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Enter the FBI

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As most are aware, the FBI was delegated the responsibility for investigation of the assassination and thereafter "telling us the truth".

Therefore, JEH and some of his dedicated, if not that smart, followers decided to re-invent the assassination shot sequence.

This re-invention of the re-enactment was done in February 1964.

For this work, Mr. West merely did as do most engineering/design persons, and added a "revision date" to his previous work.

For this re-enactment, the FBI now made the third/last/final shot disappear from it's location and thereafter placed it in between the first shot and the Z-312/313 head shot.

Now, all was well!

Unfortunately, this one got caught by the known Z-film speed and not only was "foul" yelled, but it also began many of the "multiple assassin" ideas.

Hoover & company obviously did not have assisting them anyone who had proceeded beyond 9th grade math.

The location to which Hoover & Company attempted to move the shot was too close to the determined position/location of the first shot and based on elapsed frames of the Z-film/time, a shot fired at this location could not have been fired from the sixth floor window/carcano rifle.

After it was found that this bird could not fly, the terrible enigma of the assassination was turned over to Mr. Arlen Specter, to repair it's wings.


P.S. One should also note that Time/Life; the SS; the FBI; and later, the WC, have always known the approximate impact location of Shot# 1

Therefore, any discussion, which the WC did plenty of, which discusses shot# 1 as being "The Shot That Missed", is merely more incoherent babble to confuse the issue.

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