left newspaper will be converted to Americanism in our time. The attacks, smears, lies, innuendoes, half-truths, character assassination, guilt by association originally directed against Senator McCarthy are now being used against anti-Communist men and movements in 1964 who dare resist the Communist threat internally.

In December 1960 the Communists of the world were told in Moscow by the Communist dictators to step up their activities against anti-Communists in the United States. Edward Hunter, psychological warfare expert (and one of the ten most effective anti-Communist voices in America today), testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee July 11, 1961, concerning this Moscow directive against United States anti-Communists. Mr. Hunter said that it was planned in Moscow that the American news media would be used by the Communist International to discredit the anti-Communist movements in the United States. Indeed, immediately following the Moscow 1960 meeting, American far-right newspapers and publications began their vicious attacks against the so-called “radical right” or the anti-Communist movements of America.

Guilt by association? Sure, the far left will use guilt by association to discredit the anti-Communist cause. In the February 9, 1962, issue of Life magazine, Keith Wheeler, author of a smear article against the anti-Communist movements of America, pulled a shabby trick of including anti-Communists and Nazis together in the far-right classification. He wrote: “The far-right ranges all the way from the respectable conservatism of a Barry Goldwater to the vicious lunacy of the American Nazi Party.” This is a typical example of the satanic deception perpetrated under the false theory of Communism and Nazism as opposite extremes, when all the time Communism and Nazism share the Socialist foundation.

Newsweek, Look, Time, New York Times, Washington Post, Atlanta Constitution, every star of the far left, parrot the Communist Party line against the anti-Communist or conservative movements in the United States with amazing continuity. As Ed Hunter said before the Senate Committee on July 11, 1961: “The players know only the conductor in front of them and he may be totally ignorant of who selected the music, arranged the program, and why. The extraordinary orchestration (against the anti-Communist movements) that preceded and appeared in leading American newspapers and magazines…is in full accord with the new ‘unity line’ of the Red Manifesto…” Edward Hunter also pointed out during his testimony that during these smear drives against anti-Communists, “Few in the wolf pack know why they are barking.” This is true in the case of non-Communist Americans following any phase of the Communist Party line. As Jesus said when facing the ordeal of Calvary, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

By April 1962 the smears against the anti-Communist organizations were so successful that Gus Hall wrote in the Communist publication Political Affairs that there was a “mass upsurge against the ultra-right which started with our statement ten months ago that warned of this danger and outlined [a] tactical approach for the mobilization of the democratic forces to oppose this menace.” He assured fellow Red conspirators that “this fanatical Fascist-like fringe of the ultra-right will be pushed back into its lair.”

In the June 23, 1962, issue of the Portland Reporter, Philip Hager wrote that Americans are standing in line “waiting their turn to lash out at the extremists of the right.” Non-Communist Americans are practically lined up to attack not the Communist conspirators but opponents of the Communists. The attacks on the anti-Communist movements are so vicious and unfair that Edward Hunter commented in our Weekly Crusader, June 15, 1962: “In my thirty-five years in journalism I have never read or seen so much sheer dishonesty and outright faking outside of the Communist press as I have been witnessing in the newspaper and air coverage of the anti-Communist movement.”

The attacks against me personally and against Christian Crusade started on January 1, 1962 when that much-publicized “champion of all liars,” Drew Pearson, triggered the smear attach against me by accusing me of “flamboyant hate preaching.” The words of Senator Richard Russell of Georgia on the floor of the Senate May 19, 1950, explains the Pearson phenomenon: “Drew Pearson uses the freedom of the press for political blackmail…It would be impossible for any Senator to attempt to add to Mr. Pearson’s statute as the Prince of Liars…”

If any American wants to know the effectiveness of any minister, writer, broadcaster, or politician against the Communist conspiracy, all he has to do is read faithfully the Communist publications. If you are an effective anti-Communist, you will be smeared mercilessly by the Communist press. If your statements aid and abet the cause of Communism, you will be applauded continuously by the Communist press. The Communists hold Walter Lippman in high regard. In a column in The Daily Worker, November 24, 1957, A.B. Magil praised Mr. Lippman as “one of the wisest of contemporary capitalist political philosophers.” An article in the November 10, 1962, issue of the West Coast Communist newspaper Peoples World referred to James B. Reston of the New York Times as being “as knowledgeable and informed a correspondent as there is in the nation’s Capitol” and as “a responsible journalist.” When the Communists speak in such complimentary terms of a writer, we can be sure that the writer so praised is not putting out much in the way of facts which would be harmful to the Communist cause.

On August 20, 1961, The Worker reported favorably on the Portland Daily Reporter as follows: “Born as a weekly strikers’ publication in February 1960, it grew in one year to a daily paper with an avowed ambition to be a liberal independent daily. In the face of incredible handicaps it survived…the first daily newspaper that has been started in the United States in fifteen years.” The Worker article pointed out that stock of this paper was owned by some 6,000 shareholders in forty-six states, including Oregon’s United States Senators, Wayne Morse and Maurine Neuberger, the State Attorney General, the Mayor of Portland, and White House Advisor, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. The Communist writer states that Senator Morse was instrumental in obtaining Associated Press service for the newspaper. If this is the first newspaper to be started in our nation in fifteen years, it is a tragic commentary on the state of the public mind in the United States that it has to be a paper which rates so highly with the Communist conspirators.

In the December 23, 1962, issue of The Worker, the Detroit Free Press was applauded by the Communists because the Detroit paper had attacked the House Committee on Un-American Activities, During October 1961, The Worker rated a news account in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper as a “straight-forward news story.” From time to time the Christian Science Monitor has been praised by The Worker, including a complimentary editorial on the front page of The Worker, May 22, 1962.

One of the publications that the Communists attack most frequently is Barron’s Business and Financial Weekly. In one editorial, November 4, 1962, Barron’s was attacked by the Communists because the publication had called “for a purge of all those in the government who advocated a lessening of world tensions, and hinted at a nation-wide witch hunt against peace advocates.” Of Barron’s, The Worker said that this menacing, Hitler-like demand is not being made by a Birchite, but by a leading spokesman for big business.

The Chicago Tribune is high on the list of Red enemies among United States newspapers. An article in The Worker of October 15, 1961, attacked the Chicago Tribune for printing anti-Communist editorials, as follows: “No right-wing inspired story emanating from the offices of Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond or from the prolific press-agentry of the House Un-American Activities Committee or from the weekly Manion Forum of the air…escapes the Chicago Tribune’s news hawks. They all get printed and in great length…” In an article in The Worker, January 14, 1962, the Communists attacked the Chicago Tribune as follows: “The Chicago Tribune has a long and odious record. For a century it has poisoned America’s atmosphere.”

There is little or no criticism in the Communist press for such publications as Look and Newsweek.

Within one hour after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas on Friday, November 22, 1963, the Communist press in Moscow was blaming the anti-Communist and conservative forces of the United States for the death of the President. This, therefore, became the Communist Party line. The Communist press itself denied any Communist connections with Lee Harvey Oswald, the President’s assassin. The pro-Communist press in America shifted the blame to the anti-Communists in another way—the premise of some of the far-left critics is that certain anti-Communists in Dallas had created such an atmosphere of hate for President Kennedy by maintaining consciously or unconsciously [that] he and certain of his decisions were soft on Communism, that a Communist on whom the government had been very soft had killed the President. In other words, a hardened Communist killed the President because the President was criticized by some anti-Communists. The mind to which this logic makes sense, especially in view of the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to prove their position and all the evidence is against it, is a mind which is in the grip of powerful illusions or a mind which is just passing on, without evaluating, the gossip which it has heard. Some liberals went so far as to suggest that since the President had to be killed, it was a shame that some anti-Communist didn’t take his life. The twisted logic of these illusionists is further illustrated in the fact that their great outcry is against the right and not against the Communists. The official Party line is that the anti-Communist elements of America are to blame. By the “right,” they have reference to all active anti-Communists who call for a firmer stand against internal and external Communism. It is quite obvious why the Communists blame the anti-Communists. Anything in their non-moral outlook is truth if it can in some way advance the Communist Party and discredit their opposition.

Here are some examples of non-Communists parroting the Communist Party line by blaming the right-wing elements of the United States. On November 23, the New York Herald-Tribune carried an article on page eight on “Dallas, Long a Radical’s Heaven.” Of course, Oswald was born in New Orleans, had lived some in New York, and had been in the USSR for several years. He had been a Communist in his thinking from about fifteen years of age. Thus, whether Dallas had been a haven of so-called radical right-wingers or not had nothing to do with making Oswald a Communist. He was not a product of Dallas or America, but of Karl Marx. (However, in all fairness, we should point out that on the same day this article was carried in the Herald-Tribune, another columnist, Stuart H. Loory, wrote in the same paper that the politicians in the nation’s capital “were only too eager to believe” at first that it had been done by someone on the far-right wing.)

Newsweek magazine, who, with Look magazine, is constantly in a battle for first place in the far-left publication race, in its issue of December 9, 1963, was still blaming the right-wing for “creating an atmosphere of violence.” In the same publication, Newsweek reported on Castro’s reaction to the death of Mr. Kennedy and headed the report: “The Grief Of A Foe.” Castro is a Communist. He deceived Cubans and many others into thinking that his revolution was not communistic. He has executed many people. He hates the United States. He had more than once called for the death of Kennedy. Really, isn’t it a bit too much to believe that Castro was filled with such grief as Newsweek magazine suggests?

Drew Pearson wrote a column shortly after the death of Mr. Kennedy claiming that President Kennedy was a victim of a hate drive by people on the right, such as the editor of the Dallas Morning News, Robert Dealey. He called the assassination “Dallas’ answer” to the President’s plea for good will and reason. He quoted an Arizona editor that “the hatred preachers got their man. They did not shoot him: they inspired the man or men who did it.”

A Communist shot the President: therefore, anti-Communists in Dallas are to blame. A man who learned his hate, not in Dallas, but elsewhere, and mainly from Marxism, murdered the President; so Dallas is guilty. However, even James Reston of the New York Times had to admit: “All the evidence to date indicates that the right-wing had nothing to do with the death of Kennedy and that the deed could have been done in New York just as well as in Dallas.” It is indeed frightening then to contemplate the editorial in the Wall Street Journal which was reported in the Congressional Record December 3, 1963: “In their obsession with the far-right, some people seemingly refuse to believe that the deranged killer was a man of the far-left.”

