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I certainly do not expect a forum response to this very elementary thread, but there is something that I have, for years, found it neccessary that I constantly must guard against.

Often, while engulfed in voluminous text, I subconciously begin "charging" thru the material. When I do this with material with which I am in basic agreement, I sometimes begin accepting the "entire" content indiscriminately and later find that, what I have so gullibly swallowed is indigestible. There have been many times that what I had accepted en masse contained some very important thoughts, theories, premises and speculations that were in fact only "Somewhat True".

I then of course discover that what I was building was on only a "Somewhat Sound" foundation.

My point being that perhaps we should be cognizant that, even those people whose work we may greatly admire, can themselves be in error. When at sea, or over sea, it is very hard to distinguish a small amount of flotsam.

Those who are in the disinformation business know that the success of their mission lies in how well they conceal a small amount of flotsam in a vast amount of sea.

Charlie Black

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