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30 Watergate Deaths

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and people wonder why so many Conspiracy Theorists are not taken seriously.

So Jose Perdomo had nothing to do with Lennon's death. And the men I mentioned all died from natural

causes. Read up on it. Use your head to think and not your a__.

Kathy C

Hunter Thompson shot himself in the head in the kitchen while on the phone with his wife and while his kids were in the other room, visiting from out of town. This is all verified. As much as I've always loved his writing, he was as nuts as a football bat, and was taken seriously by no one of any political stature.

January 2003, Thompson actually did give an interview on KDNK radio (Colorado) where he made a suggestion that he may be murdered to shut him up.

"Bush is really the evil one here and it is more than just him. We are the Nazis in this game and I don't like it. I am embarrassed and I am pissed off. I mean to say something. I think a lot of people in this country agree with me...we'll see what happens to me if I get my head cut off next week -- it is always unknown or bushy-haired strangers who commit suicide right afterwards with no witnesses," the writer said.

Mark David Chapman is the undisputed killer of John Lennon, and that there may be no other witness than Yoko suggests nothing else. That's a herculean leap in logic, and to further such logic with a "guess" that GHWBush (whose criminality I neither dispute, and of whose involvement with the murder of JFK i am convinced) was involved is as fantastic as the mythical Hercules.

Like Sirhan Sirhan is the undisputed killer of RFK.

Hinckley shot Reagan. It was on live TV. It's on film. If indeed these were political moves toward a "new world order" then i'm certain that the organizers would have ensured there were no TV cameras around.

JFK's murder was on film similarly.

My comments in red.

Edited by Ray Mitcham
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Thompson also predicted that he would kill himself before he died naturally. His lifelong friends repeat this statement.

no, very much unlike sirhan sirhan is bobby's killer. chapman confessed. chapman was seen to have shot lennon by yoko in a deserted area with no commotion. chapman willingly stayed at the scene. none of those are true of sirhan sirhan's setup. you know that.

the films of jfk's murder is nothing similar to reagan's shooting. none at all. the shooter was not seen to have pulled the trigger and tackled with the gun in his hand. it was not on live TV. NO ONE confessed to having shot kennedy at the time.

there's no doubt that bush is a bad guy. i don't dispute that. but to put these events on him only serves to kill one's credibility in its ridiculousness. sheer delusional (and admitted) guesswork, making something from nothing.

kind of embarrassing if you ask me. offer some substance to these assertions. that HST predicted his demise says nothing. i'm sure many people of his (mental?) type have predicted the same things. in fact, there are journalists who have been killed clearly to be shut up. not just Kilgallen, but in recent years - some who have gotten close to some real dirt. but these events had some circumstantial evidence that points to such.

for anyone to say that Thompson's death is widely accepted to be an assassination is flat wrong. it's not widely accepted except perhaps on these websites of paranoia. the bottom line is, HST's journalism hasn't been taken seriously since he covered Nixon. he ceased to be a respected journalist years ago, and became a (albeit fantastic) satirist. that's all. there was no reason to kill him, except that maybe he was killing the LSD supply in Colorado.

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Let me make this clearer. This may be the problem. I only know that John Lennon's death came about while George HW Bush was Vice-President Elect. And only 2 months into the presidency Reagan was shot. I have no proof about the latter, but I believe Bush was behind it and I am not alone in this. Please go to youtube and watch the speech of Bush talking about the New World Order and another speech, I believe his State of the Union speech, where he describes it like a Utopia. But all it is is a Hitler-like view of the world, with him as leader, as well as bankers and oil barons. This was his ultimate goal. All the time he was crying during the Gulf War and puking in Japan; and basically acting like a sissy so no one would could think of him an evil man.

"My father is the nicest man I ever met," said Jeb Bush during his run. That was the end of his campaign. No one agreed and Jeb came across like a little boy, saying, "My father is bigger than your father."

The other deaths I mentioned -- as I write now -- I don't remember the dates. It's just that all of them died probably of homicide.

Kathy C

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