Of course, the AFL-CIO Executive Council had to join in with these attacks on the anti-Communist movements as always. On November 26, the AFL-CIO Executive Council said: “Hatred—blind, bitter, savage hatred—is on the rise in America There is the hatred exemplified by the John Birch Society and the followers of General Walker. There is the hatred of the fanatical Communist. There is no choice among them, for hatred in any form is evil.” To classify members of the John Birch Society or friends of General Walker with the Communist party is an evil and vicious thing. There may be some members of the John Birch Society who hate and there may be members of the AFL-CIO who hate. Perhaps the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO is guilty of hatred—hating the John Birch Society and General Walker. However, hate is an official doctrine of the Communist conspiracy, but hate is not an official doctrine of the conservative right-wing organizations. Why didn’t the AFL-CIO say something about the black racist, Malcolm X, who indicated after the death of Kennedy that he was glad that the President had been shot?

Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution immediately wrote an article on the “Harvest of Psychopathic Hate” in which he did not make one little reference to the extreme left, but most of it dealt with racial violence and those whom he viewed as extremists on the right. He made no specific reference to the fact that the man who killed the President was a Communist.

As we read these irresponsible charges against the anti-Communist elements of America by the left-wingers, the following question is raised in our minds: “Can this outpouring of accusations against those whom the far-left label the ultra-right be an indication of hate on the part of some of these accusers?”

In a speech before a convention of broadcasters, former Florida Governor Leroy Collins indicted the so-called Southern right-wing extremists for the death of the President. Senator Mansfield in his funeral eulogy called for “the strength to do what must be done to bridle the bigotry, the hatred, the arrogance and the iniquities and inequities which marched in the boots of a gathering tyranny to that moment of horror.” Not a word about the bigotry, hatred, arrogance, iniquities, and inequities of Communism. Are we afraid to pinpoint on Communism the responsibility for the murder of the President, lest we offend the feelings of some Communists? Must we talk about sinners in general, or haters of the far-right specifically, lest the real criminal, Communism, be exposed in its brutal nakedness?

In attack after attack, leaders of the far-left single out the right-wing for criticism, but there was not a word about Communism, which was responsible for the murder of the President, from the lips of these liberal political, religious, and educational leaders. What lamentable, warped logic: Communism killed the President; therefore it is the fault of someone else. One on the left murdered the President; therefore, the right is responsible. We wonder if some of those who talk so much about hate being the cause of the President’s death without implying that it was Communist hate, but rather insist it was rightist hate, may not, by their irresponsible statements, be stirring up the hate and violence of some people. Almost immediately after the death of the President, Senator John Tower, a conservative opponent of the administration, began to receive threatening phone calls. His wife had to go into hiding.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Senator Barry Goldwater “has been stunned and shocked by the number of abusive letters and telegrams which he has received since the death of President Kennedy.” There has been an outpouring of satanic abuse such as he has never seen in his life.

Hate did kill the President, but it was not the hate of which some in their illusions, some in their blind and bitter sorrow, and some in their shallowness, have spoken. It was the hate which is an inherent part of Communism which killed the President.

Thank God there are here and there patriotic newspapers that are faithfully presenting the pro-American and anti-Communist positions. Such newspapers as the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Chattanooga News-Free Press, Omaha World-Herald, Tulsa World, Tulsa Tribune, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Shreveport Journal, Amarillo Daily News, Borger News-Herald, San Diego Tribune, and many, many others are worthy of the support and respect of the American people. Only by reading responsible dailies such as those mentioned above and truth magazines such as Christian Crusade, Weekly Crusader, Christian Beacon, Human Events, National Review, American Opinion, Dan Smoot Report, etc., can the floodtides of Communism be dammed in the United States.

One of America’s best authorities on the Communist conspiracy is Dr. J.B. Matthews, former chief investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities and for the McCarthy Committee. In his excellent book (which I recommend to every student of Americanism), called Odyssey of a Fellow Traveler, Dr. Matthews stated:

“Hate is at floodtide in the world today, a hate born of the doctrine that man is arrayed against man in an irreconcilable conflict of classes. It is a hate more deep rooted and terrible than that of international war…

“However much Communists might prefer to be the only political group immune to all criticism and however much they may attempt to enforce this immunity with vituperation, it is important that the critics of Communism employ the restraint of civilized emotions, a fine sense of balance, and perhaps above all, their sense of humor while proceeding fearlessly to the work of criticism.”

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Dick Russell on Billy James Hargis in TMWKTM...


Russell describes Hargis as '...a short, portly fellow with a double chin.'

I fail to see the resemblance. Our boy has a triple chin, is shorter than a tree stump and can best be

described as much stouter than a teapot... roughly equivalent to the NAM icon just below. And the last

word is that now, the NAM icon is threatening me with a lawsuit for comparing him to our man from Spam...

"If you think I look like your man from Spam... you got another think coming."

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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The Homosexual Revolution and Billy James Hargis...

"I am so vewwy confused. I hate homosexuwals, and I hate homosexuwality but I love

to expewiment wid it... Oh what is a man to do? Join YAF?" - Billy James Hargis to David Noebel

David A. Noebel - CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; president, Summit Ministries; author, Understanding the Times: The Story of the Biblical Christian; Marxist/Leninist and Secular Humanist Worldviews; Rhythm, Riots and Revolution; The Marxist Minstrels; The Slaughter of the Innocent; The Homosexual Revolution: A Look at the Preachers and Politicians Behind It; The Legacy of John Lennon; and AIDS, A Special Report; editor, Summit Journal; former candidate for Congress against U.S. Rep Robert Kastenmeier, Wisconsin; former Associate Evangelist of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade. Member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) and signer of Cornwall Declaration. ICES is an organization that aims to graft dominion theology onto conservative environmentalism. The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship is an environmental Evangelicals and Catholics Together document signed by many of the signatories of ECT I and ECT II. Signed by Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, the Cornwall Document is an environmental statement of faith uniting these religions on the issue of environmentalism.

"Board Members of the Council for National Policy...David Noebel is now with Summit Ministries and was a former Associate Evangelist of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade." [bellant, CC, p. 39]

"...Dr. Billy James Hargis is Founder and Director of the Christian Crusade Ministries (Church of the Christian Crusade, Inc., Billy James Hargis Evangelistic Association, Inc.), an international Christian ministry dedicated to the fight "for Christ" and against godless Communism....He is credited, along with his friend for over 30 years, Dr. Carl McIntyre, as having given birth to the "Christian Right" and bringing back "Christian Fundamentalism" to America at the close of World War II." ("The Sins of Billy James" Time Magazine, Feb. 16, 1967, p. 52)

"[Hargis] often preached against communism, pornography, homosexuality and sexual indiscretion, and modernism in religion...in 1970, he founded American Christian College to teach 'anti-Communist patriotic Americanism.'...Controversy engulfed Hargis when, in 1974, several students from his college accused him of sexual misconduct. Confronted by other leaders of the college, Hargis retired from public life...Without Hargis' fundraising abilities, American Christian College closed in 1977...American Christian College could not survive the scandal and departure of Hargis." [Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion, John Charles H. Lippy, ed., Greenwood Press, 1989, pp. 193-195]

Summit Ministries January 1999 newsletter from headquarters in Manitou Springs, CO. On the envelop the logo is a circle with a mountain top and the sun peeking over the mountain. Inside on a color brochure the logo is a red triangle with a cross superimposed on it which looks like a pyramid with the capstone hovering over it and a line dissecting both cap and base vertically. Inside the brochure are 3 upside down triangles scattered across the page. Summit Ministries is a youth organization equipping servant leaders in worldview analysis, training champions of the Christian faith, and inspiring them to love God with all their hearts and minds. They plan to have study materials for students K-college. In 1991 Summit published a 912-page textbook called Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of our Day and the Search for Truth which became the primary source for Summit's Sr. High curriculum presently used in over 850 Christian high schools and many home school programs. The book was shortened to 430 pages for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and became the basis for their LIGHTBEARER'S Jr. High Curriculum. Also Summit is writing a K-6 grade curriculum and Moody Bible College is writing an extension program based on their 912 page textbook. Summit has 2-week camps in summer for older kids and one-week camps for younger kids. They have a monthly newsletter for families. Noebel also edits the Schwarz Report which keeps special track of the Marxist/Leninist worldview. Summit also has adult conferences held at the Navigator's campus in Colorado Springs and seminars around the country. The Summit appeal quotes James Dobson: "I consider Summit Ministries to be one of the very best resources available, and I don't say that lightly." Also D. James Kennedy: "The Summit provides a solid spiritual foundation to help keep your child's faith secure when the storms of godlessness and unbelief confront him." The color brochure has more endorsements including one by Michael Farris and states that Summit Ministries has existed since 1962.

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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PRA and Berlet on Hargis...

In 1966, David Noebel (then of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade, now head of the influential Summit Ministries) argued, "Anyone who will dig into the facts of the Communist involvement in the `civil rights' strife will come to the conclusion that these forces have no stopping point short of complete destruction of the American way of life." (In the preface, Noebel thanks Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, who is now perhaps best known as a director of the Institute for Historical Review, which denies that the Holocaust took place.)

This nativist-Americanist branch of the hard right (or the pseudo-conservative, paranoid right, as Richard Hofstadter termed it in his classic essay, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics") came to dominate the right wing of the Republican Party, and included Patrick Buchanan, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, the Rockford Institute, David Noebel's Summit Ministries, and Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation and Institute for Cultural Conservatism. Of more historical importance are the John Birch Society, the Christian AntiCommunism Crusade, and Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade, although the John Birch Society's membership doubled or tripled since the Gulf War in 1991 to over 40,000 members. Despite some overlap at the edges, reactionary hard right electoral activists should be distinguished from the extra-electoral right-wing survivalists, militia members, and armed White racists on their right, and from the Eastern establishment conservative branch of the right wing represented by George Bush on their left.

The link between liberalism and treachery is key to the secular humanist conspiracy. In 1968, a typical book, endorsed by Billy James Hargis of the Christian Crusade, claimed, "The liberal, for reasons of his own, would dissolve the American Republic and crush the American dream so that our nation and our people might become another faceless number in an internationalist state." Twenty-five years later, Allan Bloom, generally put forth as a moderate conservative, argued that all schoolteachers who inculcated moral relativism in school children "had either no interest in or were actively hostile to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."

