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Picture from Love Field

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Scanned this from "Texas" newspaper pullout from December 29, 1963. It has more assassination-related pictures, but it's mainly just caps from the Zapruder film and a motorcade picture that is pretty common, I'll post them if anyone wants.. This isn't the whole page, because it's a big item to scan, but I figure some picture people might like it.


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Thanks Nic.

Nice photo.

as a picture person, I say the more the better. and not just stuff of the assassination but also anything that helps to give a sense of the times. As some of the pic pages take long to load when one doesnt have broadband, a description with thumbnail links help.

The photo in one of the other topics of protesters outside Ruby's trial with placards arguing against the use of psychiatry as it is 'anti-god' is particularly interesting I think. I doubt that would happen today?

Interesting too is the reference to Mclelland as he was the boss at KLIFF (oak cliff) radio around the corner from DP.

Perhaps the talk about psychiatry was the reason that Ruby later in the closing stages of the WC wouldn't talk about his meeting with Olssen, Kay and Jimmy, once the questioning started to veer toewards a suggestion that they incited Ruby, hence hinting that he was nuts. (sticking these comments here as when I try to load the whole of the pic page where that photo appeared I time out.)

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