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Hoover Papers Released

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Press Release July 11, 2005

Hoover's Official and Confidential Files to be Transferred To the National Archives from the FBI

Washington, DC. . . . Today, in a ceremony at the National Archives Building, Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein signed an agreement with Assistant Director of the FBI William Hooton to transfer 210 cubic feet of historic FBI records to the National Archives. The highlight of this transfer is the entire collection of Director J. Edgar Hoover's Official and Confidential Files, covering the period 1924-1972.

All of the records being transferred today have been available to the public, in redacted form, in the FBI's FOIA reading room. These records will be made available to the public on August 1, 2005, in the research room at the National Archives in College Park, located at 8601 Adelphi Road. Any closed information will be re-reviewed by the National Archives, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, in response to researcher requests.

There could be some interesting records brought forth...

Among the other materials being transferred from the FBI to the National Archives are:

Telephone logs from the Office of the Director, 1941-1972;

Official personnel files of Directors J. Edgar Hoover and Clarence Kelly and of Clyde Tolson and Louis B. Nichols, Assistant to the Director of the FBI during Hoover's tenure;

7 boxes of material pertaining to Tokyo Rose;

Approximately 500,000 pages of permanent files regarding civil unrest and bank robbery investigations.

Edited by Wade Rhodes
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