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Right Wing Wackos Required Reading List... For and About: YAFers, Birchers and Liberty Lobbyists...

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Boston: Meador Press, 1949. 474 pages. 1st edition. Hardback, orange cloth. Bibliography. Index. Presentation copy, inscribed to 'Glad and Monty, a pair of swell cousins', and presumably Signed by the author 'Lovingly, Marilyn, February 14th, 1950'. Very Good. Light bumps bottom corners. lacks the dustjacket. $50.

Extreme rightwing hate book, an appeal for a White Supremacist Christian Nationalist Anticommunist America, against the merging of the races (Jews, Arabs, Asians, Negroes, ad infinitum) & diluting of White Purity. One of those fine books where seemingly half the book is set in UPPER CASE TYPE.


NY: Random House, 1948. 218p. 1st printing. Hardback. Very Good but for heavy wear bottom edge of cover, in bright and clean Good+ dustjacket with small chips at the extremities and a few tiny closed tears. Price clipped. In protective glassine. $14.95.

But....but...As any good rightwinger will tell you, from the FBI snitch Ronald Reagan to William F. Buckley, there was no 'witch hunt' (or holocaust, etc). The Sensational Star Chamber Proceedings of The State Department, the FBI & Disloyalty, the Case of Dr. Condon, the Hollywood Purge, Communists, fellow-travellers & Free Speech'. The author won the Pulitzer prize in 1947 for his investigation into J. Edgar Hoover's 'case' against Condon.

128085 Anonymous. [Joseph Stalin]. STALIN: A Self Portrait.

NY: Farrar, Straus & Young, (1953). Unpaginated. Trade paperback. Pictorial wraps. 32 photos with brief quotes on facing pages. Very Good. $17.95.

Rather obvious & juvenile Cold War piece, anonymously compiled & edited, in the vein of the reigning liberalism & McCarthyism of the American 50s, with unflattering quotes from his speeches & writings, out of context & juxtaposed with photos of Stalin.


Belmont: American Opinion, ca. 1960. 81p. Small Trade paperback, yellow wraps. Very Good. $15.

Rightwing tract purportedly published in 1959 & sent anonymously to the John Birch Society in 1960 & promptly published by them.

170781 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. PRO-ARAB PROPAGANDA IN AMERICA: Vehicles and Voices; A Handbook.

NY: Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith, 1983. 118 pages. 1st edition. White plastic comb binding, Trade paperback. Very Good. Would be close to Fine but about 20 pages have some hi-liting (some just a word, name or group). ISBN: 0884640361 $9.95.

170084 ARONOWITZ, Stanley. HONOR AMERICA: The Nature of Fascism; Historic Struggles Against it and a Strategy for Today.

NY: Times Change Press, 1970. 32 pages. Small Stapled paperback. Cover design by Su Negrin. Very Good. Distributor stamp inside front cover. ISBN: 0878100113 $11.95.


NY: Pantheon, 1982. 270p. Trade paperback. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Very Good+. ISBN: 0394712463 $6.95.

Separates myth from fact, offering solid conclusions in place of long-held but questionable assumptions. Wake-up call to anyone who foolishly believe manipulation of the press occurs only through corruption.

137031 BELL, Daniel (ed.). THE RADICAL RIGHT: The New American Right, Expanded &. Updated.

NY: Anchor / Doubleday 1964. 468 pages. Quality Mass Market Paperback. Spine reading creases, otherwise nice tight and clean Very Good copy. ISBN: 0385068824 $5.95.

Who are the Radical right & why do extreme rightist movements keep recurring in mid-20th century America? These are the themes explored by a group of distinguished American historians, sociologists, & political scientists.

177166 BENDERSKY, Joseph W. THE 'JEWISH THREAT': Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army.

NY: Basic, 2000. First Edition. 538 pages. Black & red trade paperback. Photos. Bibliography. Index. Fine. ISBN: 0465006183 $11.95.


Seattle: Art Printing Co., 1925. 47pp. 1st edition, paperback. Frontis. Very Good. Wallet cover edges moderately worn with a few tiny tears, cover soil. Interior pages very clean and bright. ISBN: B00088R19W $28.

Early study of Mussolini by a Law Professor at the University of Washington. Scarce.

158902 BLACK, Bob & For Ourselves, Counsel for Generalized Self-Management. THE RIGHT TO BE GREEDY: Theses on the Practical Necessity of Demanding Everything.

Port Townsend: Loompanics, 1974. Unpaginated. 1st edition. Trade paperback. Reading List. Preface by Bob Black. Fine but for light fading along spine, book distributor stamp inside cover. ISBN: 0915179350 $19.95.

Original text of the 1974 publication by For Ourselves, which was much influenced by the Situationist Raoul Vaneigem. With Black's preface (Do you have ideas or do ideas have you?) & a reading list added. Scarce.


NY: American League Against War & Fascism, 1937. 23 pages. Stapled Paperback. Name pencilled on cover. Very Good. $14.95.

' What the industrial mobilization plan holds for America'.

184091 BRONNER, Stephen Eric. BLOOD IN THE SAND: Imperial Fantasies, Right-Wing Ambitions, and the Erosions of American Democracy.

Lexington: University of Kentucky, 2005. 207 pp. Hardback. Notes. Index. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 0813123674 $13.95.

170426 BUCKLEY, William F, Jr. [William F. Meehan III, ed.]. WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY JR.: A Bibliography.

ISI Books, 2002. xvii,316pp. Hardback. Photos. Indexes. Intro by George Nash. Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. DJ has small scrape top rear spine fold. Unread. ISBN: 1882926668 $14.95.

Man with a mouthful of marbles & an gas-bag for a brain (why use a precise & properly used word when you can bamboozle the pundits with fatuous goobledygook?). The The Rush Limbaugh of the conservative (il)literati, I recall Seattle's Giovanni Costigan skinning Buckley alive in a debate. Not my favorite conservative.

160777 BUDENZ, Louis. THE BOLSHEVIK INVASION OF THE WEST: Account of the Great Political War For a Soviet America.

Linden: Bookmailer, 1966. 270p. 1st edition. Hardback, brown cloth in white and red dust jacket. Index. Very Good+/Very Good. Jacket has three tiny tears head of the spine, which is a little darkened. ISBN: B0007E4NKW $15.95.

By a former Stalinist & managing editor of the Daily Worker who became a virulent rightwing anti-Communist in the 50s.


Wheaton: Church League of America, 1958. 354 pages. 1st edition. Hardback, tan cloth with black lettering. Bibliography. Index. Very Good+/G. Book is clean and tight. Jacket is clean and bright but bottom front edge is heavily chipped. In protective glassine. ISBN: B0007HOZ9I $9.95.

Bundy was the General Chairman of this rightwing anti-Communist & anti-liberal group.

135104 BUNZEL, John H. NEW FORCE ON THE LEFT: Tom Hayden & the Campaign Against Corporate America.

Stanford: Hoover Institution, 1983. 131 pages. Small trade paperback. Notes. Hoover Press Publication #280. Light wear and scuffing, otherwise very tight Very Good+ copy. ISBN: 081797802X $9.95.

Perspective published by this rightwing think tank.

138543 BURNHAM, James. THE WAR WE ARE IN: The Last Decade & the Next.

New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1967. 351pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Index. Very Good+/Very Good+. Mild dustjacket scuffing, otherwise nice tight copy. ISBN: B0006BR6AU $8.95.

Usual rightwing Cold War Warrior take on liberalism, communism, etc. Some references to the war in Vietnam.

130553 CAMPAIGNE, Jameson G. CHECK-OFF: Labor Bosses & Working Men.

Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1961. 248 pages. Hardback. Photos. Index. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket with tiny edge chips. $7.95.

Usual anti-union slant from this rightwing press.

136331 CARLSON, John Roy. UNDER COVER: My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America...

NY: Books, Inc., 1943. 544p. 17th printing in 16th printing dustjacket. Hardback. Near Fine. Touch dark top, otherwise a surprisingly nice copy in bright Near Fine dustjacket with light fading along the spine. ISBN: B0006AQ79M $8.95.

'The amazing revelation of how Axis agents & our enemies within are now plotting to destroy the United States'.

170819 CARMICHAEL, Joel. THE SATANIZING OF THE JEWS: Origin and Development of Mystical Anti-Semitism.

NY: Fromm International, 1992. 210 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Fine- in Near Fine dustjacket. DJ spine sunned. No names or markings, bright and clean, appears unread. ISBN: 0880641320 $5.95.

139235 Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, et al. SMEAR AND RUN...An Un-American Activity.

LA: Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, 1954. 30 pages. Small stapled pamphlet. Illustrated. Very Good+. $8.95.

Very scarce.

171290 COHN, Norman. WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The Myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Atlanta: Scholars Press / Brown University, 1981. 285 pages. 1st printing. Trade paperback. Appendices. Bibliography notes. Index. A volume in the Brown University Judaic Studies. Very Good. Clean bright copy with moderate spine fading, small corner crease, rear cover has small inked book title and author. ISBN: 0891304231 $11.95.


NY: Henry Holt, 1955. 315 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Initials front endpaper. Very Good in clean and bright dustjacket which has spine faintly sunstruck, minor edge chipping. $14.95.

'A full & authentic exposure of the Soviet espionage system'. For those with no patience for the 'unfull' story & disdain the 'inauthentic' [are they ever flouted thus?!]. Here is the 'inside story of the 250,000 Communists agents & 500,000 collaborators...' Wow! If only the Communist Party had known...


Royal Oak: Radio League of the Little Flower, 1935. 244 pages. Original trade paperback. Heavily worn wraps, soiling, a bit tender at the binding. Good, decent reading copy. $22.

Rightwing anti-semitic Catholic priest, a fascist radio preacher who inspired the 'Silver Shirts' & commanded quite a following in his day.

129364 COUGHLIN, Rev Charles E. BY THE SWEAT OF THY BROW: A Series of Sermons Broadcast By...

Detroit (Royal Oak): Radio League of the Little Flower, 1931. 191p. 1st edition. Wraps. Damp effects, minor but for top of last few pages (not affecting the text). Cover has small hole worn through, chipped along the rear top edge, a reading copy. $14.

A series of broadcasts from the Shrine of the Little Flower, October, 1930 to February, 1931. From the notorious anti-Semite, virulent anti-communist, & proto-fascist who spawned the Silver Shirts.

