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History & Mr. West

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The altered survey data block of Specter & Company is sufficiently within the public domain that it can not be eliminated.

In honor of Mr. Robert West and his attempts to present the truth and facts, the unaltered version of this block must also be fully distributed throughout the public domain.

No doubt, Specter & Company, if asked, will contend that the unaltered block is in fact the altered data.

Leroy, as in "Leroy Lettering" don't lie!

People lie!

Perhaps, there are those who will eventually approach Mr. Specter with this information and we can all see how he attempts to weasel his way out of this one.


P.S. I added in the length & width of the data block as measured from the original survey plat.

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In event anyone desires larger copies of Mr. West Survey notes for the above data, just yell.

I will have to delete the Data Block in order to post the information. However, in honor of Mr. West, I will make an attempt to share the data and information which he entrusted to me.


P.S. Many of the survey notes were written in pencil and therefore do not come out nearly as clearly as does the survey data block.

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It is the "Elevation" block.

This is the elevation to where the top of the head of JFK would have been, not the street elevation.

One can not accurately complete trig functions without such items.

The elevation of the top of the head of JFK was determined to ride 10 inches lower than did those of the WC re-enactment personnel.

Mr. West was provided with the figure that the top of the head of JFK stood 3.3 feet above the pavement. Therefore, in all of his calculations; angles; etc, he added in this 3.3 feet for computation of angles and distances.

Therefore, the elevation of the top of the head of JFK at/approximately surveyed position 208 was approximately 426.8.

This information comes in exceedingly handy when attempting to determine certain aspects relative to the road sign.


P.S. Somewhere, I have the exact notes of Mr. West in which he added in this 3.3 feet for each and every position calculation made. Thes notes carry the street elevation and thereafter have added in the additional JFK distance/elevation. They, not unlike many other items are packed away.

Perhaps I can find them without having to totally unpack a shed. If so, they too are a portion of the history of this subject and should be made public.

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