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Sharing some " NEW " pics and "LARGE" older pics

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Hi Robin,

The guy on the left in the comparison below was a marine sharpshooter during the late 1950's. He went to work for Howard Hughes at the behest of Robert Maheu during the early 1960's (the time when the photograph was taken). He then went to Florida where he found himself mixed up with the anti-Castro activities run out of South Florida.

I do not know his name but have been interested in him for some time. He kind of looks like the guy in the photo Lee found. Interesting.



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Lee Forman has kindly given me permission to post this photo which he aquired through E-Bay so that all may enjoy.

Large Image:

Click Here

Jeez, are any of these people the Babushka Lady? If so, can we see her camera? (My vision sucks on small detail).


This image below shows the Babushka Lady and her Camera.



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