131950 COYNE, John R., Jr. THE KUMQUAT STATEMENT: Anarchy in the Groves of Academe.

NY: Cowles, 1970. 213 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Intro by William F. Buckley, Jr. Very Good+ in Very Good- dustjacket with edge wear and some fading rear, price clipped. ISBN: 0402120523 $12.95.

Berkeley & the New Left movement - 'which grew up there & has spread to the rest of the country. It's about universities in general...' You get the drift, a negative appraisal of the New Left.


McLean: Freedom Press, (1938). 316 pages. 1st edition. Trade Paperback original. Cover lightly soiled, otherwise nice tight Very Good copy. $25.

Anti-communist, anti-Roosevelt diatribe. Uncommon tract by the cartoonist who created Skippy issued in a small printing.


Washington: Acropolis, 1984. 208 pages. Hardback. Illustrated, index. Tiny dustjacket tears and very small corner piece missing, otherwise Near Fine in Very Good jacket. ISBN: 087491731X $9.95.

'The shocking story of how the U.S. used this Nazi Criminal as an Intelligence agent.' Well, not so shocking for anyone with a little knowledge of US 'intellignece' history. First hand account by Barbie's US Control Agent.

137034 DEES, Morris with James Corcoran. GATHERING STORM: America's Militia Threat.

NY: HarperCollins, 1996. 254 pages. 3rd printing. Hardback. Photos. Index. A presentation bookplate fixed to front endpaper, to a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Signed by the author. Tiny bump one corner, otherwise Fine in lightly used dustjacket. ISBN: 006017403X $6.95.

'Six months before the Oklahoma City bombing, Morris Dees warned the U.S. Attorney General that the fast growing militia movement posed a serious threats.' Dees explores paramilitary training, tying together events, players & history of militia armies now operating in the US. Includes Death on Ruby Ridge & Waco & Guns. The story of a very dangerous movement.


Sacramento: 20th Century Factfinder, 1971. 213 pages. 1st edition. Trade paperback. Very Good+ but for small corner piece missing one page (not affecting text). $21.

'The story behind the story...now read the facts about our foreign policy'. Rare.


NY: New Century, 1948. 63 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. $9.95.

Political report to the 14th National Convention of the Communist Party, August 2-6, 1948. See Seidman D142.

172161 DEUTSCH, Martin THE 1960 SWASTIKA-SMEARINGS: An Analysis of the Apprehended Youth.

NY: New York Medical College, 1962. 22 pp. First thus. Reprint from MERRILL-PALMER QUARTERLY OF BEHAVIOR & DEVELOPMENT. Very Good. Light sunning along all margins of covers. Sm. crease upper right corner of front cover. $10.95.

130799 DIES, Martin. MARTIN DIES' STORY.

NY: Bookmailer, 1963. 283 pages. Hardback. Name inside cover. Very Good in lightly worn Very Good- dustjacket with tiny tears. $11.95.

Dies headed HUAC for 7 years & here purports to tell the 'inside' story of the fight against those dirty commies.

141609 DILLING, Elizabeth. THE RED NETWORK: A 'Who's Who' & Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots.

Chicago: Dilling, 1935. 338 pages + Index. 5th printing. Hardcover. Index. Good, without dustjacket. Front end paper missing. Rear page is torn. Spine is faded and light damp effect to rear panel. $8.95.


NY: Workers Library, 1935. 62 pages. Stapled paperback. Page edges browned. Very Good-. ISBN: B00085CRMG $11.95.

Abridged compilation from 3 speeches at 7th World Congress of the Communist International. Dimitroff was General Secretary of the Communist International. See Seidman D206.


NY: International Publishers, 1945. 144 pages. 5th edition. Trade paperback. Pages lightly affected throughout from dampness. Good reading copy. ISBN: B000BWUF9I $4.95.

Speeches delivered at 7th World Congress of the Communist International, originally issued under the title The United Front: The Struggle Against Fascism & War. Dimitroff was General Secretary of the Communist International. See Seidman D206.

170905 DOENECKE, Justus. THE LITERATURE OF ISOLATIONISM: A Guide to Non Interventionist Scholarship 1930-1972.

Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles, 1972. 89 pages. Stapled paperback. Index. Near Fine. A few very minor touches of cover soil. ISBN: 0879260165 $19.95.

Revisionist perspective, a bibliographical tool for the study of the 1930s isolationist period in American political and social life, canvassing the writings, ideas, and premises of a generation of Americans who questioned the validity of the theory of collective security, with historical context and reference to the following decades up to, and including, the Vietnam War.


Old Greenwich: Devin-Adair, 1973. 451pp. Hardback. Index. Forward by Thomas A. Lane. Introduction by Frederic Nelson. Very Good+/Very Good+ but for couple tiny dustjacket tears head of spine, tiny minor stain bottom front. ISBN: 0815972113 $5.95.

Rightwing Cold War Warrior takes issue with liberals for pursuing a course of abject surrender to the commies. In the vein of William F. Buckley-John Birch Society. Much moralizing on the New Left & the effects of the Vietnam War.


NY: Ives Washburn, 1961. 274 pages. Stated 1st edition. Hardback. Name stamp top and front endpaper. Rear DJ flap has 'Kiplinger Book Club Edition' printed in small letters. Edge tears with short dig/tear to front panel. $6.95.

Kremlin propaganda & how it slanders the US.


NY: Ives Washburn, 1961. 274p. Stated 1st edition. Hardback. Nice copy, Near Fine- in Very Good+ dustjacket. $6.95.

Kremlin propaganda & how it slanders the US.

131283 ELLSWORTH, Ralph E. & Sara M. Harris. THE AMERICAN RIGHT WING: A Report to the Fund of the Republic .

Washington: Public Affairs Press, 1962. 63 pages. Stapled paperback. References. Owner name stamped lightly front cover and front endpaper, otherwise Very Good+. $22.


Port Townsend: Loompanics Unlimited, 1988. 317 pages. 1st edition thus. Trade paperback. Near Fine. ISBN: 0915179717 $23.

Frank argument for the tyranny of a ruling class. 'In Rudolph Evans' utopia, the warrior elite will have more style & substance than a motorcycle gang, but will rule without a single apology...Evans is thus a long way from National Review-style conservatism. I would place him somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun'.

176551 EWALD, William Bragg, Jr. WHO KILLED JOE McCARTHY?.

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1984. 399 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Remainder spot bottom. In protective glassine. ISBN: 067144946X $7.95.

'The first complete account, based on new documentary evidence, of the Wisconsin Senator's politically fatal confrontation with the Army.' A behind-the-scenes account, by a former Eisenhower staff member, of that administration's efforts to thwart McCarthy.

135412 FAULK, John Henry. FEAR ON TRIAL.

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1964. 398p. 2nd printing. Hardcover. Thin light sunning along top edge, otherwise Very Good+ in Very Good+ dustjacket but for tiny tear rear. ISBN: 0292724438 $14.95.

The Hollywood Blacklist & the author's 6-year experience trying to clear his name. See Seidman F58.

141855 FLAKE, Carol. REDEMPTORAMA: Culture, Politics & the New Evangelicalism.

Garden City: Anchor/Doubleday, 1984. 300 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket with a few tiny tears. Remainder spray bottom. In protective glassine. ISBN: 0385182414 $2.95.

Flake has written numerous articles on popular culture & religion for the Village Voice, Nation & other journals.


Philadelphia: Fireside Press, 1947. 167p. 1st edition. Hardback, navy blue cloth. Very Good. Owner has made some ink page references inside front cover, some very minor ink marginalia to 4-5 pages. No dustjacket. $12.95.

Longtime rightwinger is here concerned with a lack of historical memeory as America is pulled in different directions my leftwing movements.

139211 FOSTER, William Z. COMMUNISM VERSUS FASCISM: A Reply to Those Who Lump Together the Social Systems of the Soviet Union & Nazi Germany.

NY: Workers Library, 1941. 31 pages. 2nd printing. Stapled paperback. Very Good. A few drops of paint or white out on cover, pages browned. ISBN: B0006AQFFI $9.95.

Examines the differences between the Communism of the Soviet Union & the Fascism of Nazi Germany. See Seidman F363.

170901 FRANKEN, Al. LIES and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right

NY: Dutton, 2003. 377 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Fine in Near Fine- dustjacket. Bright, clean, tight, no names, markings, or tears. ISBN: 0525947647 $4.95.

137033 FROMMER, Arthur (ed). GOLDWATER FROM A TO Z: A Critical Handbook.

NY: Frommer/Pasmantier, (1964). 115 pages. Trade paperback original. Name stamp front cover and front endpaper, otherwise Very Good. $5.95.

144032 FURGURSON, Ernest B. HARD RIGHT: The Rise of Jesse Helms.

NY: Norton, 1986. 302 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Near Fine in Very Good dustjacket. DJ has light edgewear, soiling and light yellowing. ISBN: 0393023257 $8.95.

141026 GABLER, Neal. WINCHELL: Gossip, Power & the Culture of Celebrity.

NY: Knopf, 1994. 681 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Photos. Index. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 0679417516 $6.95.

Combines biography with cultural history, of this rightwing Geraldo or Rush of his time, the most influential gossip columnist of the 30's & '40's. Bottom feeders thrive on fear, & Winchell wallowed in it.


Boston: Western Islands, 1972. 639 pages. Hardback. Foredge has a couple small light spots and touch of soil, otherwise nice clean Very Good+ copy in clean and bright price clipped dustjacket with a few tiny tears and small chip rear. ISBN: 9998446244 $11.95.

The John Birch Society director of 'research' & the publisher of The Red Web bring you its clear, precise & non-ideological slant on real life. (Remember the Domino Theory? Remember that the collapse of communism in Russia is a Commie Conspiracy to take over the world?). Includes organizations & individuals it deems Ultra-Left Commie Rats. For all that, in lieu of any decent comprehensive dictionaries of the left, taken for what they are, these books provide some detail & background reference.


Boston: Western Islands, (1973). 667 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Index. Near Fine in Very Good+ dustjacket. $9.95.

John Birch Society director of 'research' & the publisher of The Red Web bring you its clear, precise & non-ideological slant on real life. (Remember the Domino Theory? The collapse of Russian communism as a Commie Conspiracy to take over the world?). Includes organizations & individuals deemed Ultra-Left Commie Rats. For all that, in lieu of decent comprehensive dictionaries of the left, taken for what they are, these books provide some detail & background reference.


NY: Workers Library, 1943. 23 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Very Good. Price blocked. Cheap paper bit browned, tiny cover tear head of spine fold. ISBN: B0007DWQ66 $11.95.

Communist take on Rickenbacker, an acclaimed war hero - & member of the America First Committee, anti-labor/labor baiter, & a Nazi sympathizer as late as 1940 when it was not so fashionable. See Seidman G34.

142527 GARRETT, Garet. EX AMERICA.

Caldwell: Caxton Press, 1951. 42 pages. 2nd printing the same month of publication. Trade paperback. Good. Light cover soil. Wallet style edges have tiny tears. $12.95.

Rightwing 'libertarian' writer & editorial editor of the 'Saturday Evening Post', Garrett was a relentless critic of ideologies 'alien' to 'Americanism', etc. An anti-socialist, anti-Roosevelt, anti-New Deal tract. The American people are compared to a herd of wild bison now held captive in the Valley of Security.

168632 GIBBON, Edward [Peter P. Witonski, ed.]. GIBBON FOR MODERNS: The History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire with Lessons for America Today.

New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1974. 347 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Name front endpaper, small dent bottom rear cover edge. Jacket edgewear along top, small tear rear. Pages clean and bright throughout. ISBN: 0870001981 $5.95.

Wintonski, a fellow at the rightwing Hoover Institution, comments on selections from Gibbon's six-volume classic, The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire. For this rightwing publisher he identifies what he considers parallels of conditions in the late Roman Empire & American society [fags? longhaired girly-boys? pinko collectivists?]. Or American Empire as Gore Vidal would insist.

170342 GIBBS, Margaret. THE DAR.

NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969. 244 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Bibliography. Index. Near Fine in Very Good+ dustjacket. DJ has light top & bottom edge wear, price clipped. In protective mylar. ISBN: 003065565X $9.95.

History of the racist & class-based organization. Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in the 19th century as the 'American' answer to blacks, Native Americans, Jews, immigrants & the labor class, enforcing a strict social code and a system of values designed to keep 'their' country clean of the filth & rabble. One of those ironic 'un-American' organizations that hides behind the flag & rhetoric of 'patriotism'.

135891 GIRVIN, Brian. THE RIGHT IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: Conservatism & Democracy.

London: Pinter, 1994. 230p. First Edition. Hardcover, Dark blue printed glossy covers. Lightly rubbed, Near Fine. No dustjacket, apparently as issued. ISBN: 0861879813 $45.

In print at 90 bucks. Scarce.

171291 GITLOW, Benjamin. THE WHOLE OF THEIR LIVES: Communism in America - A Personal History & Intimate Portrayal of Its Leaders.

NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1948. 387 pages. First printing / edition. Foreword by Max Eastman. Very Good+. Nice solid copy with light corner wear. No names or markings. Lacks the dustjacket. $6.95.

Memoirs of a former 'Daily Worker' editor who became disillusioned and flipped to the right. See 'Seidman G151'.

126505 GRAVES, Ralph H. THE TRIUMPH OF AN IDEA: The Story of Henry Ford.

Garden City: Doubleday, Doran, 1934. 184pp. 1st edition. Small hardback. Frontis. Photos. Very Good in clean but edge worn dustjacket, tape mended on reverse side. $6.95.

Highlights of 50 years in which Ford became one of America's great industrial powers. Does not deal with his anti-Semitism or pro-fascist sympathies. His company was one a number of American companies which allowed their factories to produce vital supplies for the Nazi war machine against Allied soldiers during WWII.

139223 HALL, Gus. THE ELEVENTH HOUR: Defeat the New Fascist Threat!.

NY: New Outlook, 1964. 22 pages. Tall stapled paperback. Very Good. Clean and tight. ISBN: B0007FCH72 $9.95.

Anti-Goldwater tract from the Communist Party head.

142320 HARGIS, Billy James. THE FAR LEFT.

Tulsa: Christian Crusade, 1964. 288 pages. 1st edition, 1st printing. Mass Market paperback. Very Good. Bright copy with edge wear, spine reading crease. $12.95.

Far right whacko expose of the far left, an artifact of cold war paranoia & usual red baiting. Cartoon of the statue of liberty stabbed with a hammer & sickle sword on cover. Hargis was head honcho of the Christian Crusade. Surprisingly uncommon given the large number (50,000) printed.

171171 HAYEK, Friedrich A. THE ROAD TO SERFDOM.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1975. 248 pages. Trade paperback. Index. Very Good. Clean, bright and tight but for binding crack starting. $6.95.

Standard rightwing preference for the cash-register over humanity, an apologia for authoritarianism on the right rather than the left. 'A Classic Warning Against the Dangers to Freedom Inherent in Social Planning'.

171418 HAYWARD, Steven F. THE REAL JIMMY CARTER: How Our Worst Ex-President Undermines American Foreign Policy, Coddles Dictators and Created the Party of Clinton and Kerry.

Regnery, 2004. 262 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Notes. Index. Fine in Fine- dustjacket. No names or markings. ISBN: 0895260905 $7.95.

Surprising rightwing frothing from this press. Apparently no one has ever heard of Dick Nixon (I Am Not A Crook), Gerald 'Bubble Gum' Ford or George 'Codpiece' Bush (The Younger).


NY: Taplinger, 1967. 212 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Selected bibliography. Index. Very Good in Very Good- dustjacket. DJ has short tear top front edge, tiny tear top rear. Price clipped, tiny label removal scar front endpaper. Clean and bright throughout. ISBN: B0007DQGNA $9.95.

A journalist chronicles Ford's effort to engineer a cease-fire during the Great War to End All Wars. (Ford, of course was a vicious & active Jew-hater & was a Hitler sympathizer during WWII, making money in Germany while the American boys were dying).

170713 HESS, Ilse. RUDOLF HESS: Prisoner of Peace; The Flight to Britain and its Aftermath.

Torrance: Institute of Historical Review, 1984. 151 pages. Trade paperback. Translated by Meyrick Booth, edited by George Pile, Foreword to the English edition by G.S. Oddie. Fine but for small stray felt tip mark inside front cover. Unread. ISBN: 0939484021 $11.95.

Collection of letters between Hess, his wife and relatives, and her letters to him from an internment camp post-WWII. Reprinted by a publishing house notorious for its Holocaust denial, efforts to vindicate Hitler and his Nazi regime, and one-time darling of American rightwing-nuts and politicos.

170760 HOROWITZ, David. RADICAL SON: A Generational Odyssey.

NY: Free Press, 1997. 1st printing, 1st edition. Hardback. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 068482793X $9.95.

His story from 60's Radical to 90's right-winger.

170761 HOROWITZ, David. HATING WHITEY And Other Progressive Causes.

Spence Publishing, 1999. 1st printing, 1st edition. Hardback. Fine in Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 189062621X $5.95.

From dishonest Lefty to dishonest RightWingNut, much in the mold of TailGunner Joe McCarthy - and a bigot to boot - now camped over on FoxNews.


LA: Center for the Study of Popular Culture, 2002. 1st printing, 1st edition. Stapled paperback. Fine. $25.

Shameless right-winger, red-baiter, & happy camper on FoxNews, etc., who has been caught out numerous times for his lousy 'research' & bald lies.

133956 HUIE, William Bradford. THE KLANSMAN.

NY: Delacorte, 1967. 303 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. DJ scuffed, shelfworn, Very Good/Very Good. ISBN: 0491004400 $7.95.

Novel of post-1965, in the aftermath of the Selma March, where the Klan is revived with devastating effects on white & black citizens alike.

137032 HUTTON, J. Bernard. THE SUBVERTERS.

New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1972. 266 pages. First Edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket, light spine sunning, price clipped and tiny closed tear rear. ISBN: 0870001698 $6.95.

Red Icebergs & a commie under every bed revealed - the communist plot to subvert the West, spelling out the techniques being used. From a rightwing publisher.

137035 JANSON, Donald & Bernard Eisman. THE FAR RIGHT.

NY: McGraw Hill, 1963. 259 pages. Hardback. Very Good+ in bright Very Good+ dustjacket which has two tiny edge tears. In protective glassine. ISBN: B0007DETPW $12.95.

Report on the character, activities, & background of right-wing groups in America in the late 50s & early 60s..


Chicago: Regnery, 1962. 230 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Presentation copy, inscribed and Signed by the author and dated the year of publication. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket but for tiny edge chips and a few small edge tears. $12.95.

An expert on the Soviet Union, having served with the Office of Naval Intelligence, exposes the facts behind the Cold War & argues we have abandoned the will to win, are subservient to the United Nations, allies, etc.

127758 JOHNSON, Frank Woodruff. THE OCTOPUS.

Omaha: published by the Author, (1940). 256 pages. Trade paperback. Frontis. Index. Very Good. Nice clean copy with a page corner turned down. $29.

Rightwing anti-Semitic hate literature by a loving Reverend. Rant against Jews & the B'nai B'rith & its part in the horrid Commie plot to take over the US, eliminate Christianity, & other minor schemes such as taking over the world. Names many important persons involved in the alleged conspiracy & their transgressions & unsavory affiliations. Scarce.

121159 KAUFFMAN, Bill. AMERICA FIRST!: Its History, Culture & Politics.

NY: Prometheus Books, 1995. 296p. 1st edition. Hardback. Foreword by Gore Vidal. Review copy with promo sheet laid in. Fine in lightly rubbed DJ. ISBN: 0879759569 $11.95.

The heritage, present, & political future of a nationalist movement known for its isolationist stance & opposition to giant government bureaucracy, & economic globalism. Looks at past proponents, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Jack Kerouac & Senator J. William Fulbright, as well as today's Ross Perot & Pat Buchanan.


Louisville: Kentuckians Against KUAC, n.d. (ca. 1970?). 23p. Stapled paperback. Illustrated. Near Fine. $14.95.


Louisville: Kentuckians Against KUAC, n.d. (ca. 1970?). 23p. Stapled paperback. Illustrated. Near Fine. $14.95.

With Herblock cartoon on the front cover, with HUAC grilling a 'wintess': 'All we want is the truth as we see it.' Well said.


NY: Doubleday, 1989. 415 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Notes. Index. Fine- in Near Fine dustjacket. DJ has very light shelf rubbing. ISBN: 0385238800 $9.95.

An other left-winger gone bad...he just did it sooner than some of the New Lefters. Solid portrait of a rightwingnut & his whacky whacky world.

139217 KUCZYNSKI, Jurgen & M. Witt. ECONOMICS OF BARBARISM: Hitler's New Economic Order in Europe.

NY: International Publishers, 1942. 64 pages. Small Trade paperback. Tables. Very Good. Clean and tight copy. ISBN: B0006DCSFG $17.95.

170021 LANE, Thomas A. VIETNAM: Observations on American Policies.

Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1967. 20 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good+. Light browning at the cover edges. ISBN: B0007GRPVY $30.

Right-wing attacks on American military policy, reprinting a number of his newspaper columns from 1966-67. Former president of Americans for Constitutional Action, he opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose socialism or welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1965. 11 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. 4 sentences ink underlined. Light browning at the cover edges. $30.

Lane was president of the right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action. They opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose Corporate socialism or welfare or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget). Rare.


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1966. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. 5 sentences pages have ink underlining. Light browning at the cover edges. $30.

Lane was president of the right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action. Opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. They did not appear to oppose Corporate socialism or welfare to the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget). Rare.

168094 LEHOVICH, Dimitry V. WHITE AGAINST RED: The Life of General Anton Denikin.

NY: Norton, 1974. 556 pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardback. Maps. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Top lightly soiled, some faint foxing fore edge. Front endpaper has small name label removal scar, tiny initial emboss on title page. Jacket bright with a few tiny tears and a thin wrinkle along the top rear edge. ISBN: 0393074854 $14.95.

Biography of the rightwing general by a participant in his army. Includes some references to Makhno, the anarchist guerilla who fought both the Bolshevik & reactionary White armies. (More on Makhno, google the online Anarchist Encyclopedia).

171283 LEISER, Erwin. NAZI CINEMA.

NY: Macmillan, 1975. 179 pages. 1st US printing / edition. Hardback. Illustrated. Bibliography, filmography, appendix, index. Translated from the German by Gertrud Mander and David Wilson. Very Good+ but for faint fore-edge stain, in Very Good+ dustjacket but for spine fading to red lettering. Book is clean and solid, no names or markings. Jacket is clean and bright, no tears. $14.95.

Examination of notorious & forgotten Nazi films including Triumph of the Will, Friesennot, Heimkehr, Jud Suss, Ich klage an & others, showing how Hitler's Ministry of Popular Entertainment converted German cinema into a cog in the Nazi propaganda machine.

134449 LENS, Sidney. THE FUTILE CRUSADE: Anti-Communism As American Credo.

Chicago: Quadrangle, (1964). 256p. 1st edition. Hardback. Intro by Linus Pauling. Nice Very Good copy in Very Good dustjacket. $18.

'This provocative book, based upon solid research, demands a fresh reappraisal of America's posture in world affairs.' See Seidman L177.

125790 LEVINE, Isaac Don (ed.). PLAIN TALK: An Anthology From the Leading Anti-Communist Magazine of the 40s.

New Rochelle: Arlington Press, 1976. 464pp. 1st edition. Hardback. Appendix. Very Good+ in lightly used dustjacket with light wear at the extremities, tiny edge tear, price clipped. ISBN: 0870003488 $8.95.

Selections from 70 authors from this short-lived right-wing magazine, including Levine, Margaret Mitchell, Victor Serge, Bertrand Russell, George Schuyler, Ayn Rand, Eugene Lyons, Max Eastman, Howard Rushmore & Clare Boothe Luce.


Washington: Monticello Books, 1976. 98p. 1st printing. Trade paperback, printed yellow-orange wraps. Bibliographical note. Very Good+. ISBN: B0006CV71I $6.95.

Rightwing tract. 'The anatomy of the Soviet threat in the Caribbean & its violation of the Monroe Doctrine revealed in the light of the aggression of the Russian-Cuban Axis in Angola'.


Berkeley: Institute of Industrial Relations, 1960. 38p. Stapled paperback pamphlet. Notes. Very Good. $16.

Offprint from the 'British Journal of Sociology', Reprint #141.

134424 LOKOS, Lionel. HOUSE DIVIDED: The Life & Legacy of Martin Luther King.

New Rochelle: Arlington, 1968. 567p. 1st edition. Hardback. Minor soil pages edges. DJ edge worn. Very Good/Very Good. ISBN: B00005W30T $7.95.

A right-wing view - Lokos believes King's primary legacy is lawlessness, that his nonviolent movement could only plant the seeds of violence.

170689 LUCE, Phillip Abbott. ROAD TO REVOLUTION: Communist Guerilla Warfare in the USA.

San Diego: Viewpoint, 1967. 174 pages. 2nd printing of the 1st edition (same year of publication). Mass Market paperback. Index. Near Fine-. Tiny touch of discolor top, thin vertical reading crease front cover along the spine. Bright, clean and tight, no names, markings. $3.95.

By a former Communist Party member & radical who once edited the Progressive Labor magazine who now sensationally determines to expose their intentions, Reader's Digest style: 'Negro Ghettos,' 'Riots and Terror in American Cities' - eatcher heart out Geraldo Rivera!.


NY: Random House, 1988. 165p. 1st US edition. Hardback. Photos. Intro by John Fowles. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. ISBN: 0394570022 $9.95.

Story behind the murder of nearly all 700 inhabitants of a French village by the German SS during WWII.


Beverly Hills: New Millennium, 2002. 132 pp. Third printing. Hardcover, 9.5 x 11 inches. Black, paper boards with bronze stamping on spine. Multiple color illustrations. Fine, in a Very Good+ dust cover. Dj: with light creasing about upper & lower edges, mostly front panel - in protective glassine. ISBN: 1893224740 $14.95.

Rightwing stuff.


NY: Mount Vernon, 1938. 285 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Gold-stamped green cloth. Illustrated. Small damp stain foredge otherwise bright front covers with light show-through foredge of dustjacketwhich is also darkened along the spine. Interior clean and bright. Very Good. $14.95.

'The experience of a leading fellow-traveler before he became a political & economic conservative.' The author was active in the CPUSA's 'united front' movement before he testified before HUAC in 1938. Includes many facsimiles of documents & a list of left-wing organizations. See Seidman M136.

125962 MAYER, Andrew, John Mayer & Jim Becker, (eds.) [William Loeb]. PROTECT THE PRESIDENT! & other Outrageous Editorials From the Ultra-right Newspaper Publisher.

Meredith: Intervale Publishing, 1979. 101 pages. 1st edition. Softcover original, 4to. Illustrated. Very Good+. ISBN: 0932400019 $18.95.

Reproduces Loeb's editorials. Proof it doesn't take any smarts to publish a newspaper or anything other than being whacko to corner the market on 'patriot' as he one-handedly saves America from the Reds. Scarce.

160771 McDONALD, Lawrence. TROTSKYISM AND TERROR: The Strategy of Revolution.

Washington: ACU Education & Research Institute, 1978. 109p. 2nd printing. Stapled Trade paperback. Intro. by M. Stanton Evans. Foreword by Marx Lewis. Near Fine. ISBN: B0006EPLYU $40.

Rightwing tract arguing that the Socialist Workers Party was a terrorist organization. McDonald, the head of the John Birch Society, died in the crash of KAL 007.


NY: Benziger Brothers, (1939). 345p. Hardback. Preface by Fulton Sheen. Name sticker front endpaper, card pocket inside rear cover, otherwise Near Fine in lightly used Very Good dustjacket with a couple edge tears. In protective glassine. $14.95.

133827 McINTYRE, Thomas J. with John C. Obert. THE FEAR BROKERS.

NY: Pilgrim, 1979. 350 pages. Hardback. Intro by Senator Mark Hatfield. Very Good/Very Good. Faint ink stamp front panel of the dustjacket, name inside cover. ISBN: 0829803572 $7.95.

A book on the dangers of the emerging New Right by this US Senator.

133828 McINTYRE, Thomas J. with John C. Obert. THE FEAR BROKERS.

NY: Pilgrim, 1979. 350 pages. Hardback. Intro by Senator Mark Hatfield. Name inside cover. Tiny edge tear rear of dustjacket, otherwise Very Good+/Very Good+. ISBN: 0829803572 $11.95.

A book on the dangers of the emerging New Right by this US Senator.

169759 MOREELL, Ben. OUR DESTINATION -- Bondage or Freedom?.

Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 14 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on 3 pages. Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. ISBN: B0007I8R7I $20.

Moreell, Chairman of the Board of Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation in the 1950s, didn't like government ownership of land, aid to higher education, anti-14th Amendment (equal rights), & many government regulatory agencies. A former Admiral, we don't see him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1962. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on two pages (two sentences on one, a single line on the other). Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. ISBN: B0007I04LU $20.

Moreell, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, aid to higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. A former Admiral, we don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-tanning along the spine. $20.

Address to the 6th Human Events Political Action Conference. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 16 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Cover has a little soiling along the spine and edges. Short, neat ink underlining on six pages (usually a word or two). $20.

Address to the 6th Human Events Political Action Conference. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, & most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 11 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine-. Short, neat ink underlining on two pages. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. $20.

Address to the Regional Conference for Conservatives, Birmingham, Alabama. Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, the income tax, inheritance tax, 14th Amendment (equal rights) & most government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (which squanders over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1963. 8 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007I8JB2 $20.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Philadelphia: Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, 1964. 20 pages. Stapled paperback. With printed memorandum laid in, asking the reader to pass along to their personal doctor or dentist. Near Fine. Cover has a little age-discoloring along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007I9Q3C $20.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1966. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has faint age-tanning along the spine and edges. ISBN: B0007G3L3U $20.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & many government regulatory offices. Don't see anything by him opposing socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (squandering over half the government budget).


Washington: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1964. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Near Fine. Cover has faint age-tanning along the spine and edges. Extremely neat ink underlining throughout. $16.

Moreell, Chairman of Americans for Constitutional Action, opposed government ownership of land, funding higher education, income tax, inheritance tax, & many government regulatory offices; he argues free men in a free republic need no other ruler than a Sky God. He doesn't appear to oppose socialism & welfare to Big Business or the national security police state / military establishment (the black hole where over half the government budget goes).


no place: J & L Steel, 1955. 22 pages. Stapled paperback. Good. Clean and solid, but ink underlining and a few sentences crossed out (appears to have been edited for some purpose of the owner); readable throughout, a reading copy. ISBN: B000I85ISS $9.95.

Moreell, Chairman of Jones & Laughlin Steel, & right-wing Americans for Constitutional Action activist, in a speech delivered in Houston, Texas, October 1955. He opposed big government & social welfare programs for the poor & middle class but appeared to support Corporate welfare & the American military state & it's burgeoning global empire.

139232 MORTON, Joseph. HOW THE CRADLE OF LIBERTY WAS ROBBED: The Awful Truth About a Law to Muzzle People & Leash Unions.

NY: New Century, 1955. 15 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. ISBN: B0007FLLQ0 $9.95.

Denunciation of the Communist Control Law of 1954 as a grave blow to liberty. See Seidman M424.

127674 National Federation for Constitutional Liberties. INVESTIGATE MARTIN DIES!.

Washington: National Federation for Constitutional Liberties, 1942. 51 pages. 1st edition. Stapled paperback. Appendices. Index. Edges of cover lightly discolored, one corner lightly bumped, otherwise Very Good. $28.

'A statement submitted to the Department of Justice ... calling for a Grand Jury investigation of Rep. Martin Dies' relationship to the pro-Axis network in the US. An appendix documents the friendly relations between the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, headed by Dies, & pro-Axis propagandists indicted for conspiracy.' - Seidman. Very scarce.

170757 NOVACK, George E. [James T. Farrell, foreword]. WITCH HUNT IN MINNESOTA: The Federal Prosecution of the Socialist Workers Party and Local 544 - C.I.O.

NY: Civil Rights Defense Committee, n.d. [ca. 1941]. 23 pages. Stapled paperback. Very Good. Covers browned at the edges. Stamped by the Los Angeles branch of the Civil Rights Defense Committee top front cover. A fragile item. $17.95.

First use of the Smith Act. Two-page foreword by James T. Farrell, headed, 'Why This Case is So Important.'.

138397 O'NEILL, William L. [Max Eastman]. THE LAST ROMANTIC: A Life of Max Eastman.

NY: Oxford University, 1978. 339 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Illustrated. Notes. Index. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket but for short tear, touch of fading along top cover edge. ISBN: 0195024052 $8.95.

Reveals the dynamics behind Eastman's several careers & political transformations from left to right. Provides, through an examination of Eastman's papers, new insight into his life as editor, poet, journalist, & intellectual.


Garden Grove: Organizational Research Associates, nd. 9p. Stapled paperback. Very Good-. Front cover foredge is chipped and the pamphlet has a vertical crease from having been folded in half. $15.

Rightwing tract painting the American Civil Liberties Union as a communist front. The letter 'C' in ACLU on the cover title is, of course, a hammer & sickle.


Columbia: University of Missouri, 1976. 206 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Bibliography. Index. Fine in fine dustjacket. In protective glassine. ISBN: 0826201881 $14.95.

132756 PERIODICAL. BOROSON, Warren (ed.). FACT: Volume Three Issue Two. March-April 1966. Reader's Digest is Dishonest, Ignorant, Irresponsible, John Birchite...

NY: Fact Publishing, 1966. 64 pages. Oversize trade paperback, illustrated wraps. Illustrated. Very Good+. $14.95.

Guest illustrator Etienne Delessert. Bimonthly magazine, 'An antidote to the timidity & corruption of the American Press'. A worthy, if lost, cause.

125925 PERIODICAL. HUNTER, Edward (ed.). TACTICS. [Volume 1-7, 1964-1970].

Arlington: Privately published by Edward Hunter, 1964-1970. 7 volume set, 1-7, 1964-1970. 1st editions. Oversize Hardbacks. Burgundy cloth with gold lettering on spine and cover. Illustrated. Indexed. Two presentation copies, Signed by the author and two other copies Signed by the author (four total). Each volume Fine to Near Fine condition, no dustjackets, as issued. $225.

Each volume consists of 12 issues of the monthly periodical, 'Tactics', 'a monthly publication for Anti-Communist Liaison' Edited by the veteran Cold War Warrior /anti-Red author of The Black Book on China, prepared for 'The Committee of One Million (Against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations)', & Brain-Washing in Red China (1951). Hunter was also a journalist with Newsweek & The New Leader.

171276 PERIODICAL. MILLS, Alden (editor). ARETE: Forum For Thought. January / February 1989, Volume 1, Issue 4.

San Diego: Arete, 1989. 80 pages. Large stapled magazine. Illustrated. ISSN 1041-0414. Very Good+. Bright and clean. $25.

Includes articles on white supremacy movement, the streets of Amsterdam, profile of Malcolm McLaren and much more.


March-April, 1981. 167p. Trade paperback. [Vol 11, #2]. VG+. $4.95.

Articles on Women's Role in the 1980s, the Right Reconstructs America, The Roots of Italian Terrorism.

167728 PETREU, Marta. AN INFAMOUS PAST: E.M. Cioran & the Rise of Fascism in Romania.

Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2005. [xiv] 332 pages. 1st printing/edition. Hardback. Chronology, notes, index. Foreword by Norman Manea. Fine in Fine- dustjacket. Unread. ISBN: 1566636078 $17.95.

Many Romanian intellectuals were seduced by fascist ideology during the interwar years-& Cioran, an 'aphorist of humorous despair,' was haunted by this legacy. He eventually renounced nationalism, famously stating 'I have no nationality-the best possible status for an intellectual.' William Gass called his work 'a philosophical romance on modern themes of alienation, absurdity, boredom, futility, decay, the tyranny of history, the vulgarities of change, awareness as an agony, reason as disease.' Petreu details the ultranationalist, pro-Christian ideology of the Legion of the Archangel Michael, a movement of intellectuals that gained prominence in Romania after WWI.


Kanona: J&C Transcripts, 1964. 81p. Paperback. Very Good. $9.95.

Anti-communist crank, none-to-pleased with a country gone-to-hell (liberalism) either.

126698 POWELL, S. Steven. COVERT CADRE: Inside the Institute for Policy Studies.

Ottawa: Green Hill, 1987. 469pp. 1st edition. Hardback. Photos, appendices. Notes. Index. Intro by David Horowitz. Large gift stamp from right wing foundation front endpaper, otherwise quite close to Fine in lightly rubbed dustjacket. ISBN: 0915463393 $9.95.

Rightwing Cold War warrior book, concerned with traitors, subversives & Bolshies at the IPS serving Russian masters in a plot to put a commie under every American bed. Horowitz, who does the intro is a former left-wing ideologue now gone 'right', & the fall is shameless.


NY: Stein & Day, 1982. 819 pages. Book Club edition, Trade paperback. Photos. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Tiny tear foot of front cover fold, otherwise a nice tight Very Good copy. ISBN: 0812823370 $5.95.

Biography of a thorough anti-American best known for his legacy of peeping into American bedrooms, bald-faced lies, phony lists of 'known communists' & the darling of right-wingers & liberals during the 1950s.

138168 ROBERTS, Archibald E. PEACE: By the Wonderful People Who Brought You Korea & Vietnam.

Fullerton: Educator Publications, 1972. 376 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Intro by John Rarick. Very Good in Good dustjacket. Light foxing outside page edges. Jacket spine sunned, with a two large chips. In protective glassine. $12.95.

Extreme rightwing indictment of the forced wars, mongrelization of America, & it's UN dupes (mattoids, etc.). Basically an anti-United Nations tract by a former Army officer. 'The house god of the United Nations Organization was originally billed as Zeus, great fornicator & father of Ares, god of war. This seven-foot pagan deity was recently renamed Poseidon, god of the sea, by the world government body.' Goes downhill from here...

170031 ROCHE, George Charles III. FREDERIC BASTIAT: A Man Alone.

NY: Arlington House, 1971. 256 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Notes. Index. A volume in the 'Architects of Freedom' series. Near Fine- in Very Good dustjacket. Jacket and book clean and bright. Jacket has a little scattered light scuffing and edge wear, very tiny tears head and foot of the spine, small closed tear top front edge. ISBN: 0870001167 $7.95.

Bio of a popular 'lazy faire' propagandist of 19th century France (alone? not hardly). Advocate of free trade & economic individualism (rough translation: owners of the country are free to loot the people, & the commoners get none of the support (state socialism) business interests wallow in. A contemporary rightwinger perspective from this conservative publisher. (It's a theme!).

130688 ROCHE, George. THE FALL OF THE IVORY TOWER: Government Funding, Corruption, & the Bankrupting of American Higher Education.

Washington: Regnery, 1994. 310 pages. 1st edition. Trade paperback. Notes. Index. Foreword by Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr. Bookplate affixed front endpaper, Signed by the author. Fine. ISBN: 0895264870 $5.95.

Rightwing perspective.

136685 ROSS, Walter S. THE LAST HERO: Charles A. Lindbergh.

NY: Harper & Row, 1968. 402p. Later printing. Hardback. Photos, notes, index, bibliographic references, index. Near Fine- in lightly scuffed Very Good+ DJ with a few tiny edge tears. ISBN: B000EOAE12 $9.95.

Biography of the pioneer aviator, his trials & tribulations from his barnstorming days to his overtly pro-Nazi days to his later years.

157524 SCHMALTZ, William H. HATE: George Lincoln Rockwell & the American Nazi Party.

Dulles: Brassey's, 2000. 388 pages. 1st Trade paperback edition. Photos. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Foreword by George Victor. Near Fine. Appears unread. ISBN: 1574882627 $5.95.

First biography of this fun guy, founder the American Nazi party. Details of Rockwell's bizarre, hate-filled life. Not as sophisticated or glib as today's neo-Cons, in Rockwell one finds the radical right agenda sans the intellectual window-dressing.

171135 SETON-WATSON, Hugh. THE IMPERIALIST REVOLUTIONARIES: Trends in World-Communism in the 1960s & 1970s.

Stanford: Hoover Institution, 1979. x,157 pages. 2nd printing of the 1st edition. Trade paperback. Index of names. Foreword by Richard Staar. Publications Series No. 193, Hoover International Studies. Very Good+. Light corner crease top front corner of the cover. Bright and clean, no names, markings, spine creases or tears. ISBN: 0817969322 $7.5.


Middle Village: Jonathan David, 1984. 172p. 1st edition. Hardback. Forward by Emmanuel Rackman. Near Fine in rubbed Very Good dustjacket. ISBN: 0824603301 $1.95.

The authorized official version of Falwell's public postures.


London/NY: J.M. Dent / E.P. Dutton, Everyman's Library, 1977. xxvi,441, 455 pages. 2 Volumes in One. Hardback, gilt-stamped powder blue boards. Index. No. 412 in the 'Everyman's Library' series. Introduction by William Letwin. Very Good+ in Very Good dustjacket. Clean bright book with outer page edges age-tanned. DJ has light edge wear and wear at the corners. ISBN: 0460004123 $30.

Smith proposed the doctrine of laissez-faire - that governments should not interfere in economic affairs and that free trade increases wealth.


NY: Scribner's, 1922. xxxii+320 pp. Hardback. Fold-out map. Index. Good. Name to front endpaper; back hinge starting to crack. ISBN: B0006DDT8G $25.


NY: American League Against War & Fascism, 1935. 19 pages. Stapled paperback. Good. Bit worn all-around, fold crease, ink spot front cover with show-through affecting text on inside cover note (still readable). $9.95.

131781 SUALL, Irwin. THE AMERICAN ULTRAS: The Extreme Right & the Military-Industrial Complex.

NY: League for Industrial Democracy, 1962. 64 pages. Revised edition. Stapled paperback. Introduction by Norman Thomas. Cover spine discolored, small tear head of spine, light scuffing, Very Good. $13.

Covers the John Birch Society, Fred Schwarz' so-called Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, Billy Hargis & other proto-fascist precursors to Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson, & the present hip New Right. Suall was active in the Socialist Party & a trade union activist with the Seafarers' & ILGW.

171317 SWAIN, Carol M. THE NEW WHITE NATIONALISM: It's Challenge to Integration.

Cambridge University, 2002. 526 pages. 1st printing / edition. Bibliography. Index. Fine in Fine- dustjacket. Appears unread. ISBN: 0521808863 $11.95.


NY: Monthly Review, 1954. 23 pages. Stapled paperback pamphlet. 'Monthly Review Pamphlet Series, #8'. ISBN: B0007FF7ZQ $8.

170664 TAYLOR, Edmond, Edgar Snow, & Eliot Janeway. SMASH HITLER'S INTERNATIONAL: The Strategy of a Political Offensive Against the Axis.

NY: Greystone, 1941. 96 pages. 1st printing / edition. Small Hardback. Near Fine in Very Good dustjacket. Bookplate front endpaper. Light corner wear to covers. DJ spine quite sunned, otherwise bright with small chip top front edge. $19.95.

Three journalists expose fascist propaganda techniques & present countermeasures for democracies.

169961 TROTSKY, Leon. FASCISM: What it is & How to Fight It.

NY: Pathfinder, 1987. 31 pages. Stapled paperback. Notes. Introduction by George Weissman. Fine but for name neatly writ top rear cover. ISBN: 0873481062 $4.95.

128273 TRYTHALL, J.W.D. EL CAUDILLO 1892-1970: The Political Biography of Franco.

NY: McGraw-Hill, (1970). 304 pages. Hardback. Maps. Photos. Foreword by Raymond Carr. Near Fine, DJ price clipped, with a few minor scuffs. $12.

The political life of the Fascist ruler of Spain for 30 years, & a chronicle of the historical events that shaped his career.

170418 TUCCILLE, Jerome. RADICAL LIBERTARIANISM: A New Political Alternative.

NY: Harper & Row/Perennial Library, 1971. 130 pages. 1st edition thus, with a new introduction. Quality Mass Market paperback. Perennial # P225. Very Good+. $14.95.

Rightwing anarchism. Documents a breakaway from Conservatism by many 60s capitalists and an emerging Left-Right Coalition politics.

134756 TYSON, James L. TARGET AMERICA: The Influence of Communist Propaganda on US Media.

Chicago: Regnery Gateway, 1981. 284p. 1st edition. Hardback. Appendices. Signed by the author. Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket in protective glassine. ISBN: 0895266717 $11.95.

Preface by Reed Irvine (editor of the right-wing Accuracy in Media newsletter). (But aren't US media & Commie propaganda one & the same!?).

166019 U.S. SENATE, Committee on the Judiciary. [Otto F. Otepka]. STATE DEPARTMENT SECURITY -- 1963-1965 THE OTEPKA CASE - XI: Hearings Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act & Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-Ninth Congress, Second Session; Part 13.

Washington: US Government Printing Office, 1966. vii, pp951-1028 +3p index. Stapled paperback. Very Good+. $30.

Testimony of Otto F. Otepka [a top-level State Department security official booted by the department], et al. Part 13 of an extensive series of hearings held during 1963, 1964 & part of 1965 on 'State Department Security'. This volume presents partial testimony of Otto F. Otepka, with other testimony released in other volumes grouped on the testimony of a particular subject.

127784 U.S. SENATE, Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act & Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary. LIMITATION OF APPELLATE JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT (THE 'SUPPRESSED' REPORT).

Belmont: American Opinion, n.d. [ca 1962]. Stapled wraps. Near Fine. $11.95.

James Eastland committee sees the Supreme Court as a tool of communist conquest of America as it espouses the Commmunist Party line. Bound with a speech by Eastland & a petition to impeach Earl Warren. Reprint by rightwing publisher.


Miami: Union Deportiva De Cuba Libre, n.d. [1963?]. 30p. Stapled paperback. Photos. Owners odd mark inside front cover, small label removal stain bottom front cover, Very Good. $20.

Right wing (Union Deportiva Cuba Libre) 'Sports Union of Free Cuba' warning to athletes regards communist subversion.

127098 WALSH, Edmund A. TOTAL EMPIRE: The Roots & Progress of World Communism.

Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing, (1951). 293 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Appendices. Index. Name front endpaper. Very Good in clean and bright, but heavily chipped dustjacket with small tears. $12.95.

A Catholic priest fulminates on Communism & Russia, favorite topics of the 50s.


NY: Macmillan, 1961. 210 pages. 1st edition. Hardback. Index. A volume in the 'Crucial Age' series. Very Good in Very Good dustjacket but for a few tiny jacket tears. ISBN: B0006AXAR4 $7.95.

'What you must know about Mao Tse-tung's plan for world conquest'. Yup.


Marion: Ruby Ridge, Inc., 1998. 174 pp. Trade paperback. Bibliography. Good. Stress marks on cover along spine; spine worn and creased; edgewear to covers; pages slightly curled from previous read. Makes a good reading copy. ISBN: 0966433408 $12.95.

127999 WESTIN, Alan. THE CONSTITUTION AND LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Public Employment & Governmental Security.

NY: Freedom Agenda Committee of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial, 1954. 53p. 1st edition. Stapled wraps. Very Good+. $14.

'A Community Adventure in the Discussion of Freedom'.

176354 WHITE, Dan. THE SPLINTERED PARTY: National Liberalism in Hessen & the Reich, 1867-1918.

Cambridge: Harvard, 1976. 303 pages. 1st edition. Hardcover. Index. Fine in Fine dustjacket in protective glassine. ISBN: 0674749953 $15.95.

168108 WHITNEY, R.M. REDS IN AMERICA: The Present Status of the Revolutionary Movement in the United States Based on Documents Seized by the Authorities in the Raid upon the Convention of the Communist Party at Bridgman, Michigan, Aug. 22, 1922, Together With Descriptions of Numerous Connections & Associations of the Communists Among the Radicals, Progressives & Pinks.

Belmont: Western Islands, 1970. xii,284 pages. Reprint of the 1924 edition. Hardback. Illustrated. Appendices. Index. Very Good+ but for large mildew (no longer present) stain bottom rear cover. Very Good+ dustjacket. ISBN: B0006CYL0M $9.95.

Possibly the first of the 'Commies under every bed book,' these so old they qualify as skeletons in the closet. 'A shocking expose' of Communist infiltration in America... fact-filled chapters give clear proof of the Communist advances in every facet of American life by as early as 1924'. Damn furriners.

138321 WILLS, Garry. THE SECOND CIVIL WAR: Arming for Armageddon.

NY: New American Library, 1968. 169 pages. 2nd printing. Hardback. Very Good+/Very Good+, jacket has small closed tear bottom front falp fold. In protective glassine. $8.95.

'Our crime is not that America is white, but that we do not even know it is. The Negro does. He knows it every time a policeman passes . . . this is two countries . . . war could arise between the two'. By a rightwing journalist.

172037 ZEPP-LaROUCHE, Helga (ed.). THE HITLER BOOK.

NY: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1984. 358 pp. First edition. Mass-market paperback. B&W photos & illustrations. Very Good. One corner lightly bumped, shelf-wear to back cover. Text is beginning to brown, but is tight. Looks unread, no creases in spine or signs of being thumbed through. ISBN: 0933488378 $29.95.

A very scarce book published in paperback only by this neo-fascist publishing arm of Lyndon LaRouche.


Secaucus: Lyle Stuart, 1988. 284p. 2nd printing of the 1st edition. Hardback. Photos. Index. Unobtrusive remainder mark bottom, otherwise Very Good+/Very Good+. ISBN: 081840471X $3.95.

All-American sleazebag, a hypocrite, bigot & aide to TailGunner Joe McCarthy, talks about the Rosenbergs, McCarthy hearings, Nixon, Reagan, J. Edgar Hoover. Unvarnished account of his life as an ornament of backroom politics & glad-hander of power brokers including Reagan, Bush, Trump, Cardinal Spellman, the Gambinos, Bobby Kennedy, et al, as told by Cohn during the last years of his unrepentant life.


NY: Public Opinion, 1959. 161 pages. 1st edition. Hardback, red cloth. Photos. With a separately printed 16-page 'supplement' affixed to front endpaper. Rubbing to the extremities, otherwise Near Fine in a bright but lightly scuffed dustjacket which has tiny chips and tears head and foot of the spine. $30.

Rightwing Birchite publication. 'An exposition on the disastrous genetic effects of the Thugs & Communists murdering, & the revelation of the spurious philosophic foundation of Communism.' Draws analogies between the Thugs & Dacoits of India, positing that Communists are the present-day Thugs. This book has a great macabre dustjacket: A dark green skull on a black background, with 'thugs' lettering done in twisted rope & 'communists' in bright red lettering dripping with blood. Zoul on the cover easily brings to mind ghoul